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  1. I wish there was a math curriculum that was a like CLE in it had one new concept a day that was clearly demonstrated with clear instructions and it had mixed review but less pages of review and it was a little more conceptual. It would not have two years of pre algebra just one. I have a child who is doing well with CLE as is but I want something more like the above for my other kids but it does not exist. I wish there were more middle school history and science options. I would like something similar to SOTW with the activity book and audiobook options but completely secular and at a little higher level. For science I do not mind having it split in 4 topics but I would like something that had narrations and optional experiments that you can pick and chose. I like more options where you do not need higher level math but the concepts are not really simplified for younger kids either. It would not have a lot of worksheet writing but would have a combo of open ended and factual questions you can do orally and a few options for narrations once a week that you pick depending on where the student was in writing skills. It would have a few important definitions but not lots of workbook type pages. The writing could also be fun sort of like Elen McHenry but secular and with full science topics. i would like something like BYL or torchlight with primers or questions that was a mix of Socratic style and factual but more pick and chose with books and spines. You can get them a certain number separately and make your own studies.
  2. Yes to this. I do wish there was some review for Barton. I also want the same thing in math but for higher grades too. For some reason the CLE instructions make it independent but MM instructions just are not as clear to do independently but I have two kids CLE would be too many pages per lesson. I also would like just pre made narration questions to go with books.
  3. I know a lot of people will say hear builder is not enough or FIS or LiPs would be better but I decided to try hear builder over a summer when I had a child fail the screening and it did work. I did not let her do it independently and sat and helped through the parts that were hard. Once she finished hear builder she passed the screening and was able to do Barton
  4. I am not sure Apples and Pear is the best for what you describe. It is a lot of writing for my child so I had to break a lesson up into one page a day. You could add to it with the things you mention but a big part of it is writing it down with less help from as time goes on. It is a little more visual then straight up copying words. That is a major part of the method. It does not have much at all for phonological processing. You could add that to it but then you could just do your own thing anyway. I did not need the phonological processing aspect for the child I am using it with.
  5. I do not keep a full load in the summer but do not take off completely. As I finished things they got dropped except for math and learning to read for the one child that needs that. If we have plans that day like camping that interfere then we do nothing but otherwise I read aloud and do math and phonics in the morning and we have all day to do fun stuff. We can take trips whenever we want.
  6. I did not realize that only Algebra was sunrise. The other thread said Algebra II was coming before Geometry and was being field tested but was several years away so it does not sound like Geometry will be ready when we would need it. She should be nearing the 6th grade books by the fall. Too bad because CLE is working so much better then anything else for her.
  7. My dd is doing really well with CLE so far. I will probably use it for Pre Algebra too but is the Algebra and higher level stuff any good or do most people switch to something else for that? We still have a while to go as we are only working through 5th but I was just wondering if it was good.
  8. They all would climb a little as babies and toddlers but only 1 of my 3 I had to worry about. I could no longer use the crib at 13 months and I would turn around for a minute and he would be on the counters. He had to be watched carefully at playgrounds then too.
  9. I used Apples and Pears A and B and was going to go on to C next year with my rising 4th grader. He does pretty well with it. He makes mistakes but passes the quizzes to move on either on the first or second attempt and I think it helps him to see the words again. His spelling is improving and is probably now average for his age where he was struggling before. I wanted to start typing with him and considered Dance Mat Typing for that but I am also considering Touch Type Read Spell for typing and spelling and killing two birds with one stone. He has been really fighting doing any writing this year and I was thinking maybe if he did not have to write out his spelling I could use the spelling time to do writing. At the same time maybe I should not fix what is not broken since he does ok with Apples and Pears.
  10. Our school had a slingerland program housed in another school. It helped the students in the program but it got cut unfortunately. Pull out help is just more sight words with a smaller group and more of the same. I really like how you also incorporated audio processing and beat boxing. It is unfortunate that your program got cut too and that the way it was used with them pulling too soon.
  11. My kids went to a similar school and it became too much. My one child got homework done fast in the early grades so it wasn't too bad but another took much longer especially doing it after spending such a long day at school already. Then in older grades they piled it on even more and it took too long for the one who is a fast worker. I pulled one and then the others.
