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  1. Trying to get ahead of Korean Spam! Going to bed now!
  2. Korean spam, Korean spam! Aaack, it is Korean Spam! I will not look at it in a house, I will not look at it with a mouse, I will not look at it here or there, ITTers please beware!
  3. I do color code my kids. D is blue and J is green. They've had those colors since they've been toddlers. A is pink, C is purple and my Baby A is.... well, whatever color is left. And I think your idea is fabulous.
  4. I deep cleaned the bathrooms. I hate doing that, it needed to be done! That is all! Oh, no, that is not all. I have an ITT WWYD: Situation: we are meeting friends at the park tomorrow for lunch and I have decided to do the drive-through thing. I am so sick of Taco Bell I could vomit. But the kids like Taco Bell. I want In 'n Out Burger, and the kids always complain about that. So, do I... a) suck it up and all of us go to Taco Bell b) tell the kids to suck it up, we're all going to In'n Out and listen to the little ungrateful wretches complain c) go through both drive-through
  5. I bake bread. I'm not going to try to analyze what you might have done wrong, but I do want to encourage you! Bread baking is an art and just takes a lot of practice. So don't give up. It's something you have to get a "feel for" more than just following a recipe. Just keep working at it. The more you work at it, the better you will be and baking bread will be something you and your family enjoys. I don't buy bread anymore. I bake everything we eat - sandwich bread, hamburger buns, everything. But it's taken me years of work to get to this point.
  6. Well, everyone's up. Kids are watching tv and I am having a breakfast burrito. Starting Day 4 of the Sugar Fast. I can't go completely carb-less at this point. Requires too much effort. But, I can go sugarless, so it's a good place to start. Hornblower, you can start that way. And then work your way into less and less carbs. That's kind of my plan! Kids are mad at me, I made them chore cards. Somehow they are under the impression that Easter Vacation means complete and utter laziness and freedom! Hah!
  7. Good morning! First day of Easter Vacation and I refused to get up when it was dark. So there! Poor DH, though. He doesn't get Easter Vacation! Slashie, go with the apartment! I've lived in lots of apartments and they all has stupid kitchens. I think it's a requirement that apartments have stupid kitchens. But nature trails..... now that's what I'm talking about! IKSLO, try to find the Lambert book. Ellie, the Triduum sounds meaningful. I grew up Mennonite, we are now Presbyterian, but I still have an even greater longing for a more High Church, liturgical type worship. The Catho
  8. Prednisone makes me happy. I never feel quite so good as I do when I'm on prednisone.
  9. Oh, you'll like the Larson book. Was the Eva Braun book the one by Angela Lambert? That's the one I read. It's good.
  10. Dawn, I really think you should take a nap! Slashie, as least she had the grace to apologize. Tex, I'm sorry! Susan, I'm sure you said you had something important going on that day, didn't you.... say something like that.... once....;) Jean, why do you feel sorry for Calvin?
  11. I am. I am taking it quite seriously! As I lie on my bed with an enormous cup of coffee, a cheese stick, a blanket and my Erik Larson book, which I shall commence reading just as soon as I finish taking this thread seriously!
  12. Is the topic of your Bible Study, "Be ye kind, one to another"?
  13. My mom says it. Although not in the context of doing the wrong thing. More in the context of avoiding obstacles due to red tape or endless committees or whatever you have to go through to get permission to do something. I also liked the explanation someone gave above of not having a hard and fast rule about something, but if you ask there's always the chance of being told "no". So, if you just do it, you can apologize if someone doesn't like it.
  14. Good Morning, ITT Peeps! Wow, 'this the season for "stuff"! Hope all you with UTIs and poison ivy and chronic pain get some relief! Today is DS's last day of school before Easter Vacation. His school gets Maundy Thirsday, Good Friday and all of next week off. So, we at our little homeschool do, too! I'm glad. We need a break and we need to catch up with life. And, I have a good book to read. I don't know how long it's been since I've been hooked on a good book! I'm not in to novels or fiction of any sort, really. I love histories, but they mustn't be too dry. Last year I picked up "Dead
  15. Gaia Brand "Women's Balance". It has (and I quote): back cohash, alfalfa leaf, red clover tops, oats milky seed fresh extract, vitex, St. John's wort, dandelion root, vervain, Hmm, now that I look at it, perhaps if I just go to some pasture and graze for a while, that might just take care of it.
  16. That reminds me of the time when DD was a newborn and I had to get her SS card. Of course nothing goes quickly in the SS office so I was in there a long time. And it was also during this point in time when we were working out her milk allergies. So, she had really runny poop. And I had to change her on the floor of the women's bathroom of the SS office because they had no changing table. And I got runny newborn poop on my top. And ran out of wet wipes. And I had another appointment after the SS office. So, I ran to Target, bought a new top and more wet wipes and changed in the car.
  17. Sounds like something that could happen at my house!
  18. I am! I'm feeling so.... so.... so..... second tier!
  19. I'm going to try to do a little research if I get a minute today!
  20. You can do it, Jean! Hope they can do something for you! ((Hugs))
  21. Ok, I am not happy. I take this herb supplement for mood swings and stuff due to perimenopause. Ever since I entered this "phase" I had horrible mood swings and irritability and then I started taking this supplement. It has helped like nothing else. It really is a miracle pill. It's a mixture of Black cohash and St. John's Wort and vitex and some other things. Well, Amazon says they can't get it, so I went directly to the company and it's out of stock. I even tried to get a few of the individual herbs and they are out of stock. I am not happy and a little scared. What if I can't get it anymore
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