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  1. My first doll's name was Amy. I've always liked that name. Two of my daughters have A names.
  2. Ok, would anyone like to do my Christmas shopping for me? I've got 2 boys - 12 yrs. and 11 yrs.. Both have too many Legos and we really try to limit the electronics. Other than that, they don't read and they tend to break things. My oldest dd is done.... Got her an American Girl Doll (she chipped in paying for it), and I've got 2 dd's 6 and 5 years old. Both have too much stuff -too many barbies, too many dolls, too much cr@p. And it's not like we buy them a ton of stuff. They just don't get rid of it. And then the neighbor girl cleans out her room and instead of taking all her dolls and stuff
  3. Just finished watchig "A Christmas Carol" with the kids! The one with George C. Scott! Love that movie! I get teary eyed every time I watch it! They read the book for literature the past couple weeks!
  4. Ok,that's hysterical! I about spit my breakfast cereal out! Tex, I'm proud of you, keeping the court clean! I love basketball games! Hopefully DS can pick up his grades so he can play basketball next month. His math and science grades are in the cellar and dh insists that he can't play sports with poor grades. For an ordinary kid, I'd agree, but DS needs sports badly. He's got a tremendous amount of energy to get rid of.
  5. How come you get all the booyahs? It's not fair! I'm telling!
  6. The best vanilla I ever had was from Haiti. My aunt did Christian service as a nurse in Haiti back in the 70's and she'd always bring vanilla home. It was awesome. Very strong. But very good flavor.
  7. No to ding dong ditch Bibles. Although I have heard of Rake and Runs and have a favorable opinion of those. You go to an elderly person's house, rake all the leaves in the front yard, dispose of them and run away. Although there may be some problem with that I haven't thought of, so never mind.
  8. Seriously people? #9. This thread was 9 down. Nobody is taking this tread seriously!
  9. At least it was at 6:00am and not midnight. My kids totally freak out when they wake up to a thunder storm. They have a hard time falling back to sleep!
  10. Token educational post.... History test question: what is the name of George Washigton's home? My child's answer : Mt. Vermin Token eye roll about my kids.... The best thing that happened at the visit to Gramdma's yesterday was hearing the neighbor's horse pass gas as he ran about the pen. They are still talking and laughing about it. (Sigh)
  11. I had a virus attack the iris in my eye five years ago. It happened very quickly and all the sudden I was at the eye doctor's at 5:30pm the day before Thanksgiving. Everyone in the office had left but the doctor (who happened to be one of the top opthamologists in the area and happened to be there that day), the receptionist and an assistant. The pressure in my eye was very high and I was so sensitive to light they had me in a room in the dark. The doctor had no idea what was wrong with me and finally gave me an injection in my eyeball. I think it must have been steroids to reduce the inflamma
  12. I've never had an MRI, but I have had an injection in my eyeball. Can anyone top that?
  13. You really had no choice in the matter. This thread is like a black hole. Once you cross the event horizon you are doomed.
  14. That's how this thread got started. We did not "Ignore This Thread".
  15. I'm like that with tomato juice. I hate it. But I feel like for some reason I should like it. So, I try a little every once in a while just to see. But I always hate it.
  16. I devoured the first couple books in the Outlander Series. Read the second couple a little less enthusiastically and didn't read any if the rest. I guess that's the way it is with sequels.
  17. I grew leeks at one point. But then I harvested them and didn't know what to do with them. If I would have known you needed them I would have sent them to you. Sometimes I grow things in my garden just because it sounds cool to grow them, not because I have any desire to use them. I grew beautiful jalapeño peppers this summer, but didn't use many because I never made salsa. I grew broccoli once. Never ate it. I hate broccoli.
  18. Definitely attachment disorder. I've known kids like this (more or less) doing respite for foster care!
  19. You're awesome! And a one and a two and a.... "Booyah bells, Booyah bells, Booyah all the way! Oh what fun it is to Booyah in a one horse open Booo-yah!"
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