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  1. Yep the questions are in the activity book arranged by chapter and help guide the narration which they give examples of what it should look like. In the back it also has maps of the areas discussed since you mentioned doing maps. It is worth using the activity book. I only use it for the questions, narration examples maps and coloring pages not the activities.
  2. Teachers and welders typically have good health insurance and vegans the example you use below is only a very small percentage of the population. It would be very hard to build a base on things like that. More people percentage wise are religious then atheist so a lot of people can just chose the religious ones if they do not have good options.
  3. It definitely sounds like you do not like the idea of a school completely online and independent. I would not like that either and would not consider it an option. For the Protestant school I would want to know how they taught history and science and what materials they used and if I was ok with those materials. I would guess they teach creationism and a different version of history and it may even look down on Cathollcism. I would not go for that. I think your best option is homeschooling but let him to do sports through wherever you can find either recreationally or if they allow homeschoolers to take it through schools or homeschooling sports that are earlier in the day if they have it in your area. I would not worry about being fair because your older child is in school and he will not. You have no good options for him and the schooling available for your younger son is very different then the schooling available for your older son. I would just explain that and deal with the grumbles in the beginning. He would probably adjust if you picked curriculum he liked and he had a way of doing sports. If I were in the situation that is what I would do.
  4. Oh man. I feel you because I went through this with one of my dc and another one really needs to do it but I am so not ready right now to do it all over again. The next time I will do the retain reflex thing before VT not together but I am not even ready for just the reflex exercises quite yet. My child never got used to the exercises and hated it the whole time they did it. It took so much longer to graduate because it was a fight and they did not have buy in. Doing the homework daily was so hard every single day. I do not feel like they got the full changes they could if it was not a fight the whole time and there is still lots of room for improvement with the kid that did it. There definitely was changes from doing it though and it did make a difference. VT definitely can work and have dramatic positive life altering outcomes but omg that was hard to go through.
  5. I used SRA corrective reading comprehension but I really was not seeing any differences after using it and the child I used it found it easy to use and started really dislike doing it. I did not use the decoding program.
  6. I am doing BYL7 plus history for my kids. My 2nd grader is doing parts of BYL 2 and my older kids are using Human Odyssey Volume 2. I think it would be doable to do what you want to if you pick and chose books that you want to do.The BYL 7 reading does not take too long. I have not been doing the extras or copy work though and some of the books not related to geography in BYL7 I replaced with literature set in the history time frame.
  7. They make a water mesh soft structured carrier. My friend used to have one and I would borrow it sometimes when I went to the pool back when I had babies. It was so long ago and I did not buy it so I do not remember the name or if they still would make it. I am not sure why this got so much negativity. I always been super cautious around pools and other bodies of water but I really do not get all the responses saying that it is so dangerous to use a baby carrier in the pool. I am guessing this is walking around in a section that is not very deep and you have the baby in a carrier and the toddler right there in view at all times. The hands are free with a baby in a carrier.
  8. Both BYL 2 and the Harry Potter unit study are full curriculums so doing both at the same time is a lot.
  9. Development is not always even. In general accelerated students stay accelerated but there is so much variation and each kid has a different timeline just like with other areas of growth and development. There are definitely kids that can bloom early but average out or kids that were average but then bloom late just like with size. Nothing is set in stone and changes can happen.
  10. I am getting frustrated that a lot of the science options I liked and my kids found engaging are not really secular but neutral. Ellen McHenry got me at first. I thought it was secular but it is not and now I found out Mr. Q science is neutral too. I really like how both of those curriuculum were engaging though I think Mr Q needed a middle school option. The advanced is higher math based and the elementary is more like younger elementary. I tried RSO Level 2 Biology last year and it was pretty meh after a while. I loved all it covered, the labs and how the info was not simplified but it really covered so much concepts that are hard but with not a lot of reading to explain it and there was so much writing. It is frustrating that the secular group does not even allow you to discuss other curriculum that are not secular but really only their curriculum (RSO) and BFSU are secular. It is frustrating too that so many options appear to be secular but at further glance they are not. For now I think I will just stick with Mr. Q but supplement with stuff it might try to take out but I wish there was more out there.
  11. My dd is having struggles with Barton level 3 too. She has a few lessons where she just is not picking up the concept and she is not gaining fluency. I was getting frustrated with the scope and sequence of Barton with the order they introduce things and how slowly they do each skill and how little they review previous skills. She did not have trouble with silent E or vowel phonograms that they introduce much later. I will be trying LiPs, Lexia and I SEE SAM books. I am hoping for something else to try too. She made more progress with Lexia then Barton but I feel she needs to do more then just Lexia.
  12. Can I use newer mouth pictures with the older edition manual? It says 4th edition mouth clings. Which edition is easier to follow? I was about to give back my earlier Barton level but I can keep them for the tiles. I was using the tiles app because it was easier then setting them up every day.
