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  1. I voted other. I usually have two kids in my bed, so I sleep wherever I can find room--sometimes sideways across the foot. Dh leaves for work at an insanely early hour in the morning so he sleeps in another room where the kids and I won't keep him awake.
  2. Music exams are not common in my area, teachers do not generally focus on exam preparation. If we had a teacher who encouraged exam participation we would participate, but I'm not inclined to seek out exam opportunities on my own.
  3. For our family memory work is something we recite together every day. I guess I don't see any harm in reciting what you already know. We try to recite new work every day, things we have known for awhile are of course reviewed less frequently. For us it is more fun to do this together. I don't require the younger kids to know something perfectly though before we move it to a less frequent review section, they will keep learning gradually over time. I don't know that my way is the best way, it is just what works for my family.
  4. I am bothered that their single minded efforts seem to ignore the opinions and desires of the majority of LDS women. I feel like they are demanding their voices be heard while at the same time refusing to hear my voice. I believe doctrine at this time and for this time limits priesthood ordination to men, though I know of no fundamental reason that doctrine could not be changed through revelation. But I personally do not believe that ordaining women is the best way to further the mission of the church, I think that more might be lost than would be gained. I am not in a position to make a determination one way or another on behalf of the church, but I do believe that those leaders who stand at the head of our church and hold the divine mandate and authority to direct it will do so in accordance with divine direction. I see nothing wrong with people who feel things should change voicing their opinions and desires, but sometimes it seems to me that some people are saying "my way is the only way and I'm going to keep pushing the point until you give in"--I just don't think that is how the church works. If this church is directed by God, it is directed by God. Yes, God tells us to knock and ask--but he also tells us he will respond according to what is right, not necessarily according to what we want. Edited to make an awkwardly worded sentence clearer.
  5. I just listened again to Elder Holland's talk. I found it profoundly doctrinal and encouraging. "Unfortunately, messengers of divinely mandated commandments are often no more popular today than they were anciently." "So if love is to be our watchword, and it must be, then by the word of he who is love personified we must forsake transgression and any hint of advocacy for it in others. Jesus clearly understood what many in our modern culture seem to forget; that there is a crucial difference between the commandment to forgive sin, which he had an infinite capacity to do, and the warning against condoning it, which he never, ever did, even once." Such words will never be popular. Testifying of truth is not about popularity or avoiding offense at all costs.
  6. I can't find the press release. I wonder if it was written in advance and posted accidentally, then pulled (or do I just not know where to look?)
  7. Being on the other side of the world does complicate things! At least it is online now, I remember having to wait for VHS tapes to arrive... Now that I'm in Utah I would actually have to try pretty hard to avoid GC--it's on the radio, on TV, on the computer... :)
  8. If it's any encouragement to you my friend who was involved actually came away from the day feeling very uplifted. I haven't had a chance to talk with her about details yet. I disagree with what OW is trying to do, but there are people I care about who are involved.
  9. Honestly, I find sweeping much easier and more effective than vacuuming with hard floors. Get a long handled dust pan so you don't have to bend down, and a nice wide angle broom, and you're good to go.
  10. Yes, Memoria Press will allow you to customize a package by switching out one level for another or even omitting something like math if you want to use a different program.
  11. Agreeing with everyone else. I'm sure the minimum is in place for a reason, whether it is being set by the teacher or another agency. If the teacher has commuting time, prep time, facility fees, etc. she is likely making far less than $35 an hour. I do understand being disappointed when an expected activity is canceled.
  12. Hmm, this is an excellent question. I was the kid who was always in trouble for not following rules. Rules just...didn't have much hold over my thought process. I wasn't being intentionally rebellious, I just didn't think much about potential consequences, whatever was happening at the moment was all that was real to me. My mom tells me she was strict with me because she was afraid I would grow up just not believing in consequences. I was a pretty cheerful kid, and overall I grew up just fine, I have a good relationship with my parents, etc.. At the same time, I do think being in trouble so much/being disciplined so much had some negative impact on me. I remember thinking that everyone treated me like I was a bad kid, when I had no real intention of misbehaving. I thought people couldn't like me (in spite of my mother's assurances that she did like me). Would I have been better off if my parents had been less strict? I don't know. Maybe things would have been better, or maybe they would have ended up worse. I will say that I lean away from playing disciplinarian with my own kids. If they do something inappropriate, I am likely to point it out to them and ask them to change their behavior, and if appropriate to apologize, but I'm not big on punishments and consequences. They didn't seem very effective when my parents tried to use them to get me to change my behavior...
  13. Friends tell me about things they do with other people. I tell friends about things I do with other people. Not an issue.
  14. I think it would be less stressful to apply now and defer.
  15. I can't think of any changes that are made after an open house, other than removing protective plastic runners from the carpets. I'm LDS, we have taken our kids to a couple of temple open houses so they can see what the temple is like inside and learn about ordinances performed there since they won't be able to attend a dedicated temple until they are older. I love the tours, especially the bits where they point out unique features and themes--often the design and decoration of a temple incorporates local motifs, such as peach blossoms throughout a temple in a city where peach growing plays a significant role.
  16. I'd let him do it, but I'm not picky about hair cuts and I lean towards giving my kids freedom to try things when the risks are acceptable. A bad hair cut or an accidental nip with the scissors fall under the category of acceptable risks IMO.
  17. No examples, but that would make for a truly fascinating study.
  18. You might also consider changing your grading scheme for the class to allow partial credit for test retakes. Allow her to study the solutions she missed on a test then retake the test (or similar problems) for a chance to increase her grade. The primary benefit of this is that it gives her the opportunity and incentive to improve her understanding of the material.
  19. I hope you are able to get everything sorted out soon!
  20. I haven't read this and I'm not sure if it is primarily about military veterans s or deals with all kinds of PTSD, but it might be a place to start. You can also check out to books Amazon says people buy along with this book. http://smile.amazon.com/Why-Are-You-So-Scared/dp/1433810441/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1396348394&sr=1-4&keywords=children+book+post+traumatic+stress
  21. I think my primary goal for third grade is for my son to start taking ownership of his education. This particular child tends to fight external direction, but does some amazing things all on his own. My hope is to involve him in planning and get his buy-in on as much of his schoolwork as possible.
  22. Have you considered Math Mammoth? If she likes to work independently it might be a good option as the instruction is in the work text and is written to the student. It is inexpensive and the author will email you a huge sample packet if you sign up for her email list. I buy the printed workbooks from Rainbow Resource, I think Educents has them on sale right now as well. And Homeschool Buyers Co-op has the PDF's on sale though I think the promotion ends today.
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