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  1. @YaelAldrich I'm sorry you are going through this. FWIW, what looks like internet addiction can sometimes simply be a way of avoiding all the things that are difficult. That's what I've seen in a young person close to me. He can function without it for a period of time, but that wish to escape becomes stronger and stronger. When the opportunity presents again, nothing else matters. In our experience, tackling the reasons for needing the escape - which a bright child may be able to hide quite well from family and doctors - allows the internet to become a useful tool for self-regulation, rather than a seeming obsession. Best wishes.
  2. I think bodies are refrigerated here. There was a long gap between my dad's death and funeral.
  3. Embalming and open caskets are unusual in the UK. My dad had a green burial, where embalming is not allowed for environmental reasons.
  4. I like flying on my own. It's a time when I have absolutely no responsibilities and no one can make demands on me. I find it peaceful.
  5. For one of my first jobs, I was desktop publishing user manuals with software that was a lot less powerful than Word is today. The problem was that my PC couldn't cope with the size of diagram files, so we had to paste those in by hand after we had printed out the manuals, then Tippex over the joins. I was working for PC-maker Acer in Taiwan.
  6. @Homeschool Mom in AZI still glean for fresh peas! The farmers around here plant peas for the Birdseye frozen food company and the machines always miss a bit at the edge when they cut - the plants are pushed over but not cut. We have lovely fresh peas for a week or so after the harvest. I visited a ranch in Texas around fifteen years ago that still herded on horseback. It was a big place, but the philosophy was that they saw more from horseback and could be more aware of any issues.
  7. I've been practising yoga in classes for around six years. My favourite online resource (free) is Yoga with Adriene. She has various courses, including ones for beginners. @OttakeeI have osteoarthritis in one knee and I find that yoga helps rather than exacerbates it: if I don't do yoga for a few days, I find myself waking up at night in pain.
  8. Hello, Aenima. Welcome to the board. What brings you here?
  9. My first computer lessons, at school in the mid-seventies, involved learning to write a single line of code, which the teacher then took by hand to Bristol University, where it was turned into a punch card. The next week I would learn that my code hadn't worked.
  10. I'm old enough to remember walking by old WWII bomb sites and getting the first colour TV any of my friends had seen. I'm old enough to be working to shed unnecessary baggage, and invest in interests and worthwhile projects for the next twenty years
  11. I had no idea that was a thing. In the UK there's no relationship.
  12. We've found that the interview doesn't tell us very much. We've had quite a few cleaners over the years, and what they say and what they do is quite different. Good luck!
  13. Laura Corin


    I can understand that feeling of loneliness if you live in a society orientated around church membership. Christianity is very much a minority pursuit in my home country, so there's no feeling of being excluded. I experienced exclusion when I lived in provincial China and most Western residents were missionaries. We felt shunned by most. I don't have any experience of living with a feeling that there is a higher power from whom morality derives. I've never found it hard to define and pursue virtue outside of that. Most people whom I meet seem to be attempting to do-unto-others, and it works pretty well. For children: you are instructing them in what is good (not 'best or natural'). So norms of helping not hindering, succouring not hurting, etc. It's not a free-for-all.
  14. Laura Corin


    Anyone can lie to themself. Religious people do it. Atheists do it. Personally I want to think of myself as a good person - that's important to my self image. And doing the other person down isn't good. I value virtue in myself and others. Taking my mother into my house put me into therapy in the end. But it was the only good thing to do at that point. So I did it. Is that selfish? Wanting to see oneself as good? Is that an element in Christian virtue too? Honest question - I've not been there.
  15. The Cotton Kills message is pretty strong in Scotland - we were given quite a talk about it when we went on a map reading course run by Mountain Rescue.
  16. I've been eating more brazil nuts recently. They can't be cultivated in orchards - they need to be surrounded by rainforest in order to produce. Compared to (for example) almonds, they are a decent environmental choice. Over-gathering of brazil nuts can lead to not enough young trees growing up, but at least the parent tree and the surrounding forest is protected, because it provides an income to local people.
  17. Not Canada, but another Western country. I had a screwed-up work visa situation for a country that I would normally have entered by just showing ID. I was advised to go to the embassy in advance and get a formal multi-entry visa (even for leisure) so that all the checks could be done in advance of entry. I did this and it worked. I don't know if the bad mark was ever taken off my record, but it didn't seem to matter.
  18. I first saw her as an actor in an early film, Shakespeare Wallah, with a very young Felicity Kendal. I've also enjoyed her cooking career and I appreciate her new adventure with the IP in her eighties.
  19. Laura Corin


    I didn't say it was a universal. I said it was worldwide. You will find it in many places throughout the world.
  20. You are eating stale hazelnuts. A friend just at brought me fresh ones from Turkey and they were amazing.
  21. Laura Corin


    The golden rule is worldwide. It's thus highly reinforced. Eta I was taught, and I taught my sons, that we aim to be good people. Being good leads to a civilised society that protects the worth of each person.
  22. Laura Corin


    You assume that those raised atheist are not taught a strong value system which we internalise.
  23. Madhur Jaffrey has a book coming out. Are there any others from reliable chefs? I don't use the IP as much as I would otherwise do because the recipes that I have tried have been mostly a bit boring. I like complex and interesting flavours (not necessarily spicy-hot), either vegetarian or with veg at the centre. Laura
  24. Water, tea, raw veggies. I get my five a day easily by 3pm and average more like eight a day overall. Radio documentaries or music, depending on the task.
  25. Not all ear plugs are the same. I find SparkPlugs to be the most effective and comfortable. Make sure to roll them up tight so that they expand to properly fill the ear canal.
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