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  1. We teach our kids to use the toilet, too. Once we had a friend over and he did it in the sink. And I'm like, "What's the matter with you? Now I'm supposed to clean that up?" Of course I didn't say that, but I was definitely thinking that!
  2. I am watching "Covert Affairs". Not groundbreaking television, but moderately clean and entertaining. I'm not sure what your standards are for a 15 year old, so you may want to watch an episode first.
  3. Oh yeah? Well, I watched three episodes of that new (to me) spy flick I've been in to. I wonder if the CIA would be interested in taking a middle aged homeschool mom with 5 kids. I really feel like I need a change in my life.
  4. I've stopped cleaning it up! If it's laying around it gets vacuumed up and that's the end of it. Of course they have so many Legos, I could package it all up and have Christmas and birthday presents until they graduate from High school.
  5. I have one like that, too. He's got a lot of abilities, intellectual, athletic, etc., but he doesn't push himself, or try new things. I'm thinking it's fear of failure, too!
  6. I should put this on a plaque or something and hang it on my wall. I've been trying to find plaques with pithy sayings in them and putting them around so I can see them and say them over to myself to try to change this mindset. But, I do come by it honestly. In a rare moment of candor, my mom admitted years ago to being the same way. And just recently she told me that it wasn't till she was 75 years old that she finally stopped caring about what other people thought about her.
  7. Lynn, I've been thinking about this "imposter" thing, kind of trying to wrap my mind around what you're talking about. And I'm still not exactly sure I get it. But for me, I have always had very low confidence. I feel like I do have abilities, but for some reason, in regards to myself, I have this idea that if it's not an "A" it's an "F". If I don't completely succeed at things, then I have utterly failed. I know this is not healthy or realistic and it sure keeps me from doing a lot of things because I'm afraid to try. But I've been this way all my life, I've even been through counseling and
  8. I would. If I made lasagna. But I don't. I buy it from a friend who makes it. It's a little spendy, but she's an amazing cook and the proceeds from her lasagna sales go to an orphanage in Thailand. So, I feel good about spending the money. That, and it's outrageously good lasagna. I'm not sure if she uses ground beef or italian pork sausage.
  9. You could come to my house! I'm drinking hazelnut coffee and binge-watching a new (to me), mildly entertaining spy show on Amazon Prime and catching up on laundry! And I wouldn't make you fold!
  10. Very creative, Junie! You need to get your own Booya/h!
  11. I knew I could count on you, Jean and Ikslo! Good to have homies who got your back!
  12. This thread was 6 threads down! Nobody is taking this thread seriously!
  13. Junie, Duckie... Hope you both feel better soon! Lynn, I'm impressed. Running just isn't my thing, but I have to get on the exercise train again! I fell off in December and it ran over me! I hate exercising, though!
  14. Or driving on treacherous roads. Or swimming in the sea.
  15. Kittens are useful that way. When I was growing up my mom would use ours as an alarm clock and put it on my face every morning. We used to have a kitten, but that was a while ago. She's not a kitten anymore. Although she likes to think she is. Lol. Now you've made me want a kitten!
  16. I don't cry well! I don't like how I look when I cry, so I don't! Ya'll have to do it without me.
  17. Oh, you poor people! I cannot imagine! And I did catch the irony of the "Dry Hollow" sign.
  18. Good morning! It's the beginning of the week of nothingness! No shopping, no cookie baking, no pressure... woohoo! Today I have an optometrist appointment and then I'm driving to Fresno for lunch with my BFF of 33 years. We met as freshmen in high school, were each other's maid/matron of honor in our weddings and we basically IM each other every day. We don't live that far apart, but as life goes, we never see each other. So, we do lunch once a year at Christmas time and the occasional Saturday breakfast. Then I'm shopping a little at Target, going to Costco (all by myself), getting my wedding
  19. Yeah, we're looking at Morro Bay now! Or Cayucus. I actually like Morro Bay a lot. And I love hiking at Montana de Oro. I will make sure to stop at Splash for chowder in honor of you if we end up there. Which I think we will.
  20. I loved the originals! Well, maybe we'll go watch this one!
  21. So, I'm waffling between watching the Cardinals and the Packers (no spoilers for Jo Jo's Mom) and researching places to stay on the coast. My birthday is next month and I told dh we were going to go to the coast for a night, sans children. Since our babysitter had the nerve to go out and get a real job, thus dumping us, we haven't had any time together in a year. They've really jacked up the prices at the hotel we used to like in Pismo Beach,so now I'm trying to find another place. Some people like this sort of thing, I hate it. I just wish some one would book me a room at a moderately priced,
  22. Still trying to decide if I want to see that! We saw the second set that came out and they did nothing for me.
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