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  1. We memorize all sorts of things. Scripture, the Creeds, Latin prayers, the Westminster Shorter Catechism, a poem a month (right now we're doing "If" by Rudyard Kipling, lots of good advice for life there).
  2. Sweet Pea's first Booya/h. Awwww. (Dabs eyes with handkerchief).
  3. I completely agree with Lynn. My oldest is extremely difficult to parent. Extremely. No one who knows us would ever describe either dh or I as having an anger problem, or even quick to anger, yet this child has driven us both.... really quite crazy. I have perfected the art of the apology with this child, but he is seriously the type of child who could get Mother Teresa to scream at him, if she were around him long enough. And from your brief description, it sounds like she's a typical, but strong-willed three year old. And mommy-guilt is ugly and destructive. It feeds on your mind and yu end
  4. Uhhhh, shouldn't someone start planning the ITT Birthday Party? Because our first birthday is tomorrow. And I'm not planning the party because usually when I throw a party, nobody comes.
  5. My kids are like that, too. But they have no basis for comparison. I just ignore them. And sometimes think I should take them on a mission trip somewhere so they can see kids who truly have a hard life.
  6. I wish we had a creek. I've always wished for a creek. All we have is a nasty river, well, the river itself isn't nasty, but there are homeless camps down there and all sorta of trash from partiers. Not exactly a place you'd send your kids to go craw-dadding.
  7. And lookie there, you got yourself a Booya/h for reals here, too!
  8. I'm making vanilla cream. Because I have no cocoa for chocolate cream. Who doesn't have cocoa? I mean, really? And I just don't feel like going to the store. Maybe I'll throw in some chocolate chips. Those are good. Points for quoting myself. Whispering for the newbies: we can acquire points on this board. And you get some for quoting yourself.
  9. I spell it Booya/h because I am a peacekeeper. Don't like to cause trouble. Just want everyone to be happy! I'm a pleaser.
  10. I think I'm going to make a chocolate pie. Because I don't have enough fruit to make a fruit pie. Annnnndddddd..... I don't know what other kind of pie to make. Oh, I could make lemon meringue.... But I have no lemons. And that's too much work anyway.
  11. You'll have to forgive Slashie! She's a little uptight and possessive about the Booya/h. ;) We are a very tolerant group. You are judged by your character. Not on whether you are "h" or no "h".
  12. I used to spend a lot of time. Now, basically none. I always get the "grass is always greened" syndrome and I have strong feelings about jumping about with curriculum. I don't do it, unless it's really just not working for us!
  13. It is immoral to force people to get up when it is still dark. I vote we repeal Daylight Savings Time! Ugh!
  14. My baby is still awake. I have no idea why. It's past her bed time, even if it weren't Daylight Savings Time. Well, I'm going to bed. Nighty night, ITT!
  15. Oh dear! That does not sound good. Perennials are good, though. I saw a bumper sticker once that said, "Friends don't let friends plant annuals!" I'm sorry about the roses. I have a small but well loved rose garden and they're starting to get buds! And I love my hydrangeas. Although my serious gardening has been on hold now for about 12 years, since we got the kids.
  16. I love gardening. Yesterday dh and I took out a huge mugo pine. It was nice 12 years ago when we planted it. Now, it's just a big mess crowding everything in the front. So, it had to go.
  17. Good idea. Attitude goes a long way in our house!
  18. We're just having a gentle rain. We never get any interesting weather.
  19. Or your son is telling about Palm Sunday and how "Jesus was walking into the city and people put the Palm branches down and then there was a huge explosion and everybody died...." What????
  20. I was pretty disgusted by that thread. I'm not going to say anymore!
  21. Back from ice skating. I didn't skate. Just visited with some very nice ladies. Made the dessert. A 1-square-inch piece is enough to put you into a diabetic coma! Holy cow!
  22. We do nothing out of spite! This is where all the cool people hang out. And it's been going so long, we now have our own language, traditions, inside jokes and history!
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