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  1. First, I hope you feel better. (I hope you don’t have measles.) I’m sorry your holiday isn’t how you planned but please stay home, your prayers won’t be heard any different in another setting. I’d call the church or another member if you want to add a name for the church prayer list.
  2. It’s so variable what people can eat and like at different ages. To keep price lower, I spend weeks looking at sales. This year the baskets for preteens will have a tie dye kit and shirt, and yarn that were bought on sale at Joann’s plus a teacher discount. Then they each have a choc rabbit and 1 pack of peeps. I bought those at Kroger today where candy was 20% off.
  3. My dd had hers done at a professional piercing/tattooing place and we were told to use saline and to not spin.
  4. I think we have played this game before.
  5. Soup? I’ve had a soft salmon cream sauce over potatoes dish after tooth extractions.
  6. Professor Noggin card decks are some of our favorite trivia style games.
  7. I like the connotation of that. We need to start a campaign to bring Opportunity Shops to the US.
  8. We have a new Ascent but haven’t added a hitch yet. So far, everything seems great with it. I’m nervous about the new model unknowns. We went with the 8 passenger because in the 7 seat model the captain chairs do not fold very flat and the gap between them was awkward size.
  9. Are you a member? I didn’t see a sale price. I suppose I can see about getting a trial membership.
  10. Yesterday we adopted a long hair young cat (8 months?). She had only been at the shelter for two days and they had no intake information other than she had recently been spayed. If anyone else has experience with long hair cats, I’m looking for advice on type of brush or comb and what litter to use? She has really long tufts of fur between her toes. I’d love to share a picture but she’s not ready yet. She did just come out from under dresser when I brought in a plate of food, so I think we are doing great for first 24 hours.
  11. I’m familiar with a salary position that also has an expected minimum workweek. After leaving from being sick at work, the rest of the day would be leave time. There is a little flex time within the same pay period. So perhaps an hour off for a personal appointment can be balanced by coming in early the next day. There is occasional overtime but no compensation for that. This position has to bill each work hour to a client or to company overhead.
  12. Reminds me that thirty years ago, my mom and I were driving home and a neighbors house was engulfed in flames. While crying we walked up to the road barricade to see what we could offer to our neighbors. We found them in lawn chairs with a cooler of beer. The neighbor said she couldnt keep the old farmhouse warm or clean anymore. They offered it for a training burn to the fire department and were building new.
  13. I’m embarrassed to write this but I have a hard time with even Daylight Savings. It takes me a couple months before the wake and sleep times, and hunger adjusts. I think I am just sensitive and my body likes a routine.
  14. They should give name and age and answer questions about trip etc. If a child has a delay or disability, then it’s fine for the adult to explain.
  15. I had a child who couldn’t complete an asthma test because he coughed every time he tried to blow out his breath. You would suspect he had asthma, right? The tech was not friendly with him and it was a pediatric hospital. She thought it was behavioral. She did tell me she was subbing there and that was why she took so long finding the equipment and computer files, etc. The whole experience was awful, just totally awful. I contested it many times (our referring doc, insurance co , department coordinator and hospital billing) and eventually received letters that the insurance denied the claims because the hospital was submitting it too late. The hospital verbally told me they would drop it, but made it seem like it was a goodwill gesture because they care about children. I haven’t received any more bills.
  16. Dh will never have a dog. I spend insomnia nights looking at petfinder. Only pit bull mixes are available locally so I usually am fine with dogless home. Tonight I searched a rescue for my favorite breed, and some adorable are within half day drives. You all are reminding me though that sleeping with a dog is like young kids again. 🐶
  17. Awake because of a sore throat
  18. I only applied to one school. I had been in the region with my parents on a vacation a few years earlier. They did encourage me to attend a summer camp at the university, and paid my airfare. I never had official campus tour and no interviews. I stayed in a dorm for that summer camp so I felt comfortable attending. I don’t think my parents actually thought I would continue through graduation. There was some pressure to not go back sophomore year since I had a good summer job that could have continued part time if I transferred to a local univ. I went to grad school site unseen. I had a few phone interviews with different grad programs. I thought I knew where I wanted to go based on published research. I made a mistake though. I didn’t like the culture of campus once I got there.My parents were discouraging about my plan to attend grad school. They did drive to that city to have dinner with me soon after I moved there.
  19. Acorn


    I don’t agree that she should wait. I think she is best able to make those decisions.
  20. I have gotten a couple recently and I’ve never used profile pictures of people.
  21. I find that odd. Dh and I have very popular names for our generation. In fact one of my aunts has a same name niece on the other side of her family, who married a man with dh’s first name and similar last name.
  22. When I had linoleum installed, I had different options to add moving appliances.
  23. Our strings teacher just told my kids to not bring their instruments outside on Wednesday. Since we have Monday and Saturday lessons, I’m not sure if she will be canceling her Wed. classes. If the teacher cancels, she will provide a makeup lesson.
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