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  1. She isn't willing to change her wardrobe - she pretty much wears whatever she likes that covers & is comfy lol. The brighter the color & the more sparkly it is, the better. She isn't uncomfortable with the looks per say - just she didn't understand the WHY behind it & the lack of knowing made her uncomfortable. After I explained, she was okay with it. I should probably mention that this is the first boy she has ever been anything close to friends with, and it's on account of him being the cousin of her 2 best friends. She still is very much at the boys are icky / bullies stage with
  2. Normally you're right, but in this case I think it will work as the ad clearly spells out the sale price of $4.99 and the price of $2.99 after manufacturers coupon. Worst case scenario I can go to Toysrus when I am over that way this week.
  3. Toysrus has Hasbro games {cootie, chutes & ladders, candy land, memory} for $4.99 today in their ad. With the coupon in today's inserts for $2 off {also available I think at hasbro rewards}, they are just $2.99. They also have Life, Battleship, Scrabble & Operation for $11.99, and there is a $3 off coupon same as above, making them just $8.99. Walmart & Target should price match :) I am probably going to pick up a couple. Not sure if they will be for dd or go to toys for tots.
  4. Actually, I think you do have me confused with another poster. I made the comment about the boys looking at dd because it made HER uncomfortable honestly - she asked me why the 11yo boy she plays with kept looking at her the other day when she was wearing tight jeans & a tank top. I get that wearing a bra for most is a cultural norm. Nevertheless, it is the norm here especially for more developed girls. If my dd is like me {and I suspect she is}, we have about a year at most until she is a C cup. So fast forward a year - 9, a B/C cup, and still not wanting to wear one. WWYD then? I am
  5. File this under potentially embarrassing mom questions that I don't have anywhere else to ask lol. I think bOOkhelves is the board term if I recall correctly, but if not feel free to correct me. DD just turned 8 two months ago, and starting to "bud" pretty rapidly on the top. She already has filled out in the booty department about a year ago. In the last month or so the buds have become noticeable if she wears a snugger top or at the right angle from the side in anything but a loose / thick top. I have noticed the boys she plays basketball with from time to time noticing it, so it's appar
  6. Bumping - we aren't doing one, but love the concept. If I could find a less missionary type group doing it I'd be all over it. I don't know if it's in every area, but when I was a kid the county ag office that ran 4-H did a Christmas event every year for families living in the colonias nearby. We did stockings, gifts, and a hot meal for each family, and you were able to pick from a list of children.
  7. Just because I'm curious :) And I only have a girl. So - when did your little girl have her 1st crush? My dd is 8, and no signs of any here yet.
  8. I was homeschooled 4th through 8th in the mid/late-90's. The things I remember are: ~Hating Saxon Math {though now I use it with my kid} ~Mostly unschooling, after we got through the bad habits I'd picked up in public school. I did a lot of reading on my own. Mom made some of my workbooks herself & I really hated those. ~Not really fitting in with the rest of the local group as we weren't homeschooling for religious reasons & didn't use abeka / rod & staff. ~Loving the freedom to do family history for history in school. I developed a love for the history of my family tha
  9. I don't think it's so much that the class would encourage it per say, but on the other hand discussion can lead to action sometimes. I can easily see her going to this class, then coming home & discussing it with her friends {2 girls & 2 boys, all her age or a few years older} who live next door & 2 houses down. While her friends are mostly good kids, they are much much more wise in this area than dd & sometimes the topics they discuss get a bit adult. I think also I was possibly envisioning the class differently than it may actually be. But I would like dd to beat the odds
  10. Sounds very interesting. I am not sure dd would be willing to do a group setting type class though - she is very private when it comes to this issue because she is not really wanting to grow up, yet she is quickly catching up to her friends who are a year & 2 years older. I am not sure if the 8th grade class would cover this material too late for her though. On one hand I don't want to encourage her at a young age, yet on the other hand I'm trying to be realistic based on my own experience as an early bloomer, and I know by the age of 12 I was a hormonal boy crazy mess that only stayed sin
  11. Been a while since I was here, but I thought since this board is more open-minded that perhaps someone could help. I'm working ahead on laying out our coursework, and I am trying to come up with a comprehensive health / sex ed program for dd. Can anyone suggest a book / program to use? Would be used probably in 5th / 6th grade, but I'm okay with maybe a program geared towards high school age as well since dd is an early bloomer. We've already done Care & Keeping of You this year as dd is beginning to bloom - loved it, but it really doesn't deal with the sex ed portion of things. I have
  12. I did go, as a seller. The book swap is great IMO for picking stuff up very cheaply. I sold about $100 worth - not as much as some but that's because I also sell online & don't sell at the dirt cheap prices that many do at the swap.
  13. Just curious if there is enough of us going to have a WTM meet-up :) I will be there selling tons of stuff, including Sonlight stuff. Hours are 9-12 tomorrow at FEAST. $2 admission for adults if you aren't selling, or bring a box of stuff for the Goodwill drive & get in free. I know a few of us that are in the area talked about the sale a bit a while back when it was convention time, and several were interested in the used book sale.
  14. I love old houses. I looked at some 1920's ones when hunting for my current home, but the price was just too high for my budget. Instead, I ended up in a 1969 built home - that has many of the same issues y'all talk about. TINY bathrooms. Foundation issues - the floor is actually cracking up in 1 room. The entire house slants towards 1 end - except for the added part in the living room which slants towards the other end. The drywall is a mess, and bowing in several places because the guy who owned it prior didn't install / tape it correctly. It still has the nasty old single pane windows,
  15. What is MTHFR? I've never heard of it, so probably have never been checked. I am HYPERthyroid, fairly well controlled with medication. I have high stomach acid & take a high dose of Zantac twice daily to keep it in check {Otherwise I am the fire breathing dragon & get ulcers}. My Endo ran the following bloodwork last time: TSH 1.698 normal Free T3 3.0 normal Free T4 1.1 normal Sodium Serum 139 normal Potassium Serum 3.8 normal Chloride Serum 102 normal Carbon Dioxide Total Serum 30 HIGH Anion Gap 7 normal Glucose Serum 82 normal {wasn't fasting} Blood Urea Nit
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