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  1. That is very interesting. I didn't know you could get a BA in Biology. The schools we have looked at haven't had that as an option from what I've seen. It is definitely worth checking into, though, The Zoology degree gave you a choice of 2 minors one of which was psychology. Thank you for mentioning that! That is a very funny story about your major. I've told her, it's just one semester at a time with whatever degree she chooses. You don't take all the tough classes at once. :)
  2. Great quotes! I will pass them along to her. :001_smile:
  3. WoolySocks, I need to update my signature...she is 17 and she's a senior. She did one dual enrollment class last year and we're planning on doing a couple in the spring. It did help her confidence because I think she had the highest (or one of the highest) grade in the class of 40.
  4. Thank y'all for your thoughts and encouragement. I told her that most all degrees are going to have some classes you trudge through to get to the ones you enjoy. Hornblower, I'm so happy to hear that Latin could be helpful! She's doing a year of that this year through our co-op. All of your suggestions are very helpful. I will refer to them, I'm sure. She does know how to study and she is getting better at managing her time. There were several time I would say "don't you think you should be spending a little more time prepping for your Biology test?" I would worry about her preparedness but she would get an A on it and shock me. Not that I didn't think she could well. I just thought she needed more time to prepare. Obviously, I was wrong. She seems to retain info (other than math) really well. She has always been a voracious reader. creekland, your son's experience is encouraging. I actually thought she might pursue a degree that would provide international opportunities. We've lived abroad twice and she would love to go back. Maybe the door isn't closed on that coming into focus. I think her fear of failure is really controlling her now and it makes me sad. She's such a bright girl but is scared to make the wrong choice despite my encouragement that she doesn't have to have it all figured out.
  5. Amathis, I torn as to whether or not it's encouraging or discouraging to hear you struggled with biology, as well. :tongue_smilie: Clearly, you are very sharp to have made it through Vet school. I think more discussion is needed about how much determination she has. Thanks for your reply!
  6. The book they used for Biology was Biology by Miller and Levine (Prentice Hall). For Chemistry, they also used Prentice Hall. She is not taking Calculus this year. For the Zoology track, she is only required to take college algebra and statistic & probability. For that reason, we are doing a college prep math that solidifies algebra and reviews a variety of things. Her major problem with math is that she has trouble retaining topics covered. She does fine with the chapter at hand but things covered last year are lost in the gray matter. This is very odd to me because she is a sponge and a walking encyclopedia when it comes to any other topic. We have used BJU math for years now and she works her tail off for a B. The degree requires 15 Biology classes and a year of chemistry. No physics. Over half of those bio classes would be right up her alley, though. She would get a minor is psychology. She would have 2-3 science classes every semester, every year. I'm thinking of having her take the college algebra as a dual enrollment class this spring. It makes sense that those doing a Biology major would have meat-er classes from the beginning. Guess the assumption is that if you have chosen that direction, you are a Science-y person already. (Kind of like folks taking Music Appreciation vs the freshmen music classes. Totally different) Thank you for sharing your experience, G5052. It does sound like she's just got to decided if she's willing to put in the time and work. Not an easy track.
  7. My senior daughter had strongly considered majoring in Equine Management but after some thought, started looking into a Zoology degree. She thinks (and she's right) that this will provide more job opportunities post-college. We did a college visit on Friday and toured the Biology department and scanned through the Biology texts in the bookstore. She didn't say much but since being home she expressed concern that she might not be able to cut it. She did Biology and Chemistry at a co-op and both were very difficult classes. The Biology teacher had taught at a university before staying home with her kids. My mother-in-law who was a nursing major in her 40's said she didn't have that level of difficulty until her 2nd year of nursing. I don't want to poo-pah her concerns but I feel like she is just as prepared as most other college freshmen will be. She is a very strong student, although she struggles in math. That said, the math she had to do in Biology and Chemistry went fine. I was shocked that she did so well with the math side of the science. Both the Biology and Chemistry classes only used the text as a reference and they rarely read full chapters and the tests certainly didn't come from the texts but from the lectures & labs. I hate for the textbooks she saw to scare her off if they are only used as a reference. My husband said she can give it a try and if it's too hard, changer her major. But she is our first child who fights perfectionism and that would devastate her. There is nothing else at that interests her at this college. The Equine Management degree is at another school. I guess my question is this. Do most college biology classes start at a high level or do they ramp up and ease you into the tough stuff? I know it would vary on the college, teacher, etc, but I'm just looking for personal experience. (My degree is in music so I fulfilled all my requirements with math and got to avoid science. I have no experience with college science.) I don't want fear of failure to driver her decision. If anyone has thoughts, I would be very appreciative.