  13. I am thinking of getting LiPs to do with my youngest but what do I need to implement it besides the manual? There is a huge kit but do I need all that? Is the older edition easier to implement then the newer one? It seems hard to implement but since it needs a speech therapist I am not sure I can really get it tutored. Any advice from those that used it.
  14. I only tested speed to 3a because the other categories she has not done in Barton. She did have a slowdown for each one from 15 seconds for 1 to 45 seconds in 3a. Each one was a little slower. She was not capable of the word Sphinx because she has not done ph yet and she cannot even make the sf sound and for some reason she has trouble with the t sound at the end in that section too. She can hear sounds and delete and add them and like I said she passed the phonemic awareness screening with a higher score then a 2nd grader needed. I can ask if the charter would be able to pay for fast forward or if they even heard of it. She is going to get tested for speech again and the school I am going through is better to deal with if they are on the border line. I was reading the other dyslexia thread about retained reflexes. She definitely has those plus issues with motor planning and integrated movements. We were doing the rhythmic exercises and duck and pigeon daily for a while to no avail but the Pyramid of Potential videos sound like something I can try.
  15. Our private insurance does not cover speech. She has not had a full evaluation run by a neuropsychologist but it is too expensive here to be an option for us. She had testing through the school and has an IEP but the tests they chose to use were pretty useless and the teacher who works with her and administered it said he did not even feel the results were reflective of her. She did well on the CELF and does fine wth narrating. She never did the TNL. Can a speech therapist do that one and is it a common one they run? I do not feel in my gut that language is the issue though.
  16. Her spoken vocabulary is good but her articulation is a little poor. It has never been enough to qualify her for speech through the school yet but we are retesting in the fall. She passed the spelfabet screening. She missed number 7 game but not two in a row which is good according to that. I am not sure the font numbers but I timed the 25 nonsense words as is and she had very poor accuracy and it took 2 minutes 19 seconds. I magnified it as much as I could and still have it fit the screen and she got 1 minute 22 seconds with much better accuracy. She does have vision issues with convergence and tracking. She really has issues with the directionality of letters. She did really bad on that part of the vision evaluation. We were working on retained reflexes before vision therapy. I did not time her on the other words you included because in Barton she did not even cover all that yet. She may know some from Lexia but not all.
  17. She did pass the screening the second time she took it before starting Barton and she did pass level 1 and 2 and has that stuff down and letter automaticity. A lesson typically took 1 or 2 weeks to get through working 5 days a week. She did do the writing and spelling that was part of the lessons. She is mostly having a hard time with a few lessons in 3 but since she does the lesson but then does not see it for a while she does not pass it when it comes back in the posttest at the end. She used to struggle a bit with phonemic awareness when she was younger but she is much better with that now. Fluency is a bigger struggle now but getting 95% accuracy has been hard too. She did a year of Spalding in kindergarten. She was doing some Lexia before the summer and that seemed to help her more then Barton and gave her a measurable Lexile score for the first time. I focused just on Barton for the summer and she still has not been able to pass out of level 3.
  18. That looks interesting but the samples do not give me enough of a feel for it and if it will work for my reluctant writer. I also wonder how hard it will be to implement without a teacher manual.
  19. I used Barton with my rising 2nd grader last year and it has been slow going. She can't even pass the test to move past level 3. I feel like the past year was a waste and that she needs more review of previously learned skills then Barton offers but not quite as much time with each separate skill. Has anyone left Barton and found success with something else?
  20. Can't 4th graders work on their arrow of light and earn it especially if they are on the older end for their grade and a 5th grader can be a Boy Scout. Here 5th grade cub scouts are called Webelos not Arrow of Light even though they are working on it.
  21. I saw this in real life with a meeting for beginning homeschooling parents interested in finding more about a homeschooling charter. I was the only one asking questions. Several parents were asking if they had online curriculum the kid could do on their own. Several made comments about not wanting to teach and were happy to hear when he said you do not have to. Luckily it did seem that they were not 6 year olds who could not read but it was kids having trouble at their previous schools. One was at least there because the kid wanted to homeschool and the kid had a plan on what they were wanting to do because they had career goals.
  22. I remembering being surprised to learn that in college.
  23. I have put situations out there I was leery about to get help and not gotten responses so I can understand why you took it down.
  24. Those are not fails at 11. No kid is going to know all terms and even if it was covered it could easily be forgotten. My 11 definitely can not write a persuasive essay nor could most kids that age write a good one. I do not know if my kids know those terms or not. We talked about democracy in history but who knows it retained months later after brief mentions. Childhood games are easily learned so the kickball thing would be easy to teach.
  25. The World in Ancient Times series, The Human Odyssey and The History of US by Joy Hakim are all on Learning Ally.
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