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  1. He should be able to work from home when he's taken off complete rest. That should help a bit. He likes to learn languages, so that's something he can work on if he wants.
  2. He's not allowed to drive at present - the electric bike idea would be good, but I don't know if he's meant to be 'on the road'. There's no one else around who could help him to transport a bike to an off-road area. Maybe there are specialist places where he could hire a bike next to a trail. Thanks.
  3. It would be great if he could work with a sports physician. Unfortunately, the condition is rare and almost always happens to women, particularly post-partem. So he's a rarity among a rarity. I suspect that, until he's given some kind of concrete guidance by his cardiologist, a sports physician will be wary. A general support group for athletes who are having to rest due to injury might be helpful though. I don't know if he does much online chat, but I can suggest it. Thanks.
  4. So far, he's only allowed to walk gently while the tear in his artery heals. They couldn't put a stent in or anything, because it could have caused more tearing.
  5. He's even gloomy about the (group) rehab, because his kind of heart attack is rare, so most people doing the rehab will be much less fit. He's not convinced the rehab will be relevant to his kind of heart attack and his level of fitness. I suggested that, if the session wasn't relevant, he try to take the medic aside and ask for something more tailored, but I don't know if that's possible.
  6. I'm really worried about my brother, the keen tennis player, who also cycles everywhere and has taken up golf - the fittest 61yo I know. He had a heart attack a few months ago, didn't immediately recognise it as such, and ended up in hospital recently. He has been diagnosed with an atypical attack caused by an arterial tear. He's on seven medications and starts rehab in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, he's only allowed to walk gently. The whole thing is very scary and depressing for him. I'm posting here for people who understand the psychological aspect of dropping exercise. He has always found walking a bit slow and pointless. Prognosis currently uncertain.
  7. The way I was taught, yoga looks static but is actually active. During a simple pose like sitting cross legged, with each breath you are straightening the spine and letting the knees fall to the floor. Nordic Walking doesn't keep me engaged - I listen to podcasts. I have found dedicated meditation weekends very helpful in my practice. Although focussing on breathing is classic in meditation, it's not the only way. I have a friend who finds that it exacerbates her asthma, so she makes herself aware of the feelings in her body, or the noises around her.
  8. Isn't tax structure part of the problem? Insisting on relatively local funding of schools?
  9. Green beans work well with tomatoes
  10. It's a technique for being completely in the present moment, whether through meditation or by just being completely aware of your current actions. An example might be brushing your teeth and for the whole time being completely aware of the brush in your hand, the bristles against your teeth, the play of your muscles, the taste of the toothpaste. If you can be completely aware of the present moment, then your mind will be less tied up in concerns and worries. Yoga also works for me - I find the asanas difficult enough that I'm only really thinking about them for the hour, not about other issues. It's a way of disrupting the mind's tendency to dwell on the past or worry about the future. Many people find it useful to 'reset' their thinking habits out of unhelpful cycles.
  11. I do mindfulness meditation most mornings for between fifteen and thirty minutes. I find it very helpful. There's a free app from Australia that has progressive courses for adults and teenagers. It's called Smiling Mind.
  12. Sorry to hear that. I enjoyed The Missing Cryptoqueen, The Tip Off and The Doctor's Kitchen, as well as In Our Time.
  13. Luckily he's never been a sports fan, so we don't need to struggle with that timing. He mentioned, without enthusiasm, going out for Thanksgiving, because it's not worth cooking for two. Today I'll suggest that I book for us, so that I can pretend to do that. A friend has agreed that I can use her fridge overnight in case I need to get the turkey early, but I'll call a butcher today who might be able to supply a good, fully free range one on the day. Our sons and I are still working out how to reveal the surprise, depending on when they can get home.
  14. Mine changed precisely at the same time as the website. UK Tesco mobile.
  15. I maligned him. It was a big bag and he didn't use it all. I made the smoothie and like it a lot, but husband thinks it's a bit funky. Cooking apples aren't sweet, so it tastes almost citrussy.
  16. @IvyInFlorida my eldest son was always incredibly skinny, something like 90th percentile for height and 20th for weight. Nothing changed until he got to about 21 years old. He didn't reach his childhood percentile expected height, and he put on a little flesh. No idea how that worked.
  17. Just recently, Purple Man has come into town. He has a purple long coat and broad brimmed hat, but he also dyes his full beard purple. He's in his forties and is usually with friends.
  18. Maybe that's what I need - looking for more strength. ETA ooh, he has a really irritating manner though. Hate that rough tic to the ends of his sentences
  19. We use as little bleach as possible and use septic safe detergents. Make sure to tell visitors not to flush tampons or towels.
  20. Recipe postponed. Husband cooked the spinach I was going to use. I forgot to tell him.
  21. I'm reading 'Gut' at the moment. Very interesting, and the tone is like Horrible Science for adults. Nordic Walked this morning, then walked the dog. There's been a hummus contamination scare here and there's none on the shop shelves. Even though Husband and I are competent cooks, we have never been happy with our home-made hummus in the past. I tried again today with a new recipe and this batch is okay, so that's good to know. If it's around, Husband'll eat a lot with savoury oatcakes, and that's healthier than a lot of the alternatives. We have an old cooking apple tree in the garden, so I've been looking for things to do with the apples that aren't too sweet. I think I'm going to try this without the maple syrup, but add in some oat milk and oats to keep my oat intake up (a priority for me as I've finally got my blood work to a good place), making two or three servings. Just off to do some strength yoga with Adriene. Husband is cooking - it's beef haddock in some format, but he'll also make double veggies for me.
  22. Goals for the month: Nordic Walking twice a week, at least one in daylight Lunchtime walks at least four times a week Strength exercise of some kind at least three times a week Yoga at least once a week Improved movement during the work day, and trying out a sit/stand desk Food: carry on with my slightly reduced consumption until I get to a good level to bounce back into my comfortable range. Thereafter, carry on with lighter lunches in order not to go back to gaining.
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