  8. I really appreciate everyone's perspective. I find it extremely interesting that Algebra 2A & 2B would not be frowned on. I was encouraged until I looked at credit requirements on the umbrella's website. I'm afraid we would be required to count each part as a half credit. If a student takes longer to complete the course, issue partial credit (.5) for the first half of the course. The remaining .5 credit is given when the course is completed.While I "get it", she invested more time on math this year than she has any other year because it was hard for her. I have no reservations about giving her a full credit for getting halfway through the course. But because of the above statement, I think I'll have to call it something other than 2A/2B. Maybe the "Intermediate Algebra" option is the best option. Although I do have to list our textbook which will be the same as last year. :huh: Even if I go with a different curriculum, if it's an Algebra 2 book they may question it. Hum. I may just have to take a chance and see what happens.
  9. Thank you for your perspective, Katilac. I really do want to just press on with Algebra 2. A bit of Consumer Math would be helpful, though. Maybe I can do both but just list the Consumer math on the transcript.
  10. Had not thought about Accounting/Bookkeeping. Those are great ideas. I had no idea ALEKS had that many course options. We currently use them for reviewing /keeping fresh on math basics. Thanks so much for the suggestions!!
  11. I had considered consumer math but wondered if it would look wimpy for her senior year since most kids are taking upper level maths. I'm certainly open to it if colleges wouldn't be turned off by it. Maybe if her ACT Math score was respectable it wouldn't matter?? She's not looking at ultra competitive colleges so maybe I'm worrying too much about it!? Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe that is a good option.
  12. My daughter will be a senior and struggles in Math. We only made it halfway through Algebra 2 her junior year and that was a challenge. The colleges she's looking at only require 3 years of math but our umbrella school requires 4 years. I want to continue with Algebra 2 her senior year and also allow her to work through her ACT Math prep-book this fall. If our umbrella school didn't require 4 years, I'd just omit putting any math down for her senior year and press with finishing Algebra 2. My goal right now is just to make sure she's prepared for college algebra which is the only requirement for the degrees she's looking at. How do I solve the transcript problem?!? I don't want to ask my umbrella school yet and put us on their radar to micro-manage this issue. :001_unsure: Thanks for any suggestions!
  13. Thank you for your thoughts. I don't think I would want the RAW photos as I know she edited out a couple beach-combers for us. I can buy the high res images but for $1300, I'll have to pass. Thank you for the website, JennSnow. Maybe I'll just take them in via a thumb drive and see if that helps any. Thanks, again!
  14. We had a photo session on the beach this summer and part of the "deal" was we got images of all the photos in low-res which would print up to 5x7 well. I have had 4x6's and 5x7's printed with less than stellar results. I have gone to the 2 top rated photo shops in the city. My graphic design brother-in-law confirmed that based on the fact the resolution is 3600px x 2400px at 300dpi (the example I sent him), that they should make a good 5x7. I don't expect them to be top quality but I am disappointed with how grainy they look. Any chance that they are being downgraded when I upload them to the store for printing? Would loading them to a thumb drive and taking them in help? Is that a really dumb question?! :huh: I love the pictures and would like some good smaller copies. We have already paid a lot of $$ for canvases. Thanks for any opinions.
  15. Thank you for the thoughts. We did ALEKS math for a bit and I need to go back to it for reviewing. I just want to be sure that I am doing the right thing for her and not keeping her in a comfort zone at home for longer than I should. I like the tutor idea, too. Thanks again for your replies.
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