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  1. Good morning all! I hope all sick children feel better. And Lynn, I keep forgetting to comment, but your family picture is just beautiful! What a lovely family you have! Thanks for posting that. I'd post my family picture except that every time I've ever tried to post a picture, except for my avatar for some reason, it won't let me.
  2. I completely agree with this. And not in that, " she's not pretty but has a great personality" sort of way. I think a person's countenance and personality, as well as their general disposition in life attribute a lot to their physical attractiveness. Both positive and negative. A woman who might be considered physically attractive but is crass and vulgar, unkind and nasty, isn't so physically attractive anymore.
  3. Old is a state of mind. Although bad health can also age a person, too. My parents are only two years apart biologically speaking, but my dad has had numerous serious health problems over the last 5 years and he seems and acts at least 10-15 years older than my mom.
  4. I started going gray in my late 20's, which is when I started coloring my hair. It's naturally dark, so it looks pretty bad when the grays come out. Dh was bothered by the fact I colored my hair when we were dating. The most important women in his life (before I came along), his mother and sister, didn't color their hair. But then, I gently reminded him that they are blondes and blondes can ease into gray, unlike brunetttes. He's used to me now!
  5. I get sinus infections all th time and rarely get a fever. My biggest indicators are pain in my sinuses and extreme fatigue!
  6. I get my hair cut and colored every 7-8 weeks. I go gray so fast, it just has to be. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow! I can't wait. A whole hour away from the honyaks! Blessed peace and gossip in the beauty shop chair!
  7. My boys and dh get their hair cut by an Elvis look alike!
  8. Good for you! I feel for you! I hate having company. It stresses me out. And next week we're having guests two days in a row. I'm already stressing. They're just kids,but kids stress me worse. At least one group I only am providing snack for! Feeding kids makes me batty! Once one of DS's friends was over for lunch.... This kid had such bad manners I was speechless. Absolutely speechless.
  9. Good morning, ITT! I'm baking bread to give to DS's teachers. So, the rest of the kids are having a minimum day! Barfly boy is better. I'm working on washing in hot water everything he touched yesterday. Nobody else seems to be getting sick. No dentist appointments in this family till next year. Mark, love the wookie cookies. I'll take a dozen! Renai, you are beautiful! Don't think otherwise! I don't want a helicopter car. I have acrophobia. Heather, congratulations on 1000 posts! Dawn, glad the talk with your daughter went well. Not looking forward to the day when
  10. Yes, you are right. And I do work on that. But sometimes that means ignoring everything the child says because if I answer even the most innocent comment from him he turns it into an argument. It takes a lot of mental energy staying one step ahead of this child conversationally.
  11. I hate it when you've got a sick kid, and you're really hoping you don't get it and so you hyper-analyze every single twinge you have, hoping to heaven that you aren't coming down with it, too! Am I getting sick? Or is that just gas? Hmmm. This may be a long night!
  12. Saw that in the movie theater when it first showed. Thus starting my 40 (?) year long love affair with Harrison Ford. That crooked smile. Sigh!
  13. I'm sorry! I understand about the arguers. I have one, too. He argues about everything. Hugs!
  14. As long as there's coffee with peppermint mocha creamer... I'm all for it!
  15. Ok, now I am convinced that germs can be transmitted via the internet. I have a barfly now. Fortunately he only barfed a couple of times and now seems to be on the mend. We were all fine and healthy until all you people decided to start getting sick.
  16. Well, it hit the news fairly recently that a wooden pole (or something) fell over in SF due to the fact that it rotted so much because of being urinated on. So, I'm tending to think it's a problem in SF, too. Lol. That, and the politics of that city are quite pronounced. SF has a reputation for being an extremely left leaning city, politically. If that political climate appeals to a person, then great. But I think it would be difficult for a person of a more conservative political/social leaning to live there.
  17. I've never been to NYC, but I've been to SF numerous times. Are you thinking about the actual city itself? The cost of living is through the roof. I lived in the East Bay (Concord) for a couple of years and, while the COL is high there, too, it's a little more reasonable and the area is more livable. Also, the SF culture may not appeal to some (trying to be diplomatic here), so, depending on your lifestyle, beliefs. Etc. you may want to investigate all that before making the move to the City itself.
  18. Your breakfast sounds good and healthy. I am so tired of eating the carp we eat for breakfast (boxed cereal), but that's about all I can manage at this time in life.
  19. This is my kids. They throw up and then they're fine. We're all drowning in mucus around here, so I'm thinking that's it!
  20. I though about asking, but I assumed you explained what it was several pages back and I didn't want to let on that I hadn't read every last word that's been written since the last time I visited this thread. So I thought I'd do what I always do in conversations where I have no idea what they are talking about.... Listen until I pick up enough context clues to figure out what it is!
  21. And now, for your enjoyment, a poem by me. I call it... "Knitting by the Fire" I'm sitting... and knitting Knitting by the fire. I'm knitting.... a scarf Knitting by the fire. The cat.... is watching Knitting by the fire. I'm knitting.... And pearling Knitting by the fire.
  22. Points for quoting myself!I'm done! Spent all afternoon on-line and I'm done! And I'm sorry about sick kids! And I agree, older women do need to go lighter! And I'm not a huge fan of Barry Manilow! And I never could learn languages. Except English, when I was a mere tot.
  23. We eat the stirring kind. Adams Creamy is what we get.
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