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  1. I’ve almost done that myself, it’s so easy to do!
  2. Some kids prefer non-fiction over fiction--you could try strewing some books on topics they are really interested in--sharks, space, woodworking, taking care of pets, whatever. Have you tried magazines? My kids used to love it when Lego Magazine would come every month or two. There are some really fun Star Wars books for elementary kids at various levels (my son went through a lot of Star Wars, LOL!). Or try comic books--at their ages, my son loved Calvin and Hobbes. Your idea to get them hooked on a series is good too--my daughter read all of the original Box Car Children books and many of th
  3. You may want to look into All About Spelling. It's great for kids who struggle with spelling and also for kids with dyslexia, and really helped my kids. Here's a review I did on my blog. With regard to leaving sounds out of words, one of the things it works on is how to segment words into sounds--and then it incrementally teaches them how to represent the sounds they hear in a word. I hope you find a good program to help your daughter!
  4. If you like the ABC's and All Their Tricks, All About Spelling pairs nicely with that--it teaches how to spell by phonogram and lays everything out incrementally for you. Most good spellers are also good readers, but the reverse isn't necessarily true--I know lots of good readers who struggle with spelling! Good spellers tend to use a variety of strategies--phonetic, rules-based, visual, and morphemic. Anyway, hope you find what you are looking for!
  5. Distance was a factor for us. If time to travel to/from, frequency of trips home, or being able to support in person occasionally is important, location can matter quite a bit.
  6. Praying he can stick with it in his final goes better!
  7. Wow! That’s ridiculous! At our local community college, all of the grades show up online, and the window for turning in assignments closes after the due date for an online class. There’s no way to submit it. And the zero shows up right in the grades right away. And if the student is failing at midterms, the instructor can drop them from the class. That way the student gets a W instead of an F. I don’t see how students could show up the last week of class with all of these assignments and have any expectation of them being accepted! For in person classes, the syllabus says whether or not l
  8. My kids have both been selected for verification a couple of times over the last five years. It didn’t matter what we selected for the diploma. We type in the name of our homeschool, even though there isn’t a number for it. The form has always accepted it.
  9. I think it’s ridiculous that they have a separate category for homeschool students. I had my kids select that they had a high school diploma. They were schooled according to the laws of our state and have a legitimate the diploma. It shouldn’t matter that they were home schooled.
  10. My daughter school was already starting the 19th, but they eliminated spring break and will finish the semester a week earlier.
  11. I may be doing it wrong since I didn’t know to select home school initially. I just entered our school name, and when it asks to confirm or whatever again, I just hit next. It lets me move on every year. I guess it doesn’t care if it finds the high school or not!
  12. FAFSA counts annual contributions too, just not the lump sum saved.
  13. My daughter has one in person class, and they are doing some thing pretty neat at her school. Each class meeting in the same room has a different color, and the desks are marked by dots. So for example, one class all the students sit at the blue desks, the next class they might sit at the red desks, and the next class at the yellow desks. Then all the seats are sanitized. Makes a lot of sense.
  14. Like others who have students already attending college, my DS will not be taking a gap year due to Covid, because he would lose his transfer student scholarship and his additional scholarship as well. It’s a bummer that his fall classes will all be online. I hope he gets to have some in person classes in the spring, which will be his final semester other than an internship. God is in control, and things will work out one way or the other!
  15. I just used the text. I’m not sure if I knew at the time that there was a teachers manual, or maybe I thought it only worked if you were also doing the lectures. Anyway we just used the textbook.
  16. Maybe she has a starter bag and the list handy to grab other things? Surely they’d have 5-10 minutes?!
  17. So many scholarships want test scores, we thought it was worthwhile to do them anyway.
  18. Both of my kids’ schools ended up doing disbursements based on FAFSA, and didn’t require applications. However, both schools made applications for additional funds available based on certain criteria for students who experienced additional need.
  19. If you go with AAS, I might try 2 lesson times instead of grouping them all together. Put the 3rd grader with the one he or she is closest to (2nd or 4th) or the one that student might work the best with. Sometimes a 1-year age gap is easier to bridge than 2 years, though I know people that would group them all together too. Here's more on teaching students together--that might help as you think through what will work for you.
  20. Bless them, this is so heartening!
  21. It's a "schwa" sound--here's more info if they are interested!
  22. The levels don't correlate to specific grades, because the order of the words in AAR is not “grade-level” order. All About Reading groups words in a logical manner based on similar rules or patterns regardless of their supposed grade level. At the end of Level 4, students have the phonics and word attack skills necessary to sound out high school level words, though they may not know the meaning of all higher level words. (Word attack skills include things like dividing words into syllables, making analogies to other words, sounding out the word with the accent on different word parts, recog
  23. I will second having him closer by if you can. It is so nice that my son’s school is only an hour away. It makes it really easy to do a weekend! When my daughter goes, she will be three hours away. Still doable, but quite a bit more driving, especially if we have to be the ones to go get her! That’s 12 hours of driving instead of only 4!
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