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  1. As a practicing Catholic and horror fan, I absolutely loved it. I would love to discuss it but I urge people who might be interested in seeing it to not read any reviews about it. The director went to great lengths to keep it pretty hush hush so certain aspects were still surprises to viewers. It is not overly horrific, not in line with American Horror Story so @MercyA you'll be find if you could handle Walking Dead
  2. Just a random observation when I ran into Food Lion today to pick up pumpkin carving tools, the candy displays at the registers were all filled with completely empty boxes. No individual candy bars or gum. Obviously not an essential, but it was really weird to see that section empty. I did do an instacart order and a few things weren't available but nothing essential
  3. I don't want to jinx myself but it seems the crazy of October is winding down.
  4. But it didn't really get popular until the beginning of the pandemic when streamers started playing it all the time. Prior to that it was not a well known game
  5. We have 10 in our house, 4 adults 6 kids. Our living room is the most used room. It is really bigs and where we have two computers, our TV, our game systems, almost all of the kid's toys, and a huge couch. Even when electronics are off we use it as the main hang out place. We'll play boardgames on the floor if the dining room table is messy or being used. We do most of our crafting things in there. A lot of our homeschooling is done in there even though we have a great homeschool room. It is certainly not a room I can read in but the kids can block the noise out and read.
  6. This definition I've known for years. But what OP is talking about has been made popular by a game in which there are impostors hiding among other crew mates on a ship. They're job is to kill off the crew undetected. The crews job is to vote the impostors off the ship. So, while everyone is discussing who they think the impostors are the term sis gets thrown around a lot. Meaning so and so is suspicious or their actions are suspect
  7. The popularity of the game Among Us is what brought it into regular use in early 2020.
  8. I think it depends on how big of an overbite it is. I have a slight overbite with straight teeth. Braces were not recommended for me. My bite has never been an issue.
  9. In the future, if anything like that happens again just walk away and don't be his verbal punching bag. Get yourself and the kids inside the second he is acting aggressive. Yelling is one thing. Even yelling profanities. But I know exactly the stance you are talking about and that is beyond someone scared of a dog, especially if the dog was still outside with you and a threat to the man (in his eyes.)
  10. Oh, I completely agree with everything you say. My advice is strictly based off of the fact that the OP is scared he could get physical. She's already working hard to keep the dog away and has successfully done so for 5 years before a single incident. Aside from not having a dog at all, there is very little she could do to improve her track record. `I personally would feel threatened the way the OP does based off 2 incidents with an angry man but the fact is that she's scared and can take steps to protect herself if she feels she needs protecting. Not engaging with a person you fear is one of those things. I'd even suggest therapy for OP if she is genuinely scared of physical threat after the emotions of the incident subside because to me it extended fear for the issue as described seems over the top.
  11. I mean technically you still have to handle the tax hassle even if it is under $600. Platforms are just not obligated to report it until you've reached the $600. That doesn't mean you are obligated to report it. The reason the IRS implemented this rule is because people don't report their reselling income. But it certainly is a hassle having to figure out that stuff when it is on things you purchased for your own personal use
  12. If ebay doesn't fix it fast they are going to lose a lot of business. I am on a few facebook reseller sites, not where items are sold but where people share their sales and help identify things, etc. There are a lot of resellers on their who rely on the money as their income and they are all talking about cross posting for the first time ever. So many of them are having great success on the other platforms. So, the longer it takes to fix the issue the more big money earners will just move on and not come back.
