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  1. The only thing that I always pack when going to live overseas is Marmite. What I missed the first year that I lived in China (1985-6) was cheese and bacon. There were pork products, but not the bacon of home - I hadn't thought that I cared about bacon, but apparently I did. My step-aunt visited Beijing that year and treated me to lunch at one of the international hotels. She ordered cheese for me and they popped it out of imported cans onto the plate. I had taken a year's supply of tampons with me, as I knew they weren't available. The thing that I miss when someone else is cooking for me is copious amounts of veg, well above five a day.
  2. Jamie Oliver had a hard time trying to do the same in the UK. At least here his not-very-posh background (his parents ran a pub, but that probably doesn't mean they owned it) made it a bit easier for people not to feel preached at. It's a whole different thing when someone comes from overseas to tell you what to do.'s_School_Dinners
  3. The lunches when I taught at a (public) high school in France were amazing. Starter, main, fruit, wine for the staff... I remember dishes like lamb cutlets on a bed of lentils with a green veg.
  4. It explains a lot about office behaviour if that's not natural to some people.
  5. I've seen that too, and that's fine. But there are also abandoned bags, and bags stuffed into bushes.
  6. Why do people pick up after their dog, then leave the plastic bag by the road? Either stick-and-flick without a bag, or bag it and take it to the nearest bin.
  7. I agree. Among the things that make it much easier for me to cook from scratch than many people: - transport and not worrying about the cost of going to the shop - adequate space to store food, a work surface, decent utensils, a good hob, and an oven that I can afford to heat just to roast some veg - enough space in my head to think about these things rather than poverty, eviction, bankruptcy due to medical bills, dire mental or physical family illness, abuse, more children than I can manage, three jobs, etc. - a mother who cooked frugally from scratch every night If someone asks me about improving their diet, I usually just focus on veg. After all, if half the plate is veg, then the junk will be displaced. And I stress that frozen veg is just fine. If I'm not asked, I don't say a word.
  8. Lane discipline is very much the social norm in the UK, and passing on the wrong side almost never happens. I have to look out the side window when Texan Husband is driving on the motorway here, because he does sometimes sit in one of the overtaking lanes when there is space in the driving lane. Eeek.
  9. Yes, I imagined embattled Buicks surrounded by a phalanx of sinister Priuses.
  10. Wow. Okay. Doing things in an efficient order is so normal to me I had never really thought about it.
  11. It depends on the driveway. Attached is my driveway - it's physically impossible to turn between those walls without swinging into the far lane. Driveway.docx
  12. Does the 9yo fall asleep in the car? Hobbes was in a high-back booster until he was 11 - he was a late developer, so he didn't have the height to do without a booster, and he used to fall asleep. The high back stopped him from sliding out from the seat belt.
  13. I often choose to spend longer (lentils, beans, etc), but a basic supper is often 45 minutes or so - switch on oven and boil water. While oven heats, slice and season veggies to roast - put in veggies to roast for half an hour. If required, find pasta, bulgar wheat, couscous or quinoa and use the boiling water to get that going in a pan. - season/marinade fish or meat or tofu. Chop veggies for steaming and put in separate pan. - when roast veg is ready, steam second veg and saute fish or meat. Drain, season and oil steamed veg and starch component. I clean up as I go, but there will be a bit to do after supper.
  14. It's similar to this one, but ours is around eight years old. My mum slept on it for a few months and I've also used it.önlid-2-seat-sofa-bed-inseros-white-spr-19278093/
  15. We've been happy with our Ikea sofa bed. I'm not sure what counts as 'full size' though.
  16. If I think of a text I want to send at night, I instead write it as a Google Keep Note with a reminder to copy paste into a text next morning.
  17. Do you think that the Pilates is offering enough stretches and twists? Yoga fixed my creaks. I'm 56.
  18. I have mine set so that I only get priority phone calls overnight (or those that are made twice within fifteen minutes from an unknown number). Everyone knows they need to call if they want to get through to me. I tend not to text or call after 9, but if I know that a friend stays up late, I might do it later.
  19. Lovely! Sandy is a common nickname for Alexander in Scotland, so you could call her Alexandra when she is being fancy.
  20. I minute academic misconduct hearings at a university in the UK. Proven cheating results in a zero for the assignment or the module. It would have to be a blatant repeat offence for expulsion. Most people who cheat are, I think, in over their heads. One case concerned someone who didn't think petty rules applied to him, I believe.
  21. Another story I came across of a very young worker doing just the right thing BBC News - Teen shop worker goes ‘above and beyond’ for autistic girl
  22. It's a shame people are so polarised. You can eat lean protein and tons of non-starchy veg with moderate amounts of plant oils. It's healthy and it works.
  23. A neighbour gave me a tip: put a teddy in the window facing outwards. This discouraged the crows that used to attack our windows.
  24. MotoG have worked well for my family.
  25. In the current garden yes. We are moving next year though. Would a dog stick to a designated area? Our current dog doesn't dig, so I have no experience.
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