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  1. I'm back. Verizon was down all day. I thought I was going to die. Right now I'm waiting for the maid to come clean up the kitchen. But it looks I like I'll be waiting a long time because we don't have a maid.
  2. I just took a nap. Not a long one that makes me feel all groggy when I wake up. Just a nice 20 minute nap. Of course I woke up in a panic at 6:15 this morning. I was sure it was Monday morning and DH was going to be late for work. So I woke him up, too. Poor guy. I didn't sleep well last night.
  3. Little girls are in bed, I have about 15 minutes of peace before DH comes home with the older kids. They went to my parents' church to watch the sequel to "God's Not Dead!". It's been a rather peaceful evening! No way! I got a booya! I got a booya! My first one! Woohoo! Thank-you, thank you! everyone who made this moment possible!
  4. The other day our cat was sleeping just like that. (She's a tabby, too) except being an outdoor cat she was under a shady tree sprawled out in the grass. I've never wanted to be a cat so bad! Just laying there in the shade snoozing the day away!
  5. People aren't taking this thread seriously! I had to scroll down to find it. Priorities, people! Priorities!
  6. I added it a few minutes later. No, you aren't going crazy. I got distracted and hit "send" before I was done.
  7. Well, school started today. DS had a half day at his new school. He had a good day, I think, but came home in a bad mood. Everyone is in a bad mood. Quarreling, fussing. I don't know why. It puts me in a bad mood. The air is bad because of all the smoke, and my eyes are burning. Even in the house. And I have the AC going 24/7. I go out for a minute to pick DS up from school and my eyes are burning and my throat is scratchy. This state is a tender box, fires are everywhere.
  8. Morning, all you out there in ITT land! It's our last day of vacation. Tomorrow my 12 year old boy gets to experience life in a "real" classroom. There's a bit of anxiety all the way around in this house, but homeschooling was just not working for either of us! Duckie, glad you had a good beach vacation. We used to take beach vacations until the people we rented from sold their beach house last fall. We were not happy about that turn of events. I also feel badly for your mom! Winters, glad your dog is doing better and I'm envious about your flooring. I'm working in DH regarding matters
  9. I enjoyed the movie. Loved the music. Loved Dick Van Dyck! The book.... Now the book was disturbing.
  10. I'm binge-watching "Dynasty" on Amazon-Prime. I've never seen it. My parents wouldn't let me watch it when it originally aired (for good reason). The hair, the clothes.... Oh, the 80's were a good time!
  11. I'm like this, too. I hate small talk. Usually in a group I'm the one smiling, nodding, making "I'm listening" noises, but generally not contributing in any way to the conversation.
  12. So, I'm sitting in my room hiding out till DS finishes cleaning off the table. He is so incredibly obnoxious that I cannot be in the same room with him when he is cleaning off the table. He's 12, btw, and is just one big seething mass of testosterone. And my 4 year old dd comes running through, runs into the bathroom and a few seconds later I hear her shout,"woohoo! I made it!" And I gave a sigh of relief. I really didn't want to clean pee up off the floor tonight!
  13. Grammar is important. It really is. Grammar and opposable thumbs are what set us apart from the animals. Except monkeys. They have opposable thumbs. But they don't have grammar.
  14. Well, if you must. I've always admired how you so selflessly sacrifice yourself for the greater good, Jean! Bless you!
  15. I don't know if I get checked out. I am so oblivious to those things. Except for the UPS guy. I know he checks me out. And he is horribly cute, too! He's bald, tan and has an incredible smile!
  16. I'm babysitting today. They're good kids, but the noise is out of my comfort zone and it's too hot out to shoo them outside. So, it's video games this afternoon till their mom picks them up!
  17. Good Morning from the West Coast! It's going to be a hot one! Last Friday before School starts (next Wednesday, we will now be on the same school schedule as oldest DS).
  18. Duckie - your Starbucks adventure amused me, too! I hate going to Starbucks. I usually do take-out. If I stay, it's always it on the patio. That's one place that continually reinforces how old and completely out of touch with popular culture I really am. I would like to learn to knit, though. My girlfriend learned to knit. It keeps her occupied at all of the baseball games/football games/swim meets and band and/or choir concerts she has to go to for her kids.
  19. Wow! I would completely agree with Lynn! You poor dear.
  20. Wow! I was in tears. (Really, and not like on Facebook when everything brings everyone to tears, it it really did touch me!)
  21. ((Hugs)) for all ITT ladies. Looks like we're all needing a break! I've been feeling a little tired and anxious myself and I'm not sure why. However, the bright spot of my morning was spotting a black-billed grosbeak at my feeder this morning and I've never seen one of those before, though he was easy to identify! Gorgeous black and orange bird! Have a good day, ladies!
  22. I really don't like them, either. Except I like hummus, and I tried this recipe I fund on a list of salad toppers - sauté chickpeas in butter until they're brown and crunchy, salt them and throw them on top of a green salad. They're pretty good like that!
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