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  1. Mine changed precisely at the same time as the website. UK Tesco mobile.
  2. I maligned him. It was a big bag and he didn't use it all. I made the smoothie and like it a lot, but husband thinks it's a bit funky. Cooking apples aren't sweet, so it tastes almost citrussy.
  3. @IvyInFlorida my eldest son was always incredibly skinny, something like 90th percentile for height and 20th for weight. Nothing changed until he got to about 21 years old. He didn't reach his childhood percentile expected height, and he put on a little flesh. No idea how that worked.
  4. Just recently, Purple Man has come into town. He has a purple long coat and broad brimmed hat, but he also dyes his full beard purple. He's in his forties and is usually with friends.
  5. Maybe that's what I need - looking for more strength. ETA ooh, he has a really irritating manner though. Hate that rough tic to the ends of his sentences
  6. We use as little bleach as possible and use septic safe detergents. Make sure to tell visitors not to flush tampons or towels.
  7. Recipe postponed. Husband cooked the spinach I was going to use. I forgot to tell him.
  8. I'm reading 'Gut' at the moment. Very interesting, and the tone is like Horrible Science for adults. Nordic Walked this morning, then walked the dog. There's been a hummus contamination scare here and there's none on the shop shelves. Even though Husband and I are competent cooks, we have never been happy with our home-made hummus in the past. I tried again today with a new recipe and this batch is okay, so that's good to know. If it's around, Husband'll eat a lot with savoury oatcakes, and that's healthier than a lot of the alternatives. We have an old cooking apple tree in the garden, so I've been looking for things to do with the apples that aren't too sweet. I think I'm going to try this without the maple syrup, but add in some oat milk and oats to keep my oat intake up (a priority for me as I've finally got my blood work to a good place), making two or three servings. Just off to do some strength yoga with Adriene. Husband is cooking - it's beef haddock in some format, but he'll also make double veggies for me.
  9. Goals for the month: Nordic Walking twice a week, at least one in daylight Lunchtime walks at least four times a week Strength exercise of some kind at least three times a week Yoga at least once a week Improved movement during the work day, and trying out a sit/stand desk Food: carry on with my slightly reduced consumption until I get to a good level to bounce back into my comfortable range. Thereafter, carry on with lighter lunches in order not to go back to gaining.
  10. I think I'm okay, because I eat yoghurt most days, my oat milk is fortified, I eat eggs once a week and fish twice a week, but I'll look into it further.
  11. This is an issue. TMI ahead. I have to wear a cube pessary to support my pelvic floor - I'm a demon at Kegels too, but that's not enough. Unfortunately, once that is in place, it puts pressure that makes it hard for things to move through later in the day. So it's pretty important that I not get stopped up. At weekends I delay fitting the pessary to give more time. Things are okay at present on lean-protein-plus-leafy-veg, plus porridge for breakfast, but I'll be careful about introducing pulses again.
  12. Interesting idea. I think my veggie son is looking forward to the haggis though, so I think I'll keep that separate.
  13. Yes, I think it's cornbread dressing for him. He grew up in Dallas, and his father is from there, but his mother grew up in Mart.
  14. Chicken thighs reheat much better than chicken breast. You could add in mediterranean veg (eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers) to make a more complete dish. Something like this:
  15. We can get cranberries around Christmas, but Marks and Spencer also does good jars of fresh-tasting sauce, so I might cheat. Thanks for the reminder. I know Husband isn't keen on the standard tinned version.
  16. I'm preparing Thanksgiving in secret this year for Husband (who is from Texas originally). He hasn't mentioned it and I just think his mind is on other things, as it's not celebrated here. The boys are coming home for the weekend, and a friend will keep stuff in her fridge for me, so that we can try to surprise him. Anyway. He's not a fan of sweet things (marshmallow, candied veg). What other sides should I consider? Links to recipes will be much appreciated, as my way of doing things might not be 'right'. We will be having a nice free-range turkey, mashed potato, gravy, and probably vegetarian haggis and gravy for my veggie son. I'll make Libby's pumpkin pie on the day. Thanks!
  17. Sorry to hear that. See you next month... ------------------ A rest day. Took the morning slowly instead of rushing out to take an early morning walk. Did a longer mindfulness session after I got to work - I have put a blanket in the car to keep me warm while I meditate in the car park. At lunchtime just ran some errands on foot, for 5,500 steps in total. After work went to see my mother. I have a yoga class set up for tomorrow and hope to Nordic Walk on Saturday.
  18. It's hardware that is actually put into the car and can't be faked like a phone app. It doesn't discriminate between whoever is driving the car, it just cares how the car is being driven. It tracks speed, braking/acceleration, cornering and time of day.
  19. I don't think so, just because I cook with olive oil, love things like hummus and avocados, and snack on nuts and seeds. This is a sample day that I made a couple of weeks ago:
  20. I'm a bad judge of character, particularly when people are very political/machiavellian. I tend to take people at face value because, I think, I can't imagine investing that amount of effort in twisting issues.
  21. Thanks. I'd really like to stick with the oat milk, but I'll keep that in mind.
  22. I have a tracker fitted to the car - this is the norm in the UK for teen drivers. After six months of driving, a large chunk of the insurance premium was repaid.
  23. I suspect I was just over-doing it... I never had this problem with them in the past.
  24. Just a follow-up. I think it's the beans/lentils. I was putting on weight, so cut back on them, and suddenly the problem has gone. When I get back into my desired weight range (I'm only a kilo or two high) I'll be more careful about adding back in the pulses. Thank you, everyone.
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