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  1. Oh wow! Major high school flashback. I'm a little dizzy now!
  2. We went to the Grand Canyon last summer and I was a wreck! I am so afraid of heights. All these people were sitting on rocks jutting over the edge taking selfies and I'm making sure my kids don't put so much as a pinkie toe off the walking path. I kept having visions of a huge gust of wind coming up and sweeping my child over the edge. It was really bad!
  3. I hate driving. It makes me nervous. I prefer to look out the window.
  4. I have never been to Eastern Washington. I'd like to someday. I need to do more traveling.
  5. Amen! Preach it, Sister! And there you go! A Frozen Yogurt Booha/h for me!
  6. Back from the funeral. It was nice. I've really been thinking about funerals and such since that thread on the Chat Board. I have never been to a funeral that was not positive. And perhaps that's because I've only been to Christian funerals. I mean, they're sad, of course, but they are not miserable, horrible affairs, like some people mentioned on that thread. And I've also, along those lines, been thinking about the idea of rituals. Someone in that thread mentioned that rituals bind us together as a community. I've been thinking a lot about that, as I have been kind of lonely lately and not f
  7. We have a funeral to go to this morning. Church member. Our church is having 2 funerals this week. People keep dying. Well, they're old, that's what happens, but still....
  8. Awww! I wish we had pretty birds. Our birds are all of the grey and brown variety. Although we do love them.
  9. You're probably right. We have a nasty black tom cat wandering around (he's a stray, I believe). Even though all our cats are fixed, I wonder if he was throwing his weight around. We did hear some noise the other night. Usually it's just posturing, but I wonder if there was an actual fight.
  10. Has anyone ever had a traumatized cat? One of our cats (not Tabby who recently came home), but Snowflake, who is a youngish kitty and used to be so playful and affectionate seemed very sick and droopy on Monday, but had no injuries. Now, she's paranoid and skittish and does not want to be touched. We have no idea what happened to her.
  11. I think the initial post was posted on Opposite Day!
  12. My observation for the day: dead snails stick on walls a long long time!
  13. We happen to be reading aloud "Little Town on the Prairie" right now. I would definitely NOT describe him as shiftless. He was a hard worker. And I think he loved his children and wanted them. Regarding the statement made earlier about Indian Territory, that is projecting 21st Century mores on a different time period. Not fair. Personally, I think he had a bad case of wanderlust. And I think he did make some bad investment decisions, but a lot of people do that. I also think he had a lot of bad luck. And I think a bunch of women in 21st century America are not going to understand what makes
  14. ((Mary)). I'm sorry! Sounds like you're just getting hit all at once!
  15. Helllloooooo.....elllllooooo....ellllllooooo.....ellllooooo. It's kind of lonely here. Where did everyone go? Ok, I'm really getting up now!
  16. Well, I guess I'd better get up and start school. No impromptu field trips today. We will be "Wasting Away Again in Math-and-Grammarville, looking for that lost prepositional phrase...."
  17. Eating breakfast now! Oatmeal with dried fruit and sunflower seeds. And it's a beautiful day here in Central California. Sun is shining, sky is blue! And we have a sun-shiny, sky bluey Booya/h to-yah! Zoo-yah! ..... Hoo-yah!.... Cow going moo-yah!
  18. Have fun! The zoo is an awesome place! Very educational!
  19. Yes, it is all happening at the zoo! I wish you all could have come! It was great! The kids got to feed fish to the sting rays, I saw my favorite zoo animals - the peccary (2 dimensional pig-like creature) and the capybara. And added meerkats to the list. They have meerkats now. And two big ol' mama lions and a daddy lion. They have a gorgeous huge new African Safari exhibit, which is really awesome. And got to Sea Lion Cove just in time for the show. Which was great. And then went to In 'n Out Burger for lunch. We really needed a day like this.
  20. I can't really help you. Dh is an Old Earth Creationist and would really prefer that our science is from that perspective. But we use Apologia because I really like it. And I have looked, but cannot find a curriculum that is written from an OE perspective, although I admit to not having done and exhaustive search. Personally, I have not taken a stand on YE or OE. I was raised YE, but after marrying DH, decided I cannot be dogmatic. There are things with OE I disagree with, too. Anyhow, I was going to suggest, since you really like the format of Apologia, can you just include a unit somewhere t
  21. Good morning! We're taking a field trip today. A spontaneous field trip. And "spontaneous" is definitely not a word people would use to describe me. But I was standing in the shower, feeling a little sorry for myself and I thought, "it's supposed to be a nice day, we have a zoo pass...we're taking a field trip!" So, we won't be "Wasting Away in Math-and-Grammarville". We'll be touching sting rays at Sting Ray Bay and wandering around the new African Safari. The Fresno Chaffee Zoo is really a nice zoo, so it'll be a good day!
  22. Wow, it's a party here at ITT. My internet is down for the day and I miss all kinds of things.
  23. Our internet is down! Have to use my phone. :( Went to the dermatologist today. Got those two moles removed. She dug deep, too. My side hurts. Now I'm hoping for a letter not a phone call. Phone call is bad.
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