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  1. I'm making the recipe right now. I'll let you know how it turns out. http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/mint-oreo-mms-brookies/bb352776-a241-4e07-a778-238497bb4e4f?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=03_2016_standard
  2. I bought my second box this week! I rationalize it by saying that people buy things from my kids, so I really need to reciprocate, right?
  3. Looks like it's just you and me, Lynn! Maybe zombies got everyone else!
  4. I could fill up a whole page and get another Booya/h.
  5. Hi, Lynn! I'm glad someone else is here on ITT. It's kind of creepy. Just sitting here, waiting for others to come and play! I've been sitting in a quiet kitchen for an hour now, drinking coffee and thinking, maybe..,, just maybe I should get up and make breakfast.
  6. For a beginner, I would never require it. Learning to read is tough and tiring for a child. Some kids are going to naturally like to read and some aren't. I've read and read aloud to my kids over the years, but only one of the four who can actually read enjoy reading. And that's my middle girl. She just learned to read this year and now she goes to the library and gets those beginning books on her own and sits and reads. My oldest son only reads those stupid graphic novels, my oldest daughter on occasion reads Nancy Drew and other series books like that, but... that's it. I used to be a vorac
  7. Depends on the subject. Dd finished Prima Latina at the beginning of April last year. So, we picked up LC1 and did that until summer vacation. Now, she's almost done with LC1 so she'll start First Form before the year is out. Same thing with math. She finished 4th grade TT and started 5th grade this past week. Spelling and grammar, we just finish and pick up the next book in the next school year. IMO, Latin and math are not subjects I want a big gap of time in, where knowledge can be lost.
  8. Our smoke alarms have a habit of occasionally going off simultaneously at 1:00am. Talk about a rude awakening. And this is a shrieking loud Booya/h to everyone out there in ITT land. I knew I'd get a Booya/h soon if I kept posting enough. Post-padding Booya/h too!
  9. Morning ladies, coffee is a good thing! It's sunny and a bit foggy here this morning. Had a thunder storm yesterday. That would be a California-type thunderstorm. "Torrential rain and flooding" meaning an intersection in Fresno is under water, "hail" meaning a bit of hail fell the size of frozen peas (though the hail canons were going off for about an hour and we never got any hail in our neck of the woods). And they talked about it all afternoon on talk radio. Lol. JJM, hope your dd does well! IKSLO, having an empty day means you have a life and are not controlled by all the circumsta
  10. Ok, I finally got a chance to watch that video. That looks like soooo much fun!
  11. You guys got me into a Michael Jackson mood. I just watched the "Beat It" video with my girls. You know, I really liked him in the 80's.
  12. I hadn't heard this version. I like their sound, but I'm used to the "They Might Be Giants" version and I kept wanting to speed them up, lol!
  13. Oh wow! Major high school flashback. I'm a little dizzy now!
  14. We went to the Grand Canyon last summer and I was a wreck! I am so afraid of heights. All these people were sitting on rocks jutting over the edge taking selfies and I'm making sure my kids don't put so much as a pinkie toe off the walking path. I kept having visions of a huge gust of wind coming up and sweeping my child over the edge. It was really bad!
  15. I hate driving. It makes me nervous. I prefer to look out the window.
  16. I have never been to Eastern Washington. I'd like to someday. I need to do more traveling.
  17. Amen! Preach it, Sister! And there you go! A Frozen Yogurt Booha/h for me!
  18. Back from the funeral. It was nice. I've really been thinking about funerals and such since that thread on the Chat Board. I have never been to a funeral that was not positive. And perhaps that's because I've only been to Christian funerals. I mean, they're sad, of course, but they are not miserable, horrible affairs, like some people mentioned on that thread. And I've also, along those lines, been thinking about the idea of rituals. Someone in that thread mentioned that rituals bind us together as a community. I've been thinking a lot about that, as I have been kind of lonely lately and not f
  19. We have a funeral to go to this morning. Church member. Our church is having 2 funerals this week. People keep dying. Well, they're old, that's what happens, but still....
  20. Awww! I wish we had pretty birds. Our birds are all of the grey and brown variety. Although we do love them.
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