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  1. Thanks, Ladies. I have found a used set of Level 4 for a good price so will be getting it. I honestly wish I would have simply gotten Wilson to start with but didn't. At this point I am afraid we are far enough that it might be confusing for my kiddos. Thanks again for your insight.
  2. Thanks for the info. I know in my heart we simply need to keep going. It will help if they don't speed through level 4 quite so quickly. I started with level 3 with my dd in middle of Aug. and she is ready to start lesson 6. With my oldest sons Dr appointments, tests and then a 2 wk hospital stay, we have only done Barton on average 3 days a wk. After this next week we should be able to do 4-5 lessons a week. I figure we will need the new level in a month or so.
  3. Are there ones of you that have started using Barton and then switched to Wilson Reading? We are really struggling with the cost of Barton every few months and I know that Wilson covers it all. I have also been told/read that Wilson isn't near as scripted but in going to their site they do have teaching DVDs. When you made the change, did you get the DVDs and did you find them helpful? In general, were you happy with the change or did you regret it? Can you share your experience either way? Even ones who have started with Wilson and stayed there? Or possibly ones that started with Wilson and have changed over to Barton? Please share your experiences with these two programs. My two are both in Level 3 of Barton and doing well with it. My husband in the past has expressed he thinks we should just keep on with Barton but we have recently had some major medical expenses again and it is getting more difficult to come up with the $$ for Barton all the time. I know they resell well but at this point my dd is going to be ready for the next level in about a month and my ds is going to be a bit before he is ready to move on. I do expect the gap to continue to grow a bit also. I appreciate any and all sharing.
  4. My neighbor just went through treatment and even in the summer I would see her wrapped in something when sitting outside. If she doesn't need it at the center I am sure the though would be appreciated and she would possibly use it at home. With her I found out which days were her hardest (2 days after treatment for her) and I made a meal and took to them on that day. I did enough so her dh could food for a couple of days. I also made them a meal for the evening on the day she had treatment as they were always gone early and come right at supper or a bit later. Until I started these two things they were living off frozen dinners from the supper market. He wasn't a cook and she was to weak.
  5. I have a double stainless steel sink. One is very large and deep and the other is small for the garbage disp. Yes, I have under cab. lighting and I use it ALL the time. You really have to watch that you are getting lighting that actually.......lights? Some of them are totally worthless for giving you good light.
  6. :iagree: My ds started raging at about 2 1/2 yrs. Like yours it seemed the word 'no' was the trigger but it was much deeper than that. We have since gone on a dye free, preservative free, gluten/corn/soy/mostly dairy free diet and highly control what he is exposed to in the environment. I soon discovered that non toxic did not include someone that is sensitive to the ingredients.:tongue_smilie: We also have and do use a Chiropractor that does NAET treatment. These have been very healing.
  7. Well, we have one neighbor kiddo that has come as early as 7 a.m. and he wouldn't leave if I didn't send him home. When he comes to early I simply tell him that my kids can't play until ...... When he comes or any of them come for that matter, I send them home when I need/want them to go. Once this summer I found out that one of the dads had sent them over so he could go down town for a bit in the evening. He didn't say anything to me or anything. It wasn't until I sent the little guy home that I found out that the dad wasn't there (I knew that the mom was working). When the dad came to pick the kids up(I was inside) my dd told the dad that I had send the boy home and found out he wasn't there. The dad got a bit snippy with her but it hasn't happened since. It is your home, you have the right to clear the yard/house when you need/want to. I am always courteous with the kids but also don't bode any disrespect. For the most part the kids do love me and feel quite free with me but there is a limit.
  8. Have all their teeth pulled?:tongue_smilie: Ok, I am just kidding but we are going through this with our puppy also. I simply scold him and he stops. He is a smart little guy. It seems as he is not near as mouthy as he was when we first got him.
