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  1. I am in VA and have confirmed they will be at ours. I'm sorry to hear that they aren't going to conventions as much! I love their booth!! I just can't remember if I got a discount at convention!
  2. Does RR typically offer a discount at conventions? I can't remember!! Thanks!!
  3. Thanks so much! I found an almost brand new TWSS for $100 including shipping, so I snatched it and will go through it the next few months before we start in August. I am overwhelmed, but will take it one step at a time!!
  4. Does IEW typically offer discounts when they attend conventions? Do I need TWSS if I'm doing SWI-B with two students? I plan to use theme books the following year.... Thank you so much!
  5. This is sorta what I was thinking after looking at some samples and scope/sequence on BA's website. I'm gonna check out the other threads and ideas. This board is amazing and you all are so wonderful. Thank you for your wisdom and help!!
  6. Hi there! I currently use Beast Academy to supplement my "good at math but not too mathy" fifth grader. She NEEDS the repetition and spiral she gets from Saxon, but is a year ahead so we are taking it slowly and doing Beast Academy 2 times per week. (only ahead because she did ABEKA in K-3 and that moves so fast!!). So I'm familiar with BA and love it. I never understood how it could be a stand alone curriculum though...until my little man started kinder. This kid is 2 months into kinder. We are doing ABEKA first grade math and he is bored. He is doing things like "26 plus 8 is 34
  7. I'm looking for some independent geography practice for my rising 5th grader. Just to fill in some gaps (that most kids have quite honestly). I looked at Evan Moor Daily geography practice but it looks teacher intensive. Is that the case? Or is there anything else?? Even an app? Thanks!
  8. My son learned his tables after spending 2 hours watching Times Tales. They are in there and aren't coming out. But his brain works that way. My daughter watched with him (already knowing her tables) and couldn't figure out how the stories worked. She thought it was the dumbest and most frustrating thing she had ever watched. So my guess is you just have to try a bunch of things and see what sticks. ? Because they sure are all different...even within the same family!
  9. My little man is finishing up second grade using ABEKA. He is starting on the 3rd grade readers from Sonlight and can "do it" but it is a crap ton of work and he needs help building fluency. It may just mean we do vision therapy (highly highly HIGHLY recommended by the neuropsychologist AND the eye doc) and just keep reading. But i'm wondering if I can remediate a little another way to help with fluency. Maybe read easier books? I'm not sure...need to pray pray pray. We are overwhelmed! I've always known there was an issue and having answers is great, but now we must help him!
  10. My son was just diagnosed with an extreme deficit in visual processing, as well as ADHD. We've been using ABEKA, but I'm considering a switch to LOE for some reading remediation, spelling, etc. I've heard it may be great for him. Has anybody ever made this switch? Isn't LOE phonics based? So what makes it better for visual processing disorder kids than ABEKA? Any other info or experiences would be helpful. Thank you!!
  11. My 4th grade DD is doing Saxon 6/5 three days per week and BA 3B two days per week. I need to order 3C soon! She generally does 4 pages of practice at a time but not all the problems. I circle the ones I want her to do. She isn't really mathy (tested ahead in Saxon only because she use ABEKA through 3rd) so I like the combo.
  12. My daughter is in 4th grade and is a fantastic reader. However, we've never done graphic novels or anything like that....and reading to learn MATH can also sometimes be difficult. So while she reads a lot of the time on her own, I will often come in and read it WITH her to stop and make sure she is understanding as she reads. It isn't THAT much reading, so I think it'll be fine.
  13. I used the newer one last year and it was horrible. My daughter did so well but it was awfully long and just ridiculous!! I may switch away from Iowa next year, because the hours and hours were not worth it. I didn't know what I was buying and thought it was going to be the same as her 2nd grade test and it was awful. A neighbor gave her kids the other version and I looked at theirs and was blown away at how much easier it seemed.
  14. My little man turned 5 in Dec and here is what we've started: Abeka L+S and phonics lessons (child led.....he really loves this) Bob books and other readers Mathematical Reasoning A SL P4/5 for lit and science I have no idea what to do next year. He is so mathy. We have ABEKA and Right Start in the house. But Kinder for each would be too boring. We will just keep moving in phonics and read lots of books together. Throw in A Reason For Handwriting.
  15. It is not traditional by any means (coming from a mama who uses Abeka in early years and then Saxon). Those are nuts and bolts arithmetic. BA has my 4th grade DD looking at math a completely different way. She is in 5th grade Saxon but is doing BA 3 alongside it. It is a great supplement and we really enjoy it but it is harder than a typical 3rd grade math curriculum.
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