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  1. My dd is in nursing school and they do not advise you to work while you are in school. I know my dd couldn't have handled it, and was so glad for the break that she didn't even want to think about a job for the 4 weeks she had off. Summer break would be ok I think.
  2. Well I knew it was there, it wasn't like I forgot about it and found it, but we are in the process of getting a new fridge/freezer combo and I finally threw out breast milk I had pumped. My youngest is 20. :ohmy:
  3. I wouldn't because I believe the privilege of sleeping together comes with marriage. All I can do is say what is allowed in my home. As young adults, they have the freedom to stay in a hotel if it is that important to them.
  4. I voted no, but now that I know you were talking about something found in a hardware store, I definitely knew what it was. Initially my mind was going to those piercings near the eyebrow!
  5. Having followed your adventure of trying to get out of the house more, I am so happy this looks like a good fit for you, Night Elf. Way to go! They need valuable and willing volunteers like you!
  6. My parents said we couldn't start TOT'ing until 6 p.m. so it would be dark outside and people would be home from work. That way we always had dinner before we left to soak up some of that candy! So glad your kids had a great time.
  7. I had a family member who is a professional photographer do my first high school graduate. I paid his rate, but in the end because he lived 2+ hours away and we had to pay for a hotel it wasn't a very good value. Normally he takes shots in the fall and spring, but we were too busy to go back. For my second high school graduate, I found someone locally who was starting her business and only charged $50 for lots of photos and we got to keep all and reprint as we wished. It was a much better deal. Both shoots were outdoor.
  8. I think telephones ringing in tv shows and commercials should be banned. Can't tell you how many times I've gotten up to answer my phone when it was really on tv!
  9. When I married in the late 80's I had bridesmaids whose sizes ranged from 2 to 22 so I got the bridesmaids together, picked out the material and a pattern that would look good on all sizes. I then found a seamstress to have the dresses made. Each dress was going to cost $100 and they could pick out whatever shoes they wanted as long as they were black. I also provided the jewelry. I had one bridesmaid who wasn't sure she wanted to spend that much but I told her she didn't need to get us a wedding present. I wish now I would have just paid the $100 for her but I didn't really think it was that outrageous. (We never know someone's real financial situation, but today that same bridesmaid, married to the same man then, is very well off - owns two houses and takes trips annually to various parts of the world.) In this story, the bride should have just paid for the $20,000 dress if her husband to be was that rich.
  10. Sorry to have brought it up and spoil it for those who didn't know this, but thank you for the update. I thought I saw the opening of the new season and somehow missed it was a helicopter crash. Danny kept blaming himself, so didn't know why. I thought maybe one of his "perps" got her. I enjoyed her on the show. She offered a nice balance to the cops to bring in the medical side. I wish her well in her career. Thanks again for letting me know.
  11. Can somebody tell me what happened to Linda, Danny's wife? We watched to the end of last season and saw their house burned down, but all of the family were safe. With the start of the new season Linda is missing and I can't figure out how she died. Thanks.
  12. I had a Fitbit for several months, maybe a year, before it broke. With its use I found out in order to reach 10,000 steps, I really needed to be intentional about going for a walk for about an hour over my normal daily activity. Once I knew that, I didn't see the need to get a new Fitbit. If I wanted to reach that magic number of 10,000 steps, I needed to spend an hour outside walking. My sister gave me a pedometer that you attach to your shoe. Though it wasn't attractive, I liked that it was easy to look down at my foot and see how many steps I'd taken so far that day.
  13. Me too! My kids graduated from homeschooling in 2014 and 2015. Both are doing well in college, but still living at home. I've been a part of this community since the old days when the boardies would post "First!" when the board flipped. Those of you who have been around that long will know what I'm talking about! We may not always agree as individuals, but I still consider the homeschooling community my people.
  14. I'm so sorry for the loss of your mom. I pray you find the answers you need to bring you peace.
  15. We actually had a shed built for my husband's office, but it didn't have a bathroom and he got tired of trekking back into the house in rain and snow.
  16. Have you looked into a Sleep Number bed? I hated the price when we looked at them, but we ended up with something even more expensive that I'm not thrilled with. Now I wish we had gone that route.
  17. We added 3 rooms to one side of our home - a school room, a bedroom, and an office. Our house was about 1650 sq ft, and what we added made it 2400 sq. ft. I won't bother telling you how much it cost because as was mentioned previously it depends on location how much things cost and this was 12 years ago. It was the best thing we ever did - it allowed us to have breathing room while homeschooling, allowed my husband to work from home, and we were able to stop paying for an off-site storage unit for all those extra things we didn't have room for but thought we needed to keep. The hardest part was I thought it would be done over the summer before school started up, but the construction didn't start until the end of July and wasn't finished until into January.
  18. Thank you for sharing your joy with us. You are a beautiful couple/family.
  19. I don't have littles either, but it's almost worse because my young adults are so busy with their activities that they don't have time to help but more than enough time to contribute to the mess. Lots of great tips here. Thanks all for a little motivation, even though I wasn't the op.
  20. I think these are much cuter than crocs, so if they are as comfortable, they look like a winner!
  21. We tell our kids to pursue a career that they will enjoy because they will be doing it a long time. That being said, I think they will figure out if what they pursue will pay the bills or not. Perhaps they will have to take on a second job or use their passion as a hobby to still bring them enjoyment.
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