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  1. And this is why I am going insane.... Oldest DS (will be 13 next month) eats his applesauce, and with the very exact same spoon dips it in the bottle of homemade strawberry jam and puts it on his biscuit. Who does this?
  2. Good Morning! Have fun at the zoo, Susan! Say "hi" to the peccaries! It's a beautiful morning. Although everyone's allergies are completely out of control. Yesterday I was looking out the window at our Chinese pistasche tree which is blooming and saw a bird land on a branch. And as she did I saw a huge puff of yellow pollen just float away in the breeze. No wonder dd is laid up feeling like dirt with red puffy eyes. She does have prescription antihistamine eye drops which are sort of helping!
  3. I call both my mom and my mother-in-law "Mom".
  4. I have a real problem returning books to the library. So, in some cases it's cheaper for me to buy them from Amazon used books than it is to borrow them from the library and pay the late fees.
  5. I had a very bad sprain once by rolling it.... off the sidewalk 5 inches and on to the dirt up at camp about 20 years ago. I went into shock, a bump the size of a softball appeared on my ankle and I had to wear a walking cast for several weeks. But it was indeed only a sprain. I still would recommend going to the doctor if you think it looks and feels really bad.
  6. Oh no, Tex! That doesn't sound good at all! Make sure you ice it well!
  7. It's a beautiful day out today! I just watered my newly planted tomatoes and cucumbers (that are wilting) and Rosemary. The snails chowed down on my beautiful newly-planted basil. All that's there to mark the space is an inch of stem. We have a severe snail problem in the spring. And I put more seed in the bird feeders. And I did all this... with clothes on!
  8. Camellias are one of my favorite flowers. They bloom in January around here. I would not walk around in the garden in my undies. I prefer to check out the plants and listen to the birds fully clothed. But that's just me. No judgment here for those of you who prefer to garden sans apparel.
  9. We can never forget hula! Oh, and Jean could give free tax advice!
  10. Thanks for the update, Lynn. My IRL BFF and I are going to our regional convention in July. There's really no speakers there who float our boat, but we look at it as a time to hang out sans children, stay at the Hilton (even though two years ago our room had a view of a wrecking yard....well, it's down town Modesto after all ) and just relax. We skipped last summer for some reason, but we are making plans for this year. I think an ITT booth would be wonderful. Besides the Ninja Elephants and bazookas and peanut butter energy bites (and everything else Susan just mentioned) we could also se
  11. In California the cut off is Sept. 1. My youngest dd turned 5 in October. She's a sharp little cookie and definitely could have done the work, but she was not at all interested in doing school and I had 3 other kids to homeschool, one of whom was really really struggling learning to read, so I bought her the kindergarten set of workbooks from Rod & Staff and let her do that at her own pace. Another thing to consider....I taught junior high for 11 years and noticed that sometimes kids who started young, especially boys, struggled when they got to middle school. I would never recommend
  12. Ohhhhh! I started making pierogis! My recipe is potato-cheese. But I love mushrooms. Will have to try that.
  13. I thought about Tex today when I told myself, "sometimes the line between good parent and bad is not murdering someone". Yes, it was that kind of day! Whew! I'm a firm believer in getting your affairs in order! I really need to get those books!
  14. My most bizarre hiking story was coming across a young couple taking nudie shots. We came around the corner and the boy was frantically putting his jeans on and his girlfriend was rolling on the ground with her camera dying laughing.
  15. Oh wow! That could get discouraging! Fortunately, with more kid my picture taking tapered off, too. So, not as many to put in albums.
  16. Well,back in the day, before I was even married, I was in to scrapbooking. Like with the fancy scissors and paper and stickers. I would spend half an hour on a page. It took me months to do our wedding album (just the candid shots, the professional ones I just put in a nice book without doing anything to them). Then we got the boys and I started making them each a book a year, with all the stickers and fuss and everything. But it was fun. I'd get together with friends, and a group of ladies at church had monthly scrapbooking nights with food and it was really a great social outlet. And then I
  17. Wow.... Bradford pear tree, peanut butter, storms, crazy moms, cheekiness.... I cannot respond to all this madness! I am verklempt.
  18. Ha! I have been soooooo far behind in my dealing with family photos, putting them in albums, etc. I just didn't even want to deal with them. But today.... well, actually yesterday.... I just decided I needed to do something. So, I started with 2011, the year we got the little girls and went on Shutterfly and made a book. It's big. I'm glad Shutterfly has 50% off books right now. But... It's done. And I decided that since my mind is in the game. I'd start on 2012.
  19. Well, contrary to what educators like to think, school is not real life. The 12 years a child spends in an institutional setting,surrounded by others of his exact same age (basically), doing what they do in school is nothing at all like what they will be doing for all the years of their life after that. Except maybe jail. School can be very similar to jail, now that I think about it. Kids learn about real life by living it, as Kathy mentioned above, with their parents. I still remember a scenario that happened 10 years ago. It's a long time, but it made an impression on me. I was in a
  20. Good Wednesday Morning! I almost typed Tuesday morning! Easter vacation is going by too fast. I'm having trouble waking up, too many allergy drugs last night. We had wind on Monday, which means allergies on Tuesday. Ugh! I'll check in later when the coffee has kicked in!
  21. Because it's fun! It teaches you to think. It really hasn't occurred to my kids that it used to be a spoken language, but it's not now.
  22. And then if you throw vinegar on top of the baking soda, you get a volcano!
  23. Well, to quote a famous "Gone With the Wind" line..... "I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies".... Although I do like to say that all the paperwork and dealing with the foster care system were my "pregnancy, labor and delivery!" So, I just finished planting my garden. It is absolutely glorious day out. Sunny blue sky with big puffy clouds, enough of a breeze to make my wind chime sound pretty, birds singing.... It's really quite grand out there! Planted 12 colored pepper plants, 10 Japanese cucumber plants (bought a 6-pack, but there were a lot of doubles), and 3 tomatoes. Had to
  24. Coffee makes everything right!Which is why I am brewing myself some right now!
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