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  1. Yup! Thankfully we have a freezer in the basement and even an extra fridge, freezer combo so if it is broken we can just make due for a while.
  2. And now the freezer part of the fridge is broken😓 Good thing I already have an appointment with an appliance repair guy, ha.
  3. Don't mind at all! Welcome. Good luck with selling at the craft booth. I've never done anything like that. Eating out is the worst! I almost ALWAYS regret it once I realize how much money I spent. It isn't worth the convenience or taste for me 99% of the time. A couple weeks ago, dh and I actually went to an upscale seafood restaurant we had never been to or normally would go to. While there, we decided that price of the food was completely worth it because we simply can't replicate those meals easily at home in this phase of life. So, we have a new goal of not eating out much specifically so we can go to more expensive places that have food that we wouldn't make at home, instead of eating out for convenience.
  4. it is not the only issue 😞 well waiting for repair man to get back to me so I can mark #2 off my list
  5. October is going to be a month of productivity!! One the to do list today... 1. blow out dryer vent in hopes that is the only issue with the heating. 2. If not, schedule repair man to diagnose issue 3. Spend 30 minutes getting ebay office back in order and pick 10 items to list this weekend. 4. Sit down with dh tonight and talk about finances for the rest of the year
  6. don't know why it split that quote.
  7. gotta love those 3 paycheck months. We don't get them anymore because dh gets paid on the 15th and last day of each month now. But I always loved them because I built my budget around 2 paychecks and then the third was always a nice bonus
  8. My guess is that it isn't actually a well known issue and hence people aren't actually choosing to avoid baby foods. I know this is the first I'm hearing about it. Mind you, I've never used baby food for my kids so it isn't an industry I needed to follow. But I'm pretty sure the majority of people don't follow the baby food industry even if they use those products. People expect their food to be safe so unless they hear about the issue they have no reason to question the products on the market
  9. yeah, i have no interest in a dollar tree that isn't everything is a dollar.
  10. @WildflowerMom sorry to hear about your dog. specialty food is expensive so hopefully making it pans out. Having all vehicles paid off sure is nice but depending on what the interest rate on the truck is paying it off sooner might not be the best financial decision. Finances is such a balancing act.
  11. So, what are every ones plans/goals for October? How are you guys planning for the upcoming holiday season and the new year, which is somehow quickly approaching? As I said in a Sept post, we as a family are refocusing on our frugal side. We haven't been overspending for our income level but just for our personalities and I don't like it. I haven't quite figured out how I want to go about it in oct though. Do a stick to a specific budget amount for categories or do I just say things like 'no eating out' 'no purchasing new clothes' etc? I'll sit down with dh today or tomorrow to see how he wants to approach it. We do have one planned bigger expense this month, which is dh and I are going away for 2 nights. The hotel room should be paid for with points but the rest of the trip not necessarily. Financial goals wise: Ebay is back in full swing now that I am 100% done at my parents' house. The goal for Oct is list 25 items a week and now that dh is working in the office I can convert his wfh office to my ebay office. Once I get a table a lighting in there listing things will be easy. I'll take pictures during the day and will list while I'm at dance waiting for kids. Christmas shopping is coming along nicely. I'd like to be done the extended family shopping in oct so I can have nov for shopping for the kids, which I think is going to be very difficult this year.
  12. i'm starting the october thread
  13. our dryer isn't heating up 😓
  14. My parents' accepted an offer on their house!! Hoping for smooth sailing throughout the rest of the process because once that transaction is done we'll be collecting $600/month in rent from them. That money will go straight into investments or savings depending on the needs for that month.
  15. I'm right there with you. Usually by now I know everyone's bigs gifts and their wishlists to hand off to in laws. But I'm struggling this year.
  16. September is almost over! It didn't go quite as I was expecting but well enough. I am really struggling to get back to my super frugal ways. I actually really like being frugal and never felt restricted but for whatever reason this year has not been very frugal. We have certainly saved and invested a ton of money. But when looking at our purchases they just aren't the way I want to spend. I've leaned too heavily on spending for convenience instead of focusing on getting the most value for our money. October is going to be a focus back to frugal tendencies. To start that off I'm going back to the budget spreadsheet. I'll devote the last 3 months of the year to following a strict budget while also evaluating how I really want our money to be spent.
