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  1. Good morning, all! I've got a bad cold. Guess I started taking Cold Ease too late. I feel like I've been run over by a bus! Well, the only thing on the docket is a piano recital this morning. I guess I'll decorate for Christmas today, too! I wanted to bake. We'll see. Have a good day, all!
  2. Raiders. Because Derek Carr. (And only because Derek Carr)
  3. I'm sorry, Dawn! I hope you don't have to do the root canal! I actually like going to the dentist. It's the only place I can go and relax in a comfortable chair and have nobody bug me. My teeth are in pretty good shape, though. And I made it into my hygienist's "No Fours Club" what she was checking recession last time. She actually keeps track!
  4. A theme? Now we're supposed to have a theme? I can't do themes! I can barely do gifts. Now we're supposed to do themes, too!
  5. Went to our town's Christmas Electrical Farm Equipment Parade tonight. It's a very nice little parade, though much evolved from when it started. About 15 years ago they stopped having a Christmas parade because of lack of interest. So, a bunch of farmers got together and said they'd have none of that and they put Christmas lights on their tractors and spray rigs and had a little parade. Well, it has evolved since then.... not as quaint, but still fun! The high school has an awesome marching band and the kids came home with a pile of mini-candy canes! And the rain held off till we got home, too
  6. The principal at DS's school does this. Every time I pick him up from school or go to a game or something she is always out and about, talking to kids, talking to parents. She's awesome. But you don't want to mess with her, I understand.
  7. Awww, Prairie! That stinks! Hopefully no more "hiccuping" today!
  8. I think I'll go to bed now! Kitchen is cleaned and mopped. Read the obituaries in the paper. You can really learn a lot about people when you read the obituaries.
  9. Geez, I leave the room for a few minutes to attend a soccer game and a volleyball game and the whole thread flies out of contro!!
  10. Seriously? That is in poor taste, no matter what side if the fence you sit on! I stopped going to a doctor because when I was getting a physical for foster care requirements in order to adopt again (after 3 kids already adopted) she said, "you want more kids? What do you want more kids for?" I was so completely offended. That is an inappropriate thing to say, and it's none of her business anyhow. And anyhow, it's not like we'd already adopted 20 kids. Grrr! Makes me mad just thinking about it!
  11. I was here! Well, actually, I am here, but will be gone shortly! Gotta educate the future generation! Ciao!
  12. There's so much chaos in the other room. Dd is practicing for her piano recital and rest of the kids are running amuk (I never know how to spell that word), and DS is blaming dh because he (DS) got math problems wrong and blaming me because he needs a new notebook for science and I won't just drop everything and run to the store and buy him one. So, now it's my fault that he can't do his homework. I swear, sometimes.... Instead, I hide in my bedroom with my iPad!
  13. Don't you hate that? Every night! They want food! I think I'm going to convert to Breatharianism!
  14. Unless it's peppermint mocha. Peppermint mocha will never let you down!
  15. I'm glad you found something that worked. I am a little late to the game, but I suppose that my suggestion of sticking it in your mouth while hopping around on one foot, at the same time letting loose with the obscenities might not have been too effective! Oh, and it's Booya/h time! "And I heard him exclaim as he Booyah-ed out of sight, 'Happy Booya/h to all, and to all a good Booya/h'"
  16. Homemade whipped cream!!! Mmmm, homemade whipped cream!
  17. I went to church, too! First Sunday in Advent. Our family lit the advent candle. Slashie, ((hugs))!
  18. Morning, everyone! It's frosty white outside (the closest we Central Californians get to snow) and I'm enjoying my coffee with peppermint mocha creamer. Lynn, I agree, we need routine in this house,too. The kids were already bored yesterday. By last night they were getting extremely silly (which drives me crazy) and were fighting with each other too much. So, for the last hour of the day they were separated from each other. At least I got some peace. And I agree with you regarding CDs. I have some lovely Christmas CDs. Old technology! Although in my day, we had records. And that's how you cou
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