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  1. Gorgeous. A friend of mine had a chihuahua dachshund mix called Monty who had ears almost that good. Here's my old dog
  2. I've found that yoga is what works for joint aches. I have an arthritic knee that stiffens up at night, but so long as I do two hours of yoga a week, it doesn't bother me during the day and nor do my other joints. Previous to starting yoga, I was experiencing constant daytime hip and knee aches.
  3. I have to go to the back of the house and do yoga in our bedroom. It's not ideal as the thick carpet makes balances even more unsteady than normal - another reason to concentrate on strength. There isn't really enough space, but I work around it. There's more room elsewhere but either it's within 'aged dog licking face' distance, or the room is unheated (we only heat the rooms we use). By the way, mention of puppies requires pictures of puppies... The only way I can get it done is to announce to Husband in advance that it's happening, arrange that he is cooking (we split cooking duties), and treat it like a class time. Vaguely intending to do some yoga never works. There is snow on the mountains, but at close-to-sea-level where we are, we have only had freezing temperatures, cold rain, a bit of sleet and some hail.
  4. Good brisk walk at lunchtime. Didn't manage to get into the yoga class, but came home and did two of Adriene's routines: 13 minutes of upper body strength (essentially press-ups and planks) and 29 minutes of lower body strength (chair, high lunges). I added in relaxation at the end. The classes I go to focus more on flexibility, so these two sessions are good strength options for home. I did the easy version of some of the asanas, so I definitely have some work to do to get full benefit.
  5. I think mine is fairly good. The only thing it can't distinguish is if I meditate in bed (I do a body scan to get to sleep if I am having trouble settling). It's one with a heart rate - Versa.
  6. I always used to like the way that Thanksgiving delayed Christmas in the US. I'm sorry if that's no longer the case. It starts in the shops after bonfire night here. Not many houses decorated yet though. When I was a child, we bought our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve and kept it up for the twelve days of Christmas. Husband's family had the tree up for the whole of December, so we compromise on the 15th.
  7. Back to full fitness after my cold. I slept badly last night, probably due to lack of exercise. So today I Nordic Walked for 2.5 miles at 12.5 minutes a mile, then walked briskly with the dog for another 2.5 miles. Good and sweaty, despite the cold. It felt good. I finally worked out why my reminders to book yoga aren't working. Too late for this Monday, but I'll try to get a cancellation place. I hope to do yoga twice this week, Nordic Walk twice, one other strength session and daily brisk lunchtime walks. Oh, and daily meditation.
  8. Lots of cinnamon in the UK. I grew up with cinnamon toast: toast with butter, white sugar and cinnamon, retoasted. This is about as traditional a dish as you could find:
  9. The homelessness charity that supplies our tree delivers them to a local church for pick up on 14 December, so we'll put it up on the 15th.
  10. Laura Corin


    A Room with a View Persuasion with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds
  11. My husband could smell my son too. He was just dirty. My other son barely smelled as a teenager.
  12. Okay I think. He sounds quite nervous though, understandably
  13. The senior surgeon has reviewed his latest scans and says that putting in a stent will end up with him eventually being fitter. So sometime in the next month he'll be back into hospital for that.
  14. 78. I was really surprised, as I don't think of myself as having a good memory for faces at all.
  15. Is the window well sealed around the edges? Is it modern, efficient sealed-unit double glazing? Is there any condensation between the panes? Sitting in a Victorian house.
  16. I think it's Portugal rather than Spain
  17. I go on Tripadvisor, sort for latest reviews and then look at the bad ones. The good ones could be fake but you learn from the bad ones. Some will be crazy people, others will be people who care about different things than I do, but there are nuggets of information in there.
  18. Honestly, the things that go on during the 'brain pruning' of puberty have to be seen to be believed: 'Pruning during adolescence is highly specific and can be pronounced, resulting in a loss of close to 50% of the synaptic connections in some regions, but with little decline in others'
  19. It sounds as if the advertisers had no idea they might attract overseas applications, and weren't set up for it.
  20. My husband had to reteach one of my sons how to shower. He was slapping shampoo on top of his head and then standing under the shower. I can't remember how/if he was using soap. He had honestly forgotten how to do it.
  21. Nice to hear your voice, Regentrude.
  22. There's no one to love in the book, for sure, just some to admire despite your better judgement, and some to pity. Well done on the run!
  23. I did a lot of background reading in 18th century novels (English and French) because I had a place at Cambridge to do a PhD on Les Liaisons Dangereuses. But then I got diverted and never took up the place. Fun reading though.
  24. Did you ever read Evelina? I had great fun reading it, because some of the sleazy haunts she visits were in the part of Bristol (Clifton and Hotwells) where I grew up. Those shady 'pleasure gardens'...
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