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  1. Momto5inIN

    What gift(s) do YOU want for the holidays?

    An Ergo Baby and a home foot bath/spa/massager. Can you tell I'm pregnant? Lol
  2. Momto5inIN

    Whar is the best laundry detergent?

    For the love of all things holy, thank you soooooooooo much to all of you who recommended vinegar in the softener dispenser!!!!!!! My laundry smells so much better now. Both DS's socks and my pregnancy activated armpits were driving me crazy but the vinegar really helps. Seriously a life changer!
  3. I have some of those "kinda racist" relatives. In the past an awkward look and silence and a generalized comment like "Uncle so and so, come on ..." after an outburst has always been enough to steer the conversation into another direction. But that only changes the subject, not anybody's mind. I'm not convinced that any one person can change any one other person's mind or heart about this. (I'm a Christian so I generally think that hearts can only be changed by Jesus, and my job is to serve others and let Him do the changing.) Most people who hold racist views aren't stupid or evil people, they hold the views they do because of past experiences (whether their own or told to them by racist authority figures) that they mistakenly generalize to an entire population. The only thing IME that will overcome those generalizations is for them to have other experiences that contradict those generalizations. Unfortunately, the more polarizing life in the US becomes, the less likely people are to have those new experiences with new people though. 😞 Frequent honest deep conversations over time in conjunction with a good solid respectful relationship can change people's opinions too, but how many of us have those kinds of relationships with more than a handful or two of people? Definitely not with relatives I only see a couple times a year or only interact with on Facebook...
  4. Momto5inIN

    What is your experience with Once Upon a Child?

    For buying, I like Once Upon a Child better than Goodwill. I like clothes grouped by size, not color LOL My experience selling clothes used to be similar to many other pp's. But when I started sorting the clothes I took and only took in the very best stuff and made sure it was folded nicely and limited myself to just one small tub at a time, I found they accepted a lot more. They never give me a ton of money for it (probably $20 average), but it's better than nothing and doesn't take much time to sort and fold. The rest I just take right to Goodwill.
  5. Momto5inIN

    How does COBRA work?

    I thought I read somewhere that ACA plans were not usually short term? If we do end up needing something in the interim it would only be for 90 days.
  6. Momto5inIN

    How does COBRA work?

    It is stressful. Thankfully it's a good situation that is prompting the questions ... or at least it will be after after the stressful transition period is over! Thanks to all who answered, I feel like I have a better handle on how this is all going to go now! 🙂
  7. Momto5inIN

    How does COBRA work?

    I tried starting this thread before but deleted it because it had too many personal details. I'd like to try to keep this one general but still get good info. Does a person have to sign up for it with the HR dept before they leave their job? Sometimes even if an employee gives 2 weeks notice they are still escorted off the premises as soon as management finds out they are leaving ... how would they apply for COBRA in that circumstance? Is the HR dept required to offer it or do they need to ask for it? Is there a grace period or something similar where they are still covered by insurance between when they leave the job and when they ask for COBRA benefits? Or are they just uninsured for a brief period of time until they sign up? And just how expensive is COBRA any way? Thanks!
  8. Momto5inIN

    Do you bring your own Bible to church?

    Other - our church provides Bibles and song books in the pews for each seat space so I don't bring my own. We're a relatively small rural congregation with about 150 regular attendees. We don't have screens.
  9. Momto5inIN


    Lol I decided I needed to talk to DH first before I post 🙂
  10. Momto5inIN


    Nevermind I'll ask later
  11. Then I'd probably go ahead and do SICC. We liked that even better than SWI!
  12. Depends on how old they are ... In 6th we do SWI B followed directly by SICC B in 7th/part of 8th and then move on to Elegant Essay, but we don't do writing the while year. We do grammar for parts of all those years instead, not both writing and grammar at the same time. But if I was doing SWI B with a younger student (I think it goes down to 4th or 5th level?) then I'd probably not move on to SICC B just yet and call it good.
  13. Momto5inIN

    Top 5 must-read books before high school

    I agree! My oldest wrote his best essay *ever* on the Hunger Games trilogy - as a senior. He wove in comparisons to Ancient Rome and our current US culture and did a very in depth analysis. Even though the reading/lexile level is relatively low, some of the complex themes in these YA books are really better suited to a more mature student's perspective than a middle schooler's anyway.
  14. Momto5inIN

    Top 5 must-read books before high school

    If they really wanted just a list to check off and had no preferences ... The Yearling, The Giver, The Outsiders, Tom Sawyer, The Hobbit
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