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  1. The Oz books were some of my favorite books when I was little! I've read them to all four of my kids at various ages, and can't think of any scary parts. (Not scarier than Wizard of Oz, anyway.) Some are (imo) just better or more interesting than others, however. My favorite sequels are Ozma of Oz, Rinkitink in Oz, and The Emerald City of Oz.
  2. I too would gently suggest that you see a pulmonologist. Quite possibly a cardiologist as well. This has been an issue for many, many years now, and it sounds like a very minimal work up at best has been done. I think you owe it to yourself to get some more answers, and it is likely that you will need to see a specialist to do that. It is possible that the military doctors were completely wrong, but it is also possible that this most recent doctor was wrong.
  3. Creekland, I do hope you get some answers soon. You've gotten some great suggestions here, but of course the next step is to see a doctor. I don't know if you had time to look into pulmonary hypertension, but here is the quick summary directly from the Mayo Clinic website. I'll post it here for you and as a general PSA, since the disease is not widely known: SymptomsThe signs and symptoms of pulmonary hypertension in its early stages might not be noticeable for months or even years. As the disease progresses, symptoms become worse. Pulmonary hypertension symptoms include: Shortness of breath (dyspnea), initially while exercising and eventually while at rest Fatigue Dizziness or fainting spells (syncope) Chest pressure or pain Swelling (edema) in your ankles, legs and eventually in your abdomen (ascites) Bluish color to your lips and skin (cyanosis) Racing pulse or heart palpitations Again, I wouldn't presume to diagnose you . . . but pulmonary hypertension could explain the years of (otherwise unexplainable) shortness of breath when you are otherwise healthy. Of course, there are *many* possible causes of that. I truly wish you the best in getting answers, and hope you'll report back here to let us know. Hugs!
  4. I was coming on to recommend the exact same food! My two dogs love it, and I feel pretty darn good about feeding it. The company is well regarded and uses quality ingredients.
  5. One more possibility to rule out would be pulmonary hypertension. I have an extended family member who specializes in that disease; I'm no expert myself, but I do know that it 1) COULD explain what you are describing and 2) is notoriously hard to diagnose. I too would gently encourage you to see a doctor and see if you can't get some answers. Good luck!
  6. It sounds like you are going in with many factors in your favor. Three close friends and a great tutor are HUGE! Hope you all have a great year. :)
  7. Really enjoying this discussion, as we are wrapping up 5th grade with my daughter and starting to contemplate our plans for 7th grade and beyond. We've just finished our second year with CC (foundations and essentials), and it has been an imperfect fit for us. There are so MANY lovely aspects of the program, and others that drive me completely batty! :) Having homeschooled for 15+ years and graduated 2 students, I am plenty confident in my ability to homeschool. I don't "need" CC or any other co-op group, except for the fellowship aspect, which cannot (or should not) be overlooked completely. And we haven't had any luck at all in finding a regular, sustained fellowship group in any other way. I know, because we tried it on our own when we moved to the area. As I research the details of Challenge, I am struck again by the impression that there are parts of the program that are a great fit for us, and others that are distinctly not. In a perfect world, I would start my own co-op, but this isn't my season of life to do something like that (extended family responsibilities). So it all boils down to this: should we enroll in Challenge because it is pretty much the only game in town, and does have many lovely components? Or is it such an imperfect fit that I am setting us up for failure? No easy answers!
  8. I understand a lot of your situation, as a former military wife whose husband recently retired after 20 years. We spent the last of those 11 years stationed in Hawai'i, and when we moved there we had to transfer my eldest daughter into orthodontics. Luckily, our dentist on the mainland had a recommendation for us. Long story short, we interviewed that orthodontist (as well as one other) and went with him - Steven Tottori in Kapolei, on the west side of Oahu. He did a beautiful job with both my eldest and our second daughter . . . complete round of braces for each. I have sent other patients to him as well, who were happy with him. Just in case this helps. I have no affiliation with Dr. Tottori, but am just trying to share a recommendation if it helps. I'm a big fan of trying to keep the family together. I was never the world's biggest fan of Hawai'i, and was ready to leave after 11 years, but it was a wonderful adventure to live there. All four of my kids have extremely fond memories of their time there. Best wishes to you, and let me know if I can help with any questions.
  9. (edited) My original post was deliberately obscure in order to keep things non-specific and non-identifiable . . . but it ended up being incomprehensible as a result! Oh well, hopefully typing it all out released some frustration. :)

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