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  1. Stop hiding your feelings, Mark. Just come out and tell us how you really feel! ;)
  2. When dd was younger she told dh she didn't want to get married and she wanted to live with us the rest of her life. Of course, he gently told her that when she was older she wouldn't feel that way, blah, blah blah. You know, like any good, reasonable, rational dad. Well, it kind of got her upset. So, I told her she didn't have to get married and she could live with us the rest of her life. That satisfied her and I told DH, "What does it matter right now? You know she'll probably change her mind and I know she'll probably change her mind. But what's the point of trying to convince her of that
  3. You guys are still talking education? What? You think this is a homeschooling message board? Lol! I guess I'm just really tired and burned out of homeschooling. It's been great having oldest in b&m school and I'm trying to convince myself that dd should go there next year. Second DS I will probably homeschool through high school, but he's fairly easy and more self-motivated than the rest.
  4. Oh dear! That really stinks!Don't breath on the monitor. I need to stay healthy!
  5. It's raining. I got "Dutch Oven Chicken" cooking and smelling good and some coffee waiting for me. And I got a Booha/h! "Wasted away again at Booya-ville! Lookin' for my lost shaker of salt! Some people claim that there's a Booya/h to blame! But I know (duh-duh-duh-duh-duh) it's my own Booya/h fault!"
  6. Good Morning, everyone! I had to check twice that I was in the right thread, since there has been so much genuinely educational conversation on here. It's raining here! Did you all know that California has very small raindrops compared to the rest of the county? That's what I heard.
  7. Watch the novellas on the Spanish speaking tv stations!
  8. We do both. My kids all started Latin in 3rd grade. So they're in different books. Unfortunately DS had a harder transition to b&m (brick & mortar) school, so while I after schooled him Latin for a few months, he was flunking (literally) science and math. So, we dropped Latin. I was really sad! He liked it and did well. And I do like learning Latin. I wish I had time to study it for myself. We all started Greek last year at the same time. I love it. The alphabet took a while to get, but we all think it's pretty fun! And if you understand the structure of Latin (conjugations and declen
  9. My dh plays violin and he was definitely a keeper!
  10. I love the thanking part. Helps eliminate the guilt! I thanked all my clothes for teaching me that I look horrible in that color and/or style and not to stray too far from the basics.
  11. Hmm, I wonder why my post ended up as a quote. Very strange!
  12. I knew you would straighten it out, Ellie! 'Cause youse the Queen!
  13. I pruned half the back yard. It feels so good. I love pruning. Dh hates it when I prune because I am not nearly so conservative as he is with the clippers. But I am a good pruner. And I like to do it. So much more satisfying than housework. I'll come prune ya'lls' yards if you want. (So is that correct? Two apostrophes for plural possessive of ya'll? It's so hard to combine good grammar with bad English. Although Glenn, on The First and Second Form Latin vids kind of legitimized it for me. Don't tell anyone, but I have a secret crush on him) Oooh, oooh, oooya/h! I got a booya/h!
  14. Good Morning! I had a dream about all you people last night. We met up at a homeschool convention. Any then my mom was there and wanted me to make introductions. But I couldn't because I'd never seen any of you IRL so I didn't know who anyone was. It was a very bizarre dream. And could I ask you all a favor? If you do happen to meet my mom at a homeschool convention, please introduce yourself. Don't make me do it. Thanks!
  15. Ignoring this thread is what got us into trouble in the first place.
  16. My place! Steak, twice baked potatoes and some kind of yummy veggies. And a crisp green salad! And chocolate lava cake for dessert.
  17. Perhaps you could bottle it and sell it. A little extra income is always nice!
  18. Mary, I'm so sorry! I do think you deserve a Christmas vacation do-over!
  19. Ahhhh, the trick is to make the mundane seem exciting. Then people will envy your life, no matter how boring you are!
  20. That looks interesting. I am such a failure at teaching writing. It's so tedious! Especially with kids who hate writing.
  21. I think a lot of conflict in marriage comes from subconscious expectations. Most people don't even realize they expect something from their spouse and get mad because they aren't getting it. My children are being raised to expect that "normal family life" is a certain way. It's ingrained in them, part of who they are. Dh and I had extremely similar upbringings and I think that's why we have such a harmonious marriage. Our expectations about how life is to be lived are the same.
  22. Ask him about his mom. Did she make dinner every night? What kind of housekeeper was she? Was she a good cook? (Or "is" she, I should say. Not implying she's dead, here.) That should give you a baseline for his sub-conscious expectations regarding a wife.
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