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  1. Kids are mean! I was just talking about this to mil yesterday. My nephew (her grandson) is a sophomore, and would be a prime target for bullying. He is tall and gangly, has severe acne (he's under a doctor's care for that and it is getting better), he's extremely smart (doing college calculus as a sophomore), rather high strung and quirky. Fortunately, he is being homeschooled, but he's taken some classes with other kids and has had bad experiences and has even had bad experiences in youth group. He is now in an adult men's Bible study and has found acceptance. He's a nice kid, but kids are me
  2. You're right, Brenda. I still don't truly understand the pluperfect. Gaaaa!
  3. And while we're talking about genitives, here's a sentence from this website I was struggling with last night. Multa dona sororibus reginae dederamus. This is what I got... Dederamus - we were giving Multa dona - many gifts Reginae - the queen (dative case or genitive) Sororibus - the sisters (dative or ablative case, plural) This is how I translated it... We were giving many gifts to the Queen's sisters. The dative case and the ablative... I guess I struggle with the whole thing that prepositional phrases can function as possessive or indirect objects. And you can't ne
  4. This is a great website if you want more practice for translations.https://sites.google.com/site/ewlatin/Home/first-form-latin-page It says it's for First Form, but we're in the middle of Second Form and some of the sentences I have trouble with. And I can't find an answer key, so you are kind of on your own as far as that goes.
  5. Ok, I just need to get used to not having dessert. That's going to be the awful part. I make a mean peanut butter-chocolate chip homemade icecream.
  6. Like you! coffee! I also did my shopping for next year's curriculum. I like new shiny things, even if it's just a continuation of what we're doing.
  7. I'm so sorry, Ikslo! That must be hard! Jean, Rocky is indeed a handsome dog! Lynn, I hope you aren't coming down with something! Get some rest. Kudos to hubby for picking up dinner!
  8. It's gorgeous today here, too. The girls are outside screaming and laughing on the swing set. I always like to hear that sound.
  9. None! I've got my Costco mom jeans on, a turtleneck and a cardigan! I'm comfortable. But I am neat and showered, hair and make-up. I don't really care about being trendy.
  10. "Solitude" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox Laugh and the world laughs with you Weep and you weep alone The sad old earth must borrow it's mirth But has trouble enough of its own.
  11. I love coffee! But it has to be sweet and white! You all knew that! I am giving up peppermint mocha creamer. Not for Lent, though it coincides with Lent. I'm giving Trim Healthy Mama a try, starting today. Got shed these 30 pounds somehow. Yeah for Payton. Not a thrilling game.... too many turnovers. But, I enjoyed the half-time show. Got an order for curriculum in last night. CBD had free shipping and I was bored. And that I all I got! Have a wonderful Monday, Ladies!
  12. I have to agree with Susan. I don't think giving up ITT would be beneficial in any way.
  13. We do not do Lent. I should. But, we did just do nachos and rootbeer floats.
  14. I like football and I like the Broncos. I'm not a fanatic or anything, but I enjoy football and I have always enjoyed the Super Bowl. And we'll be ready with the nachos and rootbeer floats.
  15. Whoa, slow down there, Lynn! Not the decaf! But could you perhaps play us some Brahms?
  16. Very nice pictures, Slashie, I forgot you lived in Oregon. I thought you lived in Missouri or somewhere in the middle. I am so bad at remembering where everyone lives. Unless it's in your user name. That makes it easy.
  17. Good morning! No debates here. Went to DS's school's Auction Fundraiser last night. And I volunteered to clean up because I'd get double volunteer hours for cleaning up (you get a reduced tuition for a certain # of volunteer hours at school functions). Never again! It was long and I hate auctions. Well, some are interesting, but this one was boring. There is definitely a learning curve when putting your child at a private school. Especially in 7th grade when they expect that you should know how everything works. Thank goodness for the school secretary who likes me and explains everything to me
  18. Well, hmm! I live in Central California and we visit Sequoia and Kings Canyon several times a year. And we used to vacation in Santa Cruz. So, I can give my 2 cents worth. 1. The mountains are beautiful, but a lot of curvy driving. I'd pick Kings Canyon National Park/Grant Grove over Sequoia National Park any day. That's where we go most. At Grant's Grove you can see the General Grant Tree and a lot of other lovely trees on a nice loop trail. There's a nice visitor center there, camp,grounds, etc. And, if you really want to see something spectacular, continue on down Hwy 180 to Cedar Grov
  19. My close friend homeschooled her two oldest (she's still homeschooling her baby but she's only a 5th grader) all the way through and was successful. Her dd was very motivated, she actually put together her own course of study for high school and is now in university and doing well. My sil has a sophomore this year. He is very bright (doing college calculus as a sophomore) and probably wouldn't do well in a school setting. My second DS claims he wants to homeschool all the way through and I am willing to do that for him. I have no problem with a child homeschooling all the way through. But, I t
  20. ((Dawn)). I hope you get some sleep and feel better. Don't worry about cleaning. For company, just make sure the bathroom is clean (scrub the toilet, wipe down sink & countertop, put out fresh towels) and tidy up the area people will be sitting. That's all you need to do, really. And one or more of your kids should be able to do that for you.
  21. I know it's a little overused, but I still love Isaac.
  22. I'm sorry for your loss, Slash! That is a lovely picture!
  23. I'm 48. My hair is shoulder length, layered, no bangs, I blow dry it, scrunch it, curl it a little in loose waves. I like it.
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