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  1. @Matryoshka my Versa doesn't turn off when I push the buttons - it resets. I don't lose my data though. I don't know if your one is the same.
  2. Yes, I used whole raw. Your recipe sounds great too.
  3. I reset mine about once a month. I reckon that my phone and computer work better if I turn them off periodically, so why not the Fitbit. On the Versa you push and hold the left button and the bottom right button until the Fitbit symbol shows, but I don't know what it is for your model. It seems to fix a lot of glitches. I've been eating stupid this week - some work stress that I didn't deal with well. Over now, I think. Weight up. I managed to keep the exercise going though. I only managed one yoga session, but NW twice and kept up my lunchtime brisk walks. I used my weights once and I'll do it again after I finish this post. I'm not making it to Pilates - it's just too late and I no longer feel like filling in the time with a long walk, as it's dark in the evening. Oh well. I'm off work next week, so I'll go to a couple of daytime classes. Meditation has been going well, and a couple of mornings I managed to arrive at work early enough to do a brisk 15 minute walk before meditating before work. That's a nice combination. Today we went on a gentle hike through the beginning autumn colours - skirting a hill then climbing a valley past waterfalls, finally walking back through the remains of a grand 19th century estate. I've made toasted buckwheat porridge for breakfast tomorrow. I think it will be good. I didn't bother with the soaking - just rinsed, toasted, simmered
  4. There was a time difference between our sign going up and the listing. A sign is a simple thing but the listing needed last minute tweaks.
  5. When I had in home help for around 11 years, I decided what few things were really important to me and allowed the helpers to find their own ways on other issues. I learned a lot from them, particularly about understated authority. Good luck with your decision.
  6. According to my physio, exercise and appropriate weight are key to joint preservation. He says that even if you do need surgery, if you are strong and slim, you have much better chances of good recovery.
  7. I had this rule too. If a child got up, that was the end of the meal for them.
  8. Would a lawyer's letter sent by registered post be useful?
  9. If you have shared your location, you will get frequent email reminders of this, at least I do.
  10. In England you would be able to apply for an injunction to a court (not via the police) to tell the person to leave her alone. Breaking that injunction can lead to penalties - criminal or civil. Is there something similar and would that be an option?
  11. Mothercare delivers Marks and Spencer has food hampers but also baby goods and they also deliver.
  12. Yes. The only supplement I take is vitD.
  13. I went for the bird in the hand twice, stayed in each job for two years, built my resume and applied successfully for the job I really wanted. I have no regrets.
  14. Is your pain pill available OTC at any of your stops?
  15. I don't have anything to add but I'm sorry you and you mum are going through this.
  16. I would go ahead and reset and reinstall. I don't lose data when I do that. I just reset because it hasn't been registering my sleep.
  17. I know that diplomats can do this: it's important so that corrupt governments cannot twist laws to put pressure on the representatives of other sovereign states. Unless the woman believes that this is an illicit shakedown, I believe she had a moral duty to remain. Furthermore, she stated to police that she would not be departing the country
  18. I grew up with integrated cookers or stoves, comprising the hob and the oven. I don't use 'stove' much now that they are split in my kitchen.
  19. Not to be subject to the laws of the democratic country in which she was resident?
  20. Yes. Think hard before getting a large car in Europe. The lanes and parking spaces are small, and you will often be parallel parking.
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