  17. I suppose it is time to see if the lights work. They are indeed still hung up outside but we haven't plugged them in in months. Funny enough, a few months ago my mom had 2 friends over for lunch so I had to get the tree out of the foyer. But I was in a huge rush that day and just shoved it in the foyer closet. Well it pressing up against the closet doors but so much pressure on the hinges that the screws came out (they must have already been stripped.) So the door swung open earlier this week and the tree is back on the foyer floor 🤣
  18. That is such a tough one. I'm sorry this is happening. If you feel comfortable, I would just be really honest with whatever parent you were talking about that might be able to spread the word. Just approach her and say, ' hey I know about the things going around about my dh but people really do have the wrong idea.' Then I'd be direct about the actual issue without giving away any private info you don't want to and ask if she'd be willing to help spread the word that dh's issues are internals struggles and he's not a threat to the community at all.
  19. Well September just got a lot more expensive!! I got my hands on a PlayStation 5 at retail price. It'll be dh's Christmas gift, which is by far the most I've ever spent on a single gift. But he's worth it. We already had the money saved for it thankfully. We set it aside when he got his first promotion at his new job and we were caught up from the time he was part-time and we were paying for things with a credit card
  20. I completely understand the caving to get your brain to shut up. Those cravings can REALLY take over. The writing was so good for me because even on the days that I indulged in the craving it was usually a more conscious decision if that makes sense. I felt like I had more control over the craving than it had over me. I legitimately did everything I could to stave off the craving and if I did I felt great and if I didn't I felt great too. I also got a better sense of what things going on in my life caused me to crave things and could better deal with those stressors before they got so overwhelming that they'd cause me to binge. I hope it works for you.. It was such a game changer for me that I tell anyone who seeks advice in hopes it is a game changer for them as well.
  21. oh, one other things that is necessary for me was writing. I am a binge eater and often get cravings that seem to nag at me until I give in and then end up binge eating. Well what I found worked really well for when a craving came that would most likely end in a binge was to just write. I wrote about the craving, what might have triggered it, how I was feeling that day and whether that was a factor in the craving, how I would feel if I gave into the craving, if I should have want I want, when I would allow myself to have what I was craving and how it could fit into my food plans, and many other things to try to help me figure out why I was obsessing about wanting to snack. Some days I'd write pages upon pages. some days it was just a short paragraph. some days I caved to the craving and just wrote about how I wasn't going to harp on giving in. Some days the craving would pass. Some days I'd cave and it would trigger a binge. I just took it one craving moment at a time and eventually those cravings get less prevalent and I was able to just stop writing about them and make the right decision on the spot of whether I could have what I wanted or not.
  22. The only things that works for me is logging my food and sticking within a certain calorie range. Oddly enough, the calories I was allotted at my heaviest were the same as my calories at my lightest, approx 1900 calories a day. At my heaviest I could not work out much at all, walking was about it without hurting my body for many days after. At my lightest I am sooo much more active both in every day life and planned workouts so that is why I still consume the same number of calories. To make logging easiest, I basically ate the same things for breakfast and lunch daily. But I made sure that those things were things I loved eating so I wouldn't get bored with it. Breakfast was a huge plate of sauteed veggies (I switched up veggies regularly but not weekly) and 3 eggs (I'd change the way I cooked them regularly.) Lunch was a huge wrap packed with spinach, other raw veggies, and like six slices of turkey lunch meat or whole fat yogurt loaded with strawberries, blueberries, and other berries. Dinner varies but is ALWAYS mostly veggies in various forms, for example I eat a salad at every dinner but I also always have huge plates of non starchy roasted veggies too. Then my starch is sweet potato or white potato 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time it is rice or quinoa. I only eat bread and pasta once in a blue moon because I can't control proper portions with them. The amount of food I eat at meals is so filling I very rarely snack between meals. If I do, I have popcorn, a protein shake, or veggies and hummus or guac. Hope some of that info is helpful for you.
  23. 3 of my children changed their Halloween costume idea and I'm so thankful because it is super simple and cheap. They all want to be glow stick men, so just some black clothes and a bunch of glow sticks. It'll save tons from our Halloween budget. I think I'll take that money and sock it into savings since we haven't been putting much away into short term savings lately and I realized that recently.
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