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  1. I had to miss high school gym class weekly to take an almost dual enrollment class. My schedule was intentional planned by the counselor but it upset the gym teacher. I had to write an essay for every missed class. My mom was upset but I didn’t mind too much. I could pick any sports related topic and the essays were never read by the gym teacher. I really let my standards slide, only wrote one draft in ink, and learned about athletes and sports that I otherwise wouldn’t have known.
  2. If you are looking to prove your bet, try looking online at a Bob Evan’s restaurant As of a couple years ago, it was a popular meal there. ETA: scroll down for a photo of Chicken and Noodles over a biscuit and mashed potatoes. https://www.bobevans.com/menu/turkey-and-chicken
  3. Absolutely. I teach outdoor preschool classes in the rain. We take shelter for thunderstorms. If it is my least favorite combination of temps in high 30s and raining, we will shorten the class if the students are uncomfortable.
  4. I read a different article but can’t find which one that said having a blank in the gun was called a live round. I have been surprised to read how dangerous the blanks can be. We could certainly replicate the sound with special effects. ETA: here’s one article referring to a live gun holding a blank https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.indiewire.com/2021/10/alec-baldwin-fires-gun-kills-cinematographer-wounds-director-on-rust-set-1234673555/amp/ Such a sad and needless tragedy.
  5. Same here at my wedding. I let them take it and didn’t say a word while I was thinking that IF my marriage didn’t survive I didn’t think they would want to display the photo of their family wearing the wedding clothes so I might have as well been in it.
  6. I would love to do this again. I really enjoyed previously received cards.
  7. A Stellar eagle escaped in Pittsburg. I hope he can be recaptured soon.
  8. I remember using a chair to get laundry out of my parents washing machine. I did reach in head first, but it wasn’t a big deal. I do like my front loader now.
  9. Each bedroom in my house has its own hamper. When the kids were younger, they didn’t have any special care clothing or colors that would bleed. When each person needs clean laundry, they (or me when they were under 8ish) wash their hamper. Then that load doesn’t have to be sorted from other people’s clothes. They fold on the couch near the dryer or on their own bed.
  10. I know 3 of those people and they were all under 50. 😢
  11. I followed a gift recommendation from this forum and bought jalapeño lime balsamic vinegar. It is fantastic. We will order another bottle and also try the raspberry one https://www.kouzini.com/
  12. This reminds me of my wedding ceremony. Our families are Catholic and we are not. We were married in a Unity church. Some family was already bothered that there was a female minister. She had a beautiful and moving ceremony. I think of her often because of her statement that marriage is a daily choice. This was a shocking idea, considering my upbringing. She asked us to reflect on our vows each day and live toward those vows. I think because of our upbringing, and idealistic youth, we had assumptions that marriage just existed and doesn’t need nurturing.
  13. I have asked my boss, director of education, to STOP with the word. Her belief is that each classroom creates a pod so no masks or distancing needed. Never mind that several teachers have multiple classes a week, many of the students have parents who are rabid no mask, no vaccines, and most families have older children in other schools. Pod of potential exposures.
  14. We were able to borrow most of the elementary alphabet series from our library. There is no way they would have sufficed as stand alone math curriculum for my children.
  15. I believe that the 63% is within normal range. I’m not familiar with others, hope all is well.
  16. My kids have them. I thought it would be great for their small bedrooms, but there is wasted space underneath. Their drawers are about half the bed width. For one kid, we pull the drawers all the way out and store sleeping bags behind each drawer. For the other room, the drawers are hard to get released and then even harder to pull out due to the room dimensions. They both love their bookshelf headboards. I wish they could use traditional blanket boxes under the bed though.
  17. I figure this might be a good place to ask. Has anyone seen sales or promos for TI-84 graphing calculators? I think that I should have been looking sooner, the arrival of August caught me by surprise.
  18. My kids get new glasses every year. About every 2 - 2 1/2 years, I update the lenses in their sports glasses. Their prescription doesnt change enough to affect playing soccer so we stretch those out. For soccer, I really think sports glasses are important. However youth glasses today are no longer actual glass like my childhood, so everyday frames are safer than they used to be. They are not as durable though, so shop around for replacement guarantee. Prescription swim googles can be ordered from Amazon or swim outlet for crazy cheap. It isn’t an exact prescription match but better than nothing. I would fully support my teens if they wanted disposable contacts but they are not interest. Most sports families I know have their children use contacts.
  19. Reagan’s office didn’t respond to my 4th grade letter, and I haven’t forgotten.
  20. Almost everything gets washed before wearing. The only exceptions are formal dresses, winter wool coats, men’s suit or ties.
  21. My female fully red tabby cat is very timid. I think it’s like less than 20% are female. She was probably feral before we adopted her at 8 months. I had hoped she would become more friendly but it’s been a very slow process.
  22. I hope you can find a filter that helps. My lungs were miserable living next to smokers. Will his apartment be repainted and steam cleaned? I noticed some improvement by buying good wall cleaner products to help with old smoke residue. I did often wash the hallways of my apartment building also.
  23. I prefer shower liner and curtain.
  24. Alabama driving has been hard today. Rain and tornado watches for our area. A horrific accident on I65. Prayers for everyone there. For the trip south and now north, none of the gas station bathrooms had hand soap, but have a mandated posting of a sign telling you to wash hands. A stop at Wendy’s took 45 minutes. There were only 2 people working there. I felt so bad for them but they were awesome at trying and greeting costumers. ( If we had realized how short staffed, we would have gone elsewhere. There were only two families in front of us in line.)
  25. My first trip to Dayton was three hours to sign an apartment and 3 straight DAYS at the USAF Museum. I hope you enjoy your first trip more than I did. I will say that after years of bringing guests to the museum, I bring a book and find a chair. It’s a great museum but I rather walk through instead of standing to read every sign. Summer could be a great time for hiking. I like Germantown and Twin Creek MetroPark south west of Dayton. Downtown Dayton usually has some fun outdoor concerts but most are cancelled this year. i like Carillon History Museum, a series of historical buildings spread along an area that has a bald eagle nest. El Meson restaurant is good but expensive, so we go for a birthday. If these fit into your dates: there is a Miami Valley Symphony Orchestra outdoor concert Sunday June 27. Also the city of Centerville goes all out for 4th of July. The parade and fireworks will be July 5th this year.
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