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  1. I think a lot of conflict in marriage comes from subconscious expectations. Most people don't even realize they expect something from their spouse and get mad because they aren't getting it. My children are being raised to expect that "normal family life" is a certain way. It's ingrained in them, part of who they are. Dh and I had extremely similar upbringings and I think that's why we have such a harmonious marriage. Our expectations about how life is to be lived are the same.
  2. Ask him about his mom. Did she make dinner every night? What kind of housekeeper was she? Was she a good cook? (Or "is" she, I should say. Not implying she's dead, here.) That should give you a baseline for his sub-conscious expectations regarding a wife.
  3. Happy New Year East Coast and Central Time! We just finished up The Wizard of Oz and the carpy frozen mozarella sticks and rootbeer. Kids are going to bed now! Dh and I never stay up till midnight. We're getting old!
  4. Ok, fine, you people! I cleaned both bathrooms, vacuumed my bedroom, the hall and the general living area! Are you happy now?
  5. Why is it that I hate/dread/put off the chore of cleaning the bathrooms so much. It doesn't take all that long. They get cleaned every week, so they aren't particularly gross. But I just don't want to do it! Grrrrr!
  6. We went to the zoo today. Fresno has an awesome zoo. They have a new African Safari exhibit. It is really cool. Lions and rhinos and elephants and cheetahs and giraffes all out in the open. And you walk along these walkways through this big Safari thing. It is really awesome! That zoo has come a long way from the days when I was a kid on a field trip, trying to avoid the poop throwing gorilla. It's now really a beautiful park!
  7. We have no plans for New Years. When we were younger, BK (before kids), we'd always go to parties, stay up till midnight, etc. Now, we buy frozen appetizers, play a game (until someone starts cheating or throws a fit) or watch a movie. At 9:00 we live stream the ball dropping in NYC (one of the benefits of living on the West Coast) and put the kids to bed. Dh and I go to bed around 10:00, wake up at midnight when our neighbors go crazy with the fireworks, wish eachother a "Happy New Year" and then go back to sleep! We are party animals!
  8. Dinner out. With no kids. And not McDonalds. Some place with silverware. That isn't plastic.
  9. Seriously? That is so awesome! I've always wanted to be a spy! And now you have a spy blanket!
  10. We teach our kids to use the toilet, too. Once we had a friend over and he did it in the sink. And I'm like, "What's the matter with you? Now I'm supposed to clean that up?" Of course I didn't say that, but I was definitely thinking that!
  11. I am watching "Covert Affairs". Not groundbreaking television, but moderately clean and entertaining. I'm not sure what your standards are for a 15 year old, so you may want to watch an episode first.
  12. Oh yeah? Well, I watched three episodes of that new (to me) spy flick I've been in to. I wonder if the CIA would be interested in taking a middle aged homeschool mom with 5 kids. I really feel like I need a change in my life.
  13. I've stopped cleaning it up! If it's laying around it gets vacuumed up and that's the end of it. Of course they have so many Legos, I could package it all up and have Christmas and birthday presents until they graduate from High school.
  14. I have one like that, too. He's got a lot of abilities, intellectual, athletic, etc., but he doesn't push himself, or try new things. I'm thinking it's fear of failure, too!
  15. I should put this on a plaque or something and hang it on my wall. I've been trying to find plaques with pithy sayings in them and putting them around so I can see them and say them over to myself to try to change this mindset. But, I do come by it honestly. In a rare moment of candor, my mom admitted years ago to being the same way. And just recently she told me that it wasn't till she was 75 years old that she finally stopped caring about what other people thought about her.
  16. Lynn, I've been thinking about this "imposter" thing, kind of trying to wrap my mind around what you're talking about. And I'm still not exactly sure I get it. But for me, I have always had very low confidence. I feel like I do have abilities, but for some reason, in regards to myself, I have this idea that if it's not an "A" it's an "F". If I don't completely succeed at things, then I have utterly failed. I know this is not healthy or realistic and it sure keeps me from doing a lot of things because I'm afraid to try. But I've been this way all my life, I've even been through counseling and
  17. I would. If I made lasagna. But I don't. I buy it from a friend who makes it. It's a little spendy, but she's an amazing cook and the proceeds from her lasagna sales go to an orphanage in Thailand. So, I feel good about spending the money. That, and it's outrageously good lasagna. I'm not sure if she uses ground beef or italian pork sausage.
  18. You could come to my house! I'm drinking hazelnut coffee and binge-watching a new (to me), mildly entertaining spy show on Amazon Prime and catching up on laundry! And I wouldn't make you fold!
  19. Very creative, Junie! You need to get your own Booya/h!
  20. I knew I could count on you, Jean and Ikslo! Good to have homies who got your back!
  21. This thread was 6 threads down! Nobody is taking this thread seriously!
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