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  1. None of the above would have happen when I went to school. A teacher throwing something would not go over well for that teacher and a child was never told to just hit back. We did not have wooden paddles and no kids were spanked. There definitely was no smoke lounge. We had zero tolerance policies by high school. The only thing different is cell phones and how they can make bullying much worse or how some kids do their socialization on devices rather then in person.
  2. It is a generalization to say 2nd marriages with kids do not turn out well. It is not an outlier to have a second marriage with kids go well. It is not that rare. There are some studies out there that say kids do better when parents stay single but there are also ones that say that kids in step households fare better. The studies out there about how kids do with remarriage are very mixed. Plus correlation does not mean causation. There could be another reason that kids fare worse and studies that show how kids fare in a unhealthy marriage with bio parents are no better. It is harder then a first marriage because of the confounding factors but there is certainly plenty of advice out there on how to find healthy partners and how to go about integrating a blended family so it goes smoothly. Every one will need time to adjust. Second marriages are more likely to end in divorce but that does not mean all will. Some people probably still have bad habits if the first marriage did not work out but there is plenty of things someone can do to learn healthier ways and to look out for secure people the next time around. I do know several blended families that have yours mine and ours and similar configurations that are doing well with well adjusted children. There may have been some growing pains and it can take time for bonding and adjusting at first but they are faring fine and grow to love all their children.
  3. We have a public safety patrol to call for stuff like that through the fire department. I did call once for someone passed out on the sidewalk. By the time I could pull over to call it in someone else already did.
  4. I feel ready to throw in the towel too and I am only in level 3. It has been driving me crazy. I also do not like the order of things. I think I will do level 4 even though I heard that one is hard but I think that one might be useful with attack skills for multi syllabic words but after that I do wish she was exposed to more phonograms.
  5. A kid coloring would bother me if they were disruptive about it like chattering about it while doing it or if it did get in their way of focusing because they were focused on that and not what is being said. If they could color and focus on what was said or it helped them focus then There is no problem with it. So I see no problem with what you are describing especially since she listens well while coloring and it is during the portion of class where your dd knows the info already because she did her homework and knows the lesson the teacher is going over.
  6. Dd has always had a hard time with certain aspects of comprehension. I had her doing some mobymax. I do not think it is helping her and I am going to stop using it but it is helping me see the kinds of things she is getting wrong. She especially has trouble in the area called integration of knowledge and ideas which seems to be about comparing and contrasting. Is there anything out there that can help with that skill in particular?
  7. Have you thought of trying CBD? That is legal and I know some people have used it in place of opiods or to get off of them. I have no idea how it compares to the thc version for pain but there are people using it for that purpose with success.
  8. I have not read it yet but it looks interesting and I will add it to the books I will read. I did read recently in another book that the previous belief about serotonin or dopamine levels causing depression was not true. I do think for a lot of people it is caused by social disconnection. Some people may need meds but it is best if combined with other methods.
  9. All people even those who are logical and fact based are driven by emotions more so then you would think or they would admit. We also all engage in some cognitive bias to confirm our own beliefs. People who use only rational arguments do not get as far as those who appeal to emotion.
  10. If there was a blob with a heartbeat they measured at that point (6 weeks) your dates would not be that far off. It would not change to another month or a few weeks especially. It could be off a few days at the most. At 6 weeks though maybe one was missed. You could just be measuring big though with just one.
  11. I had one of the first models and did not use it much but at the time there was less recipes and I was a vegetarian and used it for rice and beans the most. I resisted getting another one for years until the holiday sale this year. I am really liking it so far. There are some recipes that are much faster but not everything is fast since it needs to come to pressure and sometimes you need to wait to let the pressure if but everything has been very tasty and more infused with flavor then even things that cook all day and the meat very tender. My kids have even eaten things they used to not like because it tastes so good in the instant pot. Hard boiled eggs also peel so much easier.
  12. I saw a New York Times article recently about that from a different perspective. I will have to read the one you linked later.
  13. The OT is school based so very limited in what they can do. I do want to get reflexes integrated before doing VT. We have worked on it for quite a while but I want to try a different method. The OT did give some exercises for retained reflexes. She is not reading anything with fluency even the list of single words but she does better with phrases then even the single words and she likes to read them to herself first. We only recently started level 3 so no level 4 yet. She just wants to be able to read and she really likes when we finish a level and go on to a new one. I do think she will need VT but with another child doing weekly appointments it just is not possible cost wise at the moment plus I want the reflexes integrated first so the VT can maybe work faster and will not push her over the edge when doing reflex integration and VT like it did for my ds.
