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  1. :iagree: My personal experience with the flu shot is I have had one in the last 30 yrs, 10 yrs ago before we adopted our two, it was the first time I had had the flu in I really couldn't remember when and I got sick enough that my Dr wanted to admit me to the hospital. It took me almost a month to totally recoup. We eat a healthy diet, non of us are prone to get the flu or even a cold. I so no reason to put poison in their systems to prevent something that we don't normally get.
  2. :iagree: I have explained this as the person touched the child's private areas and although my two at 11 and 12 are still very innocent I have talked to them about their private parts and not allowing anyone to touch them there.
  3. I love this book. I invested in one when we first adopted our two(foster adopt) and we wore it out. It has such wonderful stories, one being Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. There never was a time when I gave my two a choice of stories that this one didn't make it in the mix.
  4. More questions: The price of the Kindle Fire HD is the same at Amazon and Best aside that I have to pay 6.5% sales tax from Best. Is one better than the other for purchasing something like this? Also, do you get the extended warrenty on your kindle items?
  5. My dd, almost 13, had another AG on her Christmas wish list this year. She has 4 at present, 3 we have gotten her and 1 she bought with her saved allowance. She plays with them a lot. She also had some of the less expensive dolls from apartment stores but when we had to compact our living space last spring the barbie dolls and the department store dolls were what she purged. She wouldn't think of getting rid of the AG dolls.:001_smile: As someone else stated, the stories that goes along with them are great. She owns a few but has read multiple times every one that the library has.
  6. Thank you for all this info. It really does make the HD look tempting. My youngest is definitely dyslexic so that audio while text being highlighted would be great for him. I wonder if they will come down at all before Christmas.
  7. Thanks everyone for your input and suggestions. I am still listening, just been a full day.:001_smile: Can someone tell me if the parental controls are good on the Kindle?
  8. Thanks for your reply. Does she use it for books only or does she do games with it also? It doesn't need a screen protector? It won't scratch without? HMM! It is about $40 less to get the one that isn't HD. I wish I could see the two side by side to see the difference.
  9. I have been looking and thinking of Christmas for my two youngest. Not much money here so really trying to figure out which is the best way. They would like a lap top computer each but even the cheep ones are $350 and up so that isn't a real option. I was in Best yesterday and got to thinking that really all they want it for is to play a few on line games and to watch you tube lego stuff. I saw the Kindles there and got to thinking and wondering if that would work. I was really sort of excited until I talked to the clerk and he recommended the HD($200), said a good case was a must($45), and of course you need a good screen protector($30). :001_huh: I quickly added it up and well, that adds up to $275. Take it times two and ......... Do they really NEED the HD version? The $45 case he recommended was one that you can easily view the screen long or wide, is that really important? I am sure my dd will use hers for books also and think she has died and gone to heaven but is there a less expensive way to do this and still get accomplished what they are wanting? I am sure there are more questions I should ask but really don't even know what I am talking about so hopefully you sweet people will fill me in.:D
  10. :iagree: I can not tell you how many things would have been done to my two kids if I had not been in the room with them. I WILL NOT TAKE THEM TO A DENTIST THAT DOES NOT ALLOW ME TO BE THERE. We all know there are verbally abusive parent. Don't advocate for the punishment of the ones that are not to be locked out of their child's care. I am not saying this in a mean way but I do feel very strong about it.
  11. I am so sorry for your loss and his. It is hard to loose a sibling, especially if you were close. I am glad he is feeling the freedom to let it all hang out with you. :grouphug:
  12. I have been struggling with a similar question. My dd is soon to be 13 and for Christmas she is wanting another AG doll. My decisions was, she plays with them so why would I not get her what she is asking for. She will probably not be playing with them any more in a year or two but does that matter? I vote get what you feel you dd will enjoy now.
  13. :grouphug: When I start getting simply worn out I try to pull back and evaluate why. Have I taken on to much(which is generally the case), do I just need a break(which is some of the time), do I need to change up our schedule so things run a bit smoother. The other thing that I evaluate is 'why' I home school my two. I have some very definite convictions along with some medical issues for keeping my two home. Many time all I need to do is review my reasons why and I am good to go.
  14. It would depend on why she doesn't want to go. Is she feeling low physically? If so I would reschedule. If she simply isn't in the mood I would say, 'get in the mood honey cuz we are going to go have fun.' I would bet that if it is the latter it won't take her long to be enjoying herself.
  15. WOW! they have quite a job to do. All snacks will need to be at the very least, gluten, dairy, egg, soy,corn, nut, tomatoe, strawberry....... the list goes on. 5 of these would be on my one dc's list. What are they going to feed these children that is ready made?:confused:
  16. Here are some stables also. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_15?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=schleich+horse+stable&sprefix=schleich+horse+%2Caps%2C206&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aschleich+horse+stable
  17. I have purchased several Breyer horses for my dd. The main problem with them is for the expense they are very fragil, the legs break off quite easily. I have found that these are much sturdier and not as expensive. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=schleich+horses&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aschleich+horses
  18. Bethany, I believe that sin is sin and yes these two areas according to the word are sin, along with excess drinking, eating, doing anything that defiles the body(consumning many unhealthy foods), not loving your neighbor or brother, etc. I have to ask if this person that is making this stand would reject said child if the person they cared about was over weight? or smoked? or consumned pop regularly? In my thinking they are all the same in the eyes of God. My oldest dd lived with her boyfriend for 2 yrs before they got married. I talked to her, she knew, but I never refused relationship with her nor her boyfriend. The only stipulation I put on it was that they could not spend the night in my home. I too have two young children.
  19. :iagree: Some times older people just need help with a bit of direction and the knowledge that if they take that step there will be someone there to help. One other thing, as far as driving, go through their Dr. When my dh was passing out for no apparent reason I asked the Dr while dh was sitting there if it was ok for him to drive. WELL>>>> I did the same when they figured out why he was passing out and got the driving restrictions removed. The Dr really can be a driving force(no pun intended) in this issure.
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