  13. I currently have one person you is interested in some christmas blow molds I have but she says she out of town until later this week. I get people who are out of town a lot and then just never reach back out. I am always surprised when people get back in town and the sale goes through. One thing that does annoy me is when people negotiate a price and then when you come to an agreement they pull the 'great I can come get it once I get paid.' Umm why waste my time like that, ha. I'm not holding it for you so hopefully it is still available by the time you get paid
  14. OP sorry you are getting stood up so much. It certainly can be frustrating. I have made it a point to tell people that I will text them an hour before the meet up and if I don't hear from them within 30 minutes of the meet up then I'm not meeting up. If it is a meet up at my house I just plan for it to be at a time I know I have other at home things to do. So, if they don't show up it doesn't waste my time
  15. So with the appliances expenses and ebay sales being bad it is looking like October is going the exact opposite of how I had planned for it to go 😞 I will try to turn it around some how though.
  16. Ebay is killing me this month. Apparently, they updated some things and now the algorithm is all messed up. My sales are complete crap right now and I thought it was just me but I'm hearing from tons of other resellers that since the updates their sales have dropped like 50%. This is crazy. Time to cross post on other platforms if ebay doesn't fix the issue
  17. I sell things locally and on ebay as a side hustle. I started seriously in Jan of this year and if things keep going the way they are going will gross $10,000 this year for very few hours of work. That number includes taking June, July, and August off because I was fixing up a house to sell. Not sure what I'll net since I haven't figured out the home office deductions yet, we'll see. I have not had any bad experiences. A total of 4 returns so not too bad. I do of course get people who don't show up or low ball offers, that is just part of the business. Low ball offers simply get ignored. No shows get blocked so I don't have to deal with them again. But I never go out of my way to meet people. I only schedule pickups either at my house or at places I already need to be, like the post office or Goodwill.
  18. Get some cameras for you front yard. If the neighbor ever comes onto your property again to confront you just ignore him, get everyone inside, tell him to get off your property and to never enter it again, and if he does not listen call the police. Simply do not engage with him. Train everyone in your house not to engage with him. If the dog does get out and goes into his yard just get the dog without communicating with him. Don't even apologize because engaging with him in anyway could set him off.
  19. Rehoming the the dog is insanity and the police chief is wrong to encourage that. He should be going to the neighbor and encouraging him to take anger management classes. Do not teach your children that people can bully them into getting their way. You've had 2 incidents in 5 years that is a great track record. Just keep doing what you are doing. Maybe even start training people that the dog needs to be in a specific room when people go out the doors. Or set up baby gates or similar to make it impossible for the dog to get to the door.
  20. My kids have no idea what they want for christmas this year
  21. Well we ordered a new washer, dryer, and fridge. I simply don't want to talk about the cost, ha. I did find a washer and dryer that is backordered until mid November instead of late Dec though so that is a plus, assuming that doesn't get delayed. We'll see. Today I bought a drying rack and dh installed an indoor clothes line. Both can hold an entire load so I just plan on doing at least a load of laundry a day to keep from needing to need to use my brother's dryer too often. The fridge is back ordered until late Dec 😞 Not a big deal since the fridge part of ours does work and we do have a freezer in the basement. WE even have a full fridge and freezer unit in our carport that we could make do with for the time being so we'll just deal.
  22. I just placed an order from home depot on a washer, dryer, and fridge. The fridge is backordered until the end of Dec. The only ones not were too small for us and not brands I trust. The washer and dryer are only back ordered until nov but I'm not holding my breath that the date is accurate
  23. After being underwater on my house for 10 years after the collapse in 2007 and 2008, this is what I would advice most people do if they'll start out underwater. The biggest difference right now is that interest rates are significantly lower than they were so in theory it is easier to handle being underwater. But if someone isn't planning on being in their house for a decade at least I would encourage them not to buy a house they will be underwater on.
  24. It is on Netflix and all over the internet people are talking about it. My children, who play Roblox and Minecraft have asked me if they can watch it. They heard about it because there are games based off of it on Roblox, not as violent. They don't actually realize how violent it is, they think it is Hunger Games level violence, which is something we are comfortable with them watching.
  25. Not yet, we just finished Midnight Mass, which was amazing. Squid Game is next on our list. We were going to start it last night but decided to have a Halloween marathon instead. We watched the original and then the two newest ones.
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