  14. So now we are in level 3 and fluency is very much lacking. It does not improve with hot and blazing readings at all. I am wondering if Barton was even the right choice. I am doing the fluency drills with a timer before each lesson and she cannot get through much but it did help a bit a week later when she asked to tackle the passage again. Susan gave me some advice from her FAQ that said it was common with severe dyslexia. Ack. I wonder if it is more vision related though. Her OT shows me her work and how she keeps losing her place going from left to right but not right to left in the mazes she does and she is picking up on her losing convergence too. She did have phonemic weakness to but she seems to be doing fine with that aspect. She wants to know when we can start level 4 and we only started pretty recently.
  15. There were definitely parts that were unclear in the narrative and I do no think it crosses the line into rape but it certainly was skirting lines, not respectful and he was pressuring her. He never asked consent before engaging in sexual activities and he put his hand back or followed after her when she was pulling her hand away and backing off. She did never give a clear no or stop that though. It does not sound like she was willing but regretted it but that she was trying to give singnals but not strong enough. She certainly made mistakes herself.
  16. There is a story shared on the Babe about a date that ended in a way the female did not feel like her verbal and non verbal cues were listened to on a date with Aziz Anseri. It is being shared on multiple sites with most people thinking that he did nothing wrong and it certainly was not rape. To me it was not a clear assault but I do not think he was completely innocent either. He never asked for consent beforehand and some of her non verbal cues like backing away and pulling her hands away were not listened to. The story is easily found but I will not link it incase it is more detailed then some would want to read. I was curious to see what others thought because it seems most feel that she should not have shared in the first place and she is doing it strictly for revenge.
  17. Growing up we always went to paternal grandparents or my maternal aunt and uncle on Christmas and I cherish those memories. My maternal grandma also stayed over at our house every Christmas Eve night and she would be the one to make me breakfast. When we lived close we always saw nephews on Christmas. I actually feel bad my kids and the grandparents and aunts and uncles never get that because we live so far away and traveling during the holidays is too expensive. With just our nuclear family it makes it seem like the holiday is about presents. If I lived close to the kids when they are grown I would hope they come on Christmas.
  18. The political spectrum is huge and my views are not in line with socialism because I am talking about inequality and a progressive tax system. Maybe the cheesy meme about the people of different heights looking over a fence with crates with everyone getting the same crate for equality and the shorter people getting more crates would have been better. It is not false that we have higher inequality then other countries.
  19. Marxist manifesto?! Really?! I am very familiar with Thomas Sowell. I understand economic theory and am well versed in lots of theories. His theory and What he cites is not very good. The political spectrum is huge. My views are not in line with Marxism. You are talking about assumptions but look at you!
  20. Flat taxes separated from a social safety net would be terrible for society. To me the saying from each according to his ability, to each according to his need is what is needed. Equity is everyone having what they need. Everything being the same is not "fair". People fair much better with a progressive tax structure. In most other industrialized nations with a more progressive tax system the inequality is nowhere near ours and poverty is lower.Trickle down economics did the opposite of trickling down. It concentrated wealth. There is no way it would not concentrate wealth and be bad for most people. Entitlements are not super inefficiently run. Most private charities have much higher overhead costs and a lot of what is raised goes to those overhead costs. We already have people saddled with medical debt and more people in poverty then any other industrialized nation. This bill makes me feel great despair for the many people who will suffer from it. This is the effect of trickle down economics. The huge chasm between the wealthy and the middle class and poor is not sustainable. Wealth concentrates rather then "trickling down" or getting spent.
  21. This year I am using REAL Science Oddysey Bio 2 for my older kids and Mr. Q life science for my youngest. I like what the topics cover in RSO but the questions take a lot of writing and depth and are hard. I have been really liking Mr Q and I have been finding it good for getting science narrations. My ds is really into engineering and I think he would enjoy learning physics and engineering next year but I think Mr Q would be a little simple. I do not mind simple worksheets like Mr Q's that do not need a lot of writing but nothing that requires a lot of writing because writing skills are lagging other skills. I want something that discusses things at a high level but does not require higher math skills so probably middle school level.
  22. Light therapy is called syntonics and it is accepted practice in vision therapy nowadays at least. They talk about it a lot on a page for vision therapy. The purpose if it is to open up constricted visual fields which you do along with other things to expand side vision.
  23. We looked into it seriously. I do wish we did it. My dh's profession was one that they needed but the process was two years and they had a cap of his many they would allow. I do kind if wish we just did it. I would love to live there.
  24. Ellen McHenry is not truly secular. The Elements seemed secular but I do not know enough to know if there was some non secular aspects. Cells definitely has non secular aspects like not classifying things correctly in a way that religious resources does and videos that left out the missing link etc. She even debates plate tectonics in a newer curriculum so I no longer it as a source.
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