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  1. I originally bought Sonlight because of the books! Yes, I also wanted the planning done for me--I didn't want to "miss" something, wanted the accountability, wanted the time saved because everything was chosen...but it was that incredible catalog with all the book descriptions (which has changed recently) that drew me in. I keep buying Sonlight because of the books! We almost always enjoy their selections for literature and readers (sometimes I sub out the history), and I don't need as much help with planning now. But I just love their book selections. Merry :-)
  2. Maybe they aren't ready for it yet. I read it just a few months ago to my just-turned 12 & 14 yo's, and we loved it here. Also just read Swiss Family Robinson to them! One of my childhood favorites! Merry :-)
  3. Thanks for the update, I enjoyed this conversation! I'm still deciding for next year. SL is redoing the guides now, but I don't know that it will be enough that we'll do it. MFW really appeals to me too! Decisions decisions... Merry :-)
  4. Hi Crystal--I know you wrote this awhile ago, just wanted to say it was a very helpful post for me, thanks!
  5. If you were not already convinced that you should get an evaluation from a developmental optometrist, I was going to tell you that not lining up her math problems correctly is another sign she may have vision tracking problems! I hope your pediatrician is helpful but I doubt many ped's has heard of VT. Also some ped's are not the most supportive of VT. I strongly recommend making sure whoever you are referred to is on the list at www.covd.org. They will help you. My son was really struggling with multi-syllable words (in fact, having him try to read unrelated words in Webster
  6. Could you have filled out some registration form or asked for online help sometime in the past where they might have captured this info?
  7. Workboxes have helped so much here! I think of them as a 3-D schedule--it shows what to do and has all of the books and supplies organized right there for you. Here are pictures and a description of ours. Merry :-)
  8. Who-boy...2 math curriculum 2 or 3 reading curric's, 5 spelling curric's, and a bunch of LA, sometimes some history & science... Usually if it doesn't work I try to pick at least SOMETHING from it to give it a go and use it for the year--often I couldn't afford to just dump it and move on, though sometimes I was able to recoup some money selling it used & then get something else. Yup, chalk it up to teacher education! I also used to buy ahead when I liked something, thinking I'd use it forever, only to figure out later it wasn't the best fit for us & then I ended up selling.
  9. Keep the books, sell the IG's. The books are timeless; the IG's are not. If you want the IG's again later, you can pick them up used fairly easily (and you may want newer IG's by then anyway). If you don't--having the books is a whole lot easier than the library & no late fees! Merry :-)
  10. I'd look at Mystery of History. There are 3 readings per week, the history is integrated with Bible and Church History, and there is mapwork, timeline work, and activities you can choose from as you have time. They also have book suggestions, or you can get Illuminations to have it all scheduled out for you (www.brightideaspress.com). I use MOH and choose readers & read-alouds from SL and WP and DW & other places. Merry :-)
  11. I like to think about the point of the assignment. If the point was for my child to get their thoughts on paper, and we are not taking the time to revise this assignment, I don't worry about most spelling errors. If I notice words that they should know from AAS, I put them on a card (without alerting my child to this) and add them to daily review (or look up the card if one exists already). Here's a blank word card form . Too much focus on spelling and mechanics for a child who struggles to get words on paper can just make them shut down. (In fact, one of my goals this year is just to help my
  12. I use AAS but didn't switch from SWR. I love that the lessons are open and go, incremental, and easy to use. (I wrote about more of my likes in the link in my siggy). There's an FAQ about SWR on the AAS site that might help you decide if switching is worth it. HTH! Merry :-)
  13. Aw, poor little guy! It doesn't sound like he was whining but expressing a genuine concern. I'd use it as an opportunity to build a bridge with him--make a connection--really listen to what he has to say. Try asking some questions like, "Why don't you think you'll like that much?" "Are you afraid you won't have time to do something you really like? What things are those?" Then reassure him that his concerns are also important to you and that you'll make sure he has time to do things. If he's afraid the work will be too difficult, let him know you can do it with him and help
  14. There's a really old version with a white cover--if you have that, then I would upgrade. There is even an upgrade discount if you were the original purchaser. If it's newer than that, the differences aren't significant. They reprinted with some corrections but not major changes--in the copyright info there are subsequent printings but not subsequent editions. HTH! Merry :-)
  15. Oooh, they have samples up now, these do look good. I think my kids would like the "football" game too! Merry :-)
  16. I have The ABC's and All Their Tricks. I initially bought it when I was working on making up my own remedial spelling program, and it was an incredibly helpful resource for that. But...that was a very time-consuming endeavor, and I found AAS which had all the work done already & went with that! But I sometimes still use ABC's as a resource to find out more about a certain spelling pattern. That and a good dictionary with etymologies are necessary resources that I use alongside other teaching about our language. I haven't heard of the other two. If your child is advanced enough, Megawor
  17. I was going to say Mystery of History as well! Today my kids took a break mid-lesson to mummify each other :D. (Yeah, they do more serious work too, but it was fun to do something light-hearted today! Wait, does that mean we're kinda sick if we look at mummification as light-hearted?!!) All About Spelling Sonlight Core 6 readers & readalouds are a big hit so far too. MUS prealgebra is going great too. Wait, that's more than one... Merry :-)
  18. Interesting, I may take a look-see! Thanks :). Merry :-)
  19. Ah, from your original post, I thought you had made it work--this post would make me lean towards getting it. I meant to post before that I'd get just one part/level to start--and make sure it REALLY has headlights, LOL! Merry :-)
  20. AAS recommends working for 15-20 minutes, 4-5 times a week. AAS 1 took us only a few weeks (my kids were older--I started at the end of 3rd & 5th grades). AAS 2 took my oldest 4.5 months, and my youngest about 7 months. You might get to 3 this year. Merry :-)
  21. First, I look at how many lessons and tests there are. For elementary grades I use Horizons--they have 160 lessons plus 16 tests (plus semester & final tests in the upper grades)--so basically no wiggle room! I'm a wiggle room kinda gal. So what I did (this year, took me awhile to figure it out, LOL!) was have my dd take the first 3 tests. I told her if she got A's on all of them, she didn't have to do the related lessons--so I let her start on lesson 31. Since we usually struggle to finish the end of the book (and I end up having my kids take the final & move them up if they get an A
  22. AAS recommends working 15-20 minutes, 4-5 days per week. You can spread the lessons out over as many days as needed. HTH! Merry :-)
  23. I think it depends. If you know that your son already can spell the words in a list, then he's not learning something new by writing them again. Sometimes people take kids through level 1 just to fill in the gaps their kids have in conceptual knowledge. If your focus is teaching concepts, I'd have him demonstrate on a few words and when you know he understands the concept, move on. When you reach lessons where he doesn't know how to spell all of the words, or if you are not sure that he knows, then I would slow down and do all of the words and all of the dictation. My caveat to this
  24. Yep, that's what they do. Expect more of the same in higher levels!
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