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  1. Ok, this made me laugh the first time I read it. And...... It made me laugh again. I just picture it in my mind and crack up!
  2. All right, Jean, my already high estimation of you has just shot up like, 100 points this morning. You da man... er.... woman! :) And a "Down with bullies and drama" Booya/h this morning! Woohoo!
  3. Oh, the Awana group. And I am leader of this group. And it's all this catty, "I'm a princess", I go to a private school, I'm better than you attitude. And last week.... we had two "bathroom girls." You know the type. Don't participate in the games, always asking to "go to the bathroom" so they could hang out away from supervision. These two girls have apparently been there before, but are not regulars. Sigh! And what makes this whole thing even more difficult is that we have basically has it in our plan to send the kids to this private school for high school. My entire family (me, mom, dad,
  4. And the drama starts young, too. Dd (4th grade) was telling us tonight how her Awana friends who go to the local Christian school are all fighting over the cute boy in the class and how L wore black to Awanas last week because the boy J didn't like her but liked A instead. Fourth grade. I was just disgusted. I'm glad I'm homeschooling my girl and she can spend her time chasing the cats in the backyard during her free time instead of chasing boys.
  5. Oh Dawn! ((Hugs)). I am so sorry. Yes, you really should try to see her! I think she would really love that!
  6. We really do! Because I have another question about adjectives. Ok, adjectives. The queen's good cow wandered. In English "queen's" is a possessive noun that functions as an adjective. "Good" is an adjective. "Cow" is the subject noun. "Wandered" is the verb. And I would write it like this Vacca reginae bona (and bona would be nominative case because it is describing the cow) erravit. But if I wanted to say," The good queen's cow wandered. " Then "bona" would have to be in the genitive case because it is describing the queen and "queen" is in the genitive case. Right? I was
  7. Yes, it does. You're right, either way it doesn't make sense because you don't have the rest of the thought. And, as I read my next example, it wasn't truly pluperfect because it didn't happen prior to the other past action. The writers of these exercises are probably focusing on teaching correct grammar forms using tenses and vocabulary we know and not so much focusing on making sense.
  8. Since I hit peri-menopause the pounds have been racking up quickly. I know there are improvements in my lifestyle I could make, but I wouldn't say I live an unhealthy lifestyle. I cook from scratch, fast food is minimal, I don't drink soda (except when we go out to eat, which is rare), we have salads almost every night and fruit for every meal. I do like chips, but I don't snack on them. Both my GP (a woman) and my OB/GYN (a woman) told me that unless I want to invest an incredible amount of effort, it really isn't going to happen. And I think about my lifestyle - 5 youngish kids (1 who is ex
  9. OK, but see, to me this is splitting hairs. Because isn't the perfect tense an action completed in the past? I'm looking at the book and I see "have", "have" and "did" for all these perfect tenses to me and it just makes no sense. In the sentence example I gave previously, "had given" in the pluperfect. Why not just use "gave" which in the perfect tense? What difference does it make? Unless you were going to add another phrase to the sentence. "We had given the Queen's sister a gift, but then we realized that someone gave them the same thing last week." I understand that that is what pluperfe
  10. I'm going to try to fight this one myself. I was successful last time. I just don't want to get more antibiotics. If I don't kick this by the end of the week I'll go to the doctor. I just hate going to the doctor. And I do like my doctor.
  11. We are doing school from my sick bed. I have a sinus infection and feel like crud! But, we bully through because I don't take sick days. We have all the books spread out on the bed.
  12. Kids are mean! I was just talking about this to mil yesterday. My nephew (her grandson) is a sophomore, and would be a prime target for bullying. He is tall and gangly, has severe acne (he's under a doctor's care for that and it is getting better), he's extremely smart (doing college calculus as a sophomore), rather high strung and quirky. Fortunately, he is being homeschooled, but he's taken some classes with other kids and has had bad experiences and has even had bad experiences in youth group. He is now in an adult men's Bible study and has found acceptance. He's a nice kid, but kids are me
  13. You're right, Brenda. I still don't truly understand the pluperfect. Gaaaa!
  14. And while we're talking about genitives, here's a sentence from this website I was struggling with last night. Multa dona sororibus reginae dederamus. This is what I got... Dederamus - we were giving Multa dona - many gifts Reginae - the queen (dative case or genitive) Sororibus - the sisters (dative or ablative case, plural) This is how I translated it... We were giving many gifts to the Queen's sisters. The dative case and the ablative... I guess I struggle with the whole thing that prepositional phrases can function as possessive or indirect objects. And you can't ne
  15. This is a great website if you want more practice for translations.https://sites.google.com/site/ewlatin/Home/first-form-latin-page It says it's for First Form, but we're in the middle of Second Form and some of the sentences I have trouble with. And I can't find an answer key, so you are kind of on your own as far as that goes.
  16. Ok, I just need to get used to not having dessert. That's going to be the awful part. I make a mean peanut butter-chocolate chip homemade icecream.
  17. Like you! coffee! I also did my shopping for next year's curriculum. I like new shiny things, even if it's just a continuation of what we're doing.
  18. I'm so sorry, Ikslo! That must be hard! Jean, Rocky is indeed a handsome dog! Lynn, I hope you aren't coming down with something! Get some rest. Kudos to hubby for picking up dinner!
  19. It's gorgeous today here, too. The girls are outside screaming and laughing on the swing set. I always like to hear that sound.
  20. None! I've got my Costco mom jeans on, a turtleneck and a cardigan! I'm comfortable. But I am neat and showered, hair and make-up. I don't really care about being trendy.
  21. "Solitude" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox Laugh and the world laughs with you Weep and you weep alone The sad old earth must borrow it's mirth But has trouble enough of its own.
  22. I love coffee! But it has to be sweet and white! You all knew that! I am giving up peppermint mocha creamer. Not for Lent, though it coincides with Lent. I'm giving Trim Healthy Mama a try, starting today. Got shed these 30 pounds somehow. Yeah for Payton. Not a thrilling game.... too many turnovers. But, I enjoyed the half-time show. Got an order for curriculum in last night. CBD had free shipping and I was bored. And that I all I got! Have a wonderful Monday, Ladies!
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