  12. For the 4th grader math Mammoth now has a spiral review that you can add on to the mastery program. They only have it for up to the 4th grade level right now though and I would think it be too hard to enter at the last level. CLE is not mastery based but I have found with my one child it did better introducing the concept then Saxon that she is able to master concepts from it.
  13. My child had a harder time with 4A then the other levels. I was considering the math mammoth topical books on specific topics if I am going to stay with Singapore.
  14. I placed my dd in a level I thought she could manage but might not have been able to pass the placement test for. The stuff she was rusty on was not the big stuff for the grade though. We did the first light unit which was all review of that grade. That light unit she had the hardest time with but we got through it and it has been smoother since. For each light unit we skip the 2 quizzes since I can see if she knows the stuff during the lessons. We will keep working in the summer and when she eventually finishes the level we will then skip the first light unit since she just finished the last level and will not need to review. I am pleasantly surprised just how well CLE is working for her so far. She is doing much better then anything else she has used and says that she likes it and understands it.
  15. I heard Laurel but all my kids listening at the same time heard Yanny. One child can hear Laurel if they listen for the lower sound.
  16. Wow I never heard of that and do not typically like online either but that looks really good! It looks so good I might consider that!
  17. For math facts I like Addition Facts that Stick and Subtraction Facts that Stick for addition and subtraction and doing the multiplication and dvision things on Education Unboxed with Cuisenaire Rods for multiplication and division facts. I saw the way they used the rods on Education Unboxed the kid picking the best way to group on them then played games like math war. If CLE does work it just takes a while I cut out the quizzes so that is two lessons shorter each light unit and do math in the summer too. It works really well with my kid that struggles while Saxon and Math in Focus did not work at all but all kids are different. They are long lessons so I know CLE would not work for my other kids because of that. Process Skills in Problem Solving is good for explicitly teach bar modeling for word problems. I plan on adding that next year since CLE is light on word problems.
  18. Yes the suburb cities and sprawl of our country drive me crazy. I even thought of getting my masters in urban planning at one point but I think I would feel so dejected doing that. It is such poor planning and not environmentally sustainable to rely on a car to get everywhere in a world of dwindling resources. It also does make places less community oriented. It does not feel dense when you have well planned mixed use walkable and bike able communities where green space is preserved and their is good public transportation too. Yes I do wish it was easier for kids to walk or bike all kinds of places like in other countries that were planned before cars. I think it is good for idependence and responsibility for older kids and teens to get to places without needing to be driven by their parents but our communities are not designed like that.
  19. I do not like that they did this radical change before being accepting of anyone despite not having a religion. I would prefer for the Girl Scouts to change to fit more girls then this. I know they have their own girl dens but it will not be quite the same. There is advantages to having a place where girls are just with other girls and boys with other boys. In our area both Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops are on the small side and it can be hard to find troops. Splintering it more will not help scouting.
  20. The kind of blow up pad I am talking about does not pop and you just blow them up with your breath. We used to have air matresses pop in just one trip so we stopped using them for camping but we have 5 of these pads and we used them extensively even in places where there were rocks and have not even had one pop. They are called klymit pads. There seemed to be priced higher online then they were at Costco. They may not work now since you needed a double one but they do hold up really well.
  21. Instead of foam the big camping mats they make these sleeping mats that you blow into that fold really small and can fit in a backpack. Even Costco carries them. We have a roof rack that is open instead of closed that we use ratchet straps with to put things on top of our vehicle.
  22. You do not have to order all the items in the kit if you did not want a frog. I did a customized kit that took out some of the items.
  23. The textbook has the reading you need to do plus the student pages, the extra student pages has just the student pages and the teachers guide has the answers, lesson objectives, suggestions for supplemental reading etc. You do need the textbook. If you got the ebook version instead of a printed copy and did not want to print everything yourself the homeschool printing company is very reasonbly priced and would cost less then the printed copy. The frog is in a bag with a preservative liquid. It should stay fresh for quite a while.
  24. For now I am focusing on retained reflexes and some hand eye coordination work then she will probably do some vision therapy. I think vision therapy takes longer before the reflexes are integrated and it led to sensory overload in my son to do reflex integration exercises and vision therapy at the same time.
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