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  1. I often choose to spend longer (lentils, beans, etc), but a basic supper is often 45 minutes or so - switch on oven and boil water. While oven heats, slice and season veggies to roast - put in veggies to roast for half an hour. If required, find pasta, bulgar wheat, couscous or quinoa and use the boiling water to get that going in a pan. - season/marinade fish or meat or tofu. Chop veggies for steaming and put in separate pan. - when roast veg is ready, steam second veg and saute fish or meat. Drain, season and oil steamed veg and starch component. I clean up as I go, but there will be a bit to do after supper.
  2. It's similar to this one, but ours is around eight years old. My mum slept on it for a few months and I've also used it.önlid-2-seat-sofa-bed-inseros-white-spr-19278093/
  3. We've been happy with our Ikea sofa bed. I'm not sure what counts as 'full size' though.
  4. If I think of a text I want to send at night, I instead write it as a Google Keep Note with a reminder to copy paste into a text next morning.
  5. Do you think that the Pilates is offering enough stretches and twists? Yoga fixed my creaks. I'm 56.
  6. I have mine set so that I only get priority phone calls overnight (or those that are made twice within fifteen minutes from an unknown number). Everyone knows they need to call if they want to get through to me. I tend not to text or call after 9, but if I know that a friend stays up late, I might do it later.
  7. Lovely! Sandy is a common nickname for Alexander in Scotland, so you could call her Alexandra when she is being fancy.
  8. I minute academic misconduct hearings at a university in the UK. Proven cheating results in a zero for the assignment or the module. It would have to be a blatant repeat offence for expulsion. Most people who cheat are, I think, in over their heads. One case concerned someone who didn't think petty rules applied to him, I believe.
  9. Another story I came across of a very young worker doing just the right thing BBC News - Teen shop worker goes ‘above and beyond’ for autistic girl
  10. It's a shame people are so polarised. You can eat lean protein and tons of non-starchy veg with moderate amounts of plant oils. It's healthy and it works.
  11. A neighbour gave me a tip: put a teddy in the window facing outwards. This discouraged the crows that used to attack our windows.
  12. MotoG have worked well for my family.
  13. In the current garden yes. We are moving next year though. Would a dog stick to a designated area? Our current dog doesn't dig, so I have no experience.
  14. I've not seen those. I'm concerned about digging in general with terriers.
  15. Unfortunately my stepmother had a Westie. There's a bit of family history there that I'm not keen to revisit. Difficult memories would be revived. Nice enough dog, except that it couldn't bear anyone filling the car up with petrol. The first time it was on the back seat when that happened, it reached such a pitch of hysteria that the car ever after had four large chunks missing from the back seats.
  16. The nature is pretty amazing, but some visitors find the mountains less impressive just because it's not a high plateau, like the Rockies in Co.
  17. Fun article
  18. That's what I was hoping for. Active when we are active, cosy at home. Off to email the breeder.
  19. Our current dog is a miniature Australian Labradoodle, exactly the same size as an MS. I'll have to ask my neighbour and the breeder about whether one could take one of our gentle hikes. I can't see carrying a dog. The normal daily walk would be two miles or so.
  20. @PeterPan the breed selector questionnaire I read said 45 minutes. Our current dog will walk 2 to 8 miles happily, then sleep the rest of the day. So not energetic but able to cover distance. Do you think that's not the case for MS? The breeder is in the countryside, so I was assuming a breed that could walk.
  21. Thank you. My neighbour hasn't had problems with her dog digging in the garden or running off after rabbits. Do you think she's just been lucky? We walk our dog for at least forty minutes a day currently, as well as letting her into the garden several times a day
  22. My neighbour has one and the breed might suit us for a next dog. We will also be checking shelters, but they tend to have larger dogs around here, which don't appeal to us Any experience of the breed?
  23. I find ECCO shoes work, but their sandals don't. A lot of ECCO shoes have removable insoles, and many are waterproof, both of which I require. My work shoes are similar to this.
  24. Husband had to cancel a business trip to India because the admin staff booked his ticket in his nickname. He couldn't get it changed in time and couldn't travel on that ticket. Middle names might be less of an issue. I would call the airline for advice.
  25. As the eldest is the one who likes wildlife, book a cabin from which she can walk solo or with one parent, take the others on outings/activities. I've stayed at the YMCA of the Rockies and that might work.
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