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  1. Ahhhh, I know what those are. I just never knew what they were called. I hate them!
  2. What's a Mary Jane? I like Kit Kats and Butterfingers!Dh gave dd a Milk Dud to help get a loose tooth out. Worked like a charm!
  3. I'll take a bowl of butternut squash soup, with a dollop of sour cream and some croutons, please!
  4. Thanks! I crochet, too! But my friend got me hooked in knitting, so I thought I'd try my hand at it! And it's a good activity to do during all the soccer practices/games and volleyball practices/games I've been attending in recent weeks.
  5. I can't believe you guys are still at it. No, no, no. I can believe it. I can believe it. Ya'll are hard core! I dropped out a while back. Couldn't keep up! And then I had to teach myself how to knit so I could knit DS a chain mail hood for his St. George costume for school. He wore it yesterday, but his appreciation of it was in no means proportional to the amount of work I put into it. It wasn't even in the same galaxy of proportionality. But now I know now I know how to knit. And that's something! Eta: I tried to attach a picture of the chain mail, but it didn't work.
  6. No kidding. A kindergarten boy can get expelled for kissing a girl out on the playground or chewing his sandwich in the shape of a gun, but a child is being assaulted and nothing is done! It's an amazing world we live in!
  7. Oh wow, Dawn! I would have done that, too! #completelysane
  8. Thank you, Quackers! Ok, I think I understand. I am not very social media savvy. I do FB, and I've seen the whole hashtag thing, but was always too embarrassed to ask. So, it says much of the non-judgemental environment of ITT that I feel safe to reveal my true self!
  9. Ok, I am definitely missing something. What is the meaning of this -----> #####? All of these(###) I am seeing and they make no sense to me. Of course, I do live under a rock, which could be part of the problem.
  10. Awwww Susan! I hope you all get to feeling better soon!
  11. Huge disappointment here! At least we got to visit with our neighbors for a while. Found out that I am something like 3rd cousins with the Mrs.
  12. Did you know that the majority of people eat their icecream by slurping it up from their bowl? This is a statistic thrown out by ds#1 who has the most incredibly horrible table manners of anyone I know. Of course he couldn't name anyone who actually eats that way, and is pretty mad that we forced him to use a spoon! Horrible parents that we are, and all!
  13. Sounds good. Perhaps a Van Gogh would be something to start with. Then maybe we can graduate to diamonds! We can pretend we're site-seeing in South Africa and exit the country with millions of $ worth of diamonds sewn in the seams of our granny-undies.
  14. I knew we'd make a great team! What should we do next? Stolen works of priceless art? Ancient Roman artifacts?
  15. No kidding! "That's baby formula! Honest, officer!" I actually do have some international smuggling experience. Twenty-five years ago I smuggled fireworks from Mexico wrapped up in a Mexican blanket. They never suspected me!
  16. Wow! You're good. I always wanted to be a spy. Nobody would ever suspect a worn out middle aged mom with 5 kids would they? I just need to brush up on my kick-boxing skills.
  17. Awwww, Tex, I love love love your Tabby! We have a white kitty, too, but she and the Tabby are always fighting.
  18. I just got home from Costco. My almost five year old followed me around crying and wailing the whole time because I told her she was too big to fit in the cart. She is too big. And I don't want to pick her up and stuff her in. I did my very best impression of "there's a child following me around crying? I see no child!" I'm tired now,
  19. I must apologize if we woke any of you up last night at 12:00 PDT with a dreadful high pitched squealing, sounding vaguely like fingernails in a chalk-board over and over again. Our smoke alarm went off for no apparent reason. Nothing like a strong dose of adrenalin to ensure a good night sleep. Not!
  20. I know a Polish gal and an Irish gal both named Maria.
  21. I love the names Margaret and Eleanor for girls. For boys.... Stephen and Christopher. And I misread your last line and thought you said that you hadn't named your children until last month. And I thought, "hmm I wonder what they called them until then!"
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