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  1. No, he's always been a computer programmer.
  2. I'm working on good amounts of protein too to maintain muscle, so lots of tofu, beans and lentils. I have tips for tofu, if it helps.
  3. No, he's more like a county level champion, nowhere near Murray level.
  4. The key for me in getting acceptance has been really punchy flavours and good amounts of healthy fats. This guy has some good ideas ETA this one is always a hit Husband cooks about half the time and he makes double veg for me. I top up with hummus or cheese afterwards if I don't fancy the meat.
  5. An odd day. I woke early and had a great three-mile walk on the beach before work. Late morning I walked to the pharmacy for a flu jab and a pneumococcal vaccine. The latter knocked my low blood pressure too low, I think, and I spent 45 minutes with my head between my knees. Back to work and my brother messaged me that he was in hospital about to have a heart stent fitted. Apparently he had two heart attacks six weeks ago - he thought it was just back ache. He's the local tennis champion, cycles to work, good diet, slim.... He's doing fine but it's a bit of a shock. Junk was consumed and yoga cancelled.
  6. One of the reasons we are moving house is for our health. I am working full time and my office is in the middle of a small town which has almost all the services you need. So I run a lot of errands on foot at lunchtimes, keeping me naturally active until I retire in eleven years. I live five miles away in a small village that only has a post office - three mornings a week. I post few letters. I can see from Husband's lifestyle (he consciously exercises three days a week and walks the dog for 40 minutes most days, but he sits the rest of the time) that small village living is not the best for being active. We will be moving to a larger village/small town that is walkable so that we can get natural exercise into old age: shopping, carrying purchases, going out for a coffee, etc.
  7. Husband buys from a specialist, high quality butcher online. We only eat meat two or three nights a week, so we've decided to go for quality.
  8. The week is going well. I'm enjoying the last evenings before the clocks change by walking a few miles every night after work. I've also been walking in the mornings and at lunchtime. I've done my five-minute arm weights every night this week. Only one yoga so far, but hoping for a second tomorrow. Weight is back out of the danger zone.
  9. Husband downloads the credit card statement into a spreadsheet and tags items by category. We put everything on the credit card.
  10. He has a podcast too, I've just discovered.
  11. I like the fact that, rather than demonising foods, he offers delicious, healthy, balanced options. I have his book too. He's a fully trained doctor who still works NHS shifts.
  12. I cook a lot of this guy's dishes. He's Indian British so it's influenced by his mother's cooking, but is fairly eclectic.
  13. I wonder if your brother thinks that he is turning up for you, just as you think you are throwing the party for him. He may be feeling just as put-upon as you are. I would try to be more gracious than he sounded, but I would also try to find a way to be there for a shorter time to avoid getting crabby from social overload if your Christmas for the extended family was more than a few hours. I can be 'the fun one' but only in short sessions.
  14. I've ordered some kasha in my grocery delivery to try that out instead of plain buckwheat for savoury dishes. I'm not convinced by my breakfast buckwheat - I don't think it's working well for me as a slightly-sweet option. Oh well. I'll finish eating the batch anyway. The week of exercise is going fairly well. Walked three times each yesterday and today (before work, at lunchtime and after work). Yesterday the after work walk was NW; today it was just a brisk walk on a good path. Around 14,000 steps each day. I managed to book for yoga on Thursday and I'll try to get into the class for Friday too. My weight has dropped a bit but it's still higher than I like, so I'm working on expending calories and eating moderately. Feeling less stressed at work this week, so that is helping.
  15. @Matryoshka my Versa doesn't turn off when I push the buttons - it resets. I don't lose my data though. I don't know if your one is the same.
  16. Yes, I used whole raw. Your recipe sounds great too.
  17. I reset mine about once a month. I reckon that my phone and computer work better if I turn them off periodically, so why not the Fitbit. On the Versa you push and hold the left button and the bottom right button until the Fitbit symbol shows, but I don't know what it is for your model. It seems to fix a lot of glitches. I've been eating stupid this week - some work stress that I didn't deal with well. Over now, I think. Weight up. I managed to keep the exercise going though. I only managed one yoga session, but NW twice and kept up my lunchtime brisk walks. I used my weights once and I'll do it again after I finish this post. I'm not making it to Pilates - it's just too late and I no longer feel like filling in the time with a long walk, as it's dark in the evening. Oh well. I'm off work next week, so I'll go to a couple of daytime classes. Meditation has been going well, and a couple of mornings I managed to arrive at work early enough to do a brisk 15 minute walk before meditating before work. That's a nice combination. Today we went on a gentle hike through the beginning autumn colours - skirting a hill then climbing a valley past waterfalls, finally walking back through the remains of a grand 19th century estate. I've made toasted buckwheat porridge for breakfast tomorrow. I think it will be good. I didn't bother with the soaking - just rinsed, toasted, simmered
  18. There was a time difference between our sign going up and the listing. A sign is a simple thing but the listing needed last minute tweaks.
  19. When I had in home help for around 11 years, I decided what few things were really important to me and allowed the helpers to find their own ways on other issues. I learned a lot from them, particularly about understated authority. Good luck with your decision.
  20. According to my physio, exercise and appropriate weight are key to joint preservation. He says that even if you do need surgery, if you are strong and slim, you have much better chances of good recovery.
  21. I had this rule too. If a child got up, that was the end of the meal for them.
  22. Would a lawyer's letter sent by registered post be useful?
  23. If you have shared your location, you will get frequent email reminders of this, at least I do.
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