  9. My kitchen is all drawers/pull out shelves and I love it. There are a couple of strange corner cabinets that are just shelves but easy to get to. When I designed my kitchen one of the cabinet people was addiment that it was not going to work. Said I would really regret having a couple of larger cabinets with just regular shelves. NOPE! I love it and if I ever have the opportunity to do another kitchen it is one thing I WON"T change. When my two youngest were little I even had the dishes and such in a base drawer. They could easily unload the dishwasher and set the table.:001_smile:
  10. We took our first real vacation, 3 days, 2 nights(don't make fun of me) this summer. We had the couple that rent our basement apartment take care of our dogs and birds. Even then our dogs were major stressed but was much better option than boarding them out with total strangers/living circumstance. Have a great time. We sure did.:D
  11. :iagree: I love animals. We have several and love each of them dearly. I personally believe that people have become confused with the importance of animals. It seems to me that in many cases animals have become more important and humans. I see the push to save this animal or that animal, sometimes thousands of $$ being spent on one animal. At the same time I have see people struggle to get a piece of equipment that is very needful for their well being. The cost is prohibitive and for some strange arbitrary reason the insurance won't cover. It isn't necessary to sustain life or what ever. It is just my humble opinion but I do believe that it is out of balance.
  12. I would contact one of the ladies that said they would like to give it a try. I have a mill and love it. I like the freshness of the flour, and the knowledge that nothing has been added nor taken out. We used to do wheat berries, went glutten free, gave my mill to my oldest dd, purchased a new one to be used for gf grains. As far as cost, for the glutten free grains you save any where from 1/3 to 1/2 by milling your own.
  13. :iagree: This is what I would do along with making as many great memories for your dd as your dh is up to it. We have had so many things happen in our family in the last 2 1/2 yrs and twice it meant putting school totally on the back burner for over 3 months. We are doing school consistently now and the kids are gaining. Praying you have many more years to make those memories with your dh.:grouphug:
  14. :iagree: I never use the soaps in a public rest room because of the stuff that is in it. I plain water. I don't us the anti bacteria stuff either. I do wash a bit longer than most people to with just the water.
  15. I so totally agree with Jennifer. I have been at the waiting room end way to many times.....by my self.....waiting......wondering......praying........... Take this opportunity to get to know his girlfriend and be a support for both. Just on a side note, this last surgery that my ds had a friend from his work came to the waiting room and sat with me. You can not imagine the difference it made. We had such a good visit and time flew.:)
  16. I purchase organic produce but mostly from my co op. It is wonderful as I can get organic for the same price as regular many times. I also purchase ones that the grower is in the process of converting organic. I know that they are not gmo, sprayed nor chemically fertalized. Most of the time they are much cheaper than Organic. If you are where Azure Standard has a close delivery, that is what I use and they are wonderful. http://www.azurestandard.com
  17. :grouphug:Praying for you, your little man, and the rest of the family. Father God, Give the hospital staff wisdom as to the best treatment for this child and give them a compassion for the parents. Wrap Your arms of strength and comfort around the parents and family. I pray for speedy recovery. In Jesus Name. :grouphug:
  18. :iagree: WOW! that is all I can say. I would be: 1. Looking for somewhere else to rent. 2. Tell your land lord that you will need to hire the fence removal and will either give her the bill or take it off your rent. I would also explain that I am unable to go another season without the proper heat/air conditioning. It needs to be brought up to what you agreed it would be when rented.
  19. :blink: YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING! You are going to dream about THEM going to the nudist colony and leaving YOU there alone with all the laundry? :lol: Honestly, I can totally relate. After being gone for 2 wks I don't even know where to start.:tongue_smilie: I convinced myself that what I really needed today was a nap, that everything else would be waiting for me when I woke up and sure enough.:auto:
  20. :D I was able to take Richard home yesterday evening. He seems weak/low energy but he has been through a lot in the last 3 wks. So glad to be home and have him home.:001_smile:
  21. Possibly this is ignorant of me but I would not 'frame' it at all unless your dd brings it up. She is 8, you have not gone there yet. Your sister will be married before the baby is born so tech. she will get her baby after the marriage.;) Personally, I think we needlessly give kids info many times when they aren't ready for it. Not much help, huh.
  22. I would have her checked out for seizures. They can come/look so many different ways. I had always thought that you loose control of bowl/bladder but my dh's dr said that is something they look for but he has seen about 1000 cases that this wasn't the case. Sleep deprived eeg will rule it in or out. Not fun but worth it to know.
  23. I thought I would give an update. It looks promising that Richard will be dismissed tomorrow. His system finally seems to be getting a start and he is eating better. They want to dismiss him with a wound vac but there is something in the beginning of the surgeons notes about a fistula and Medi Care won't cover so they are trying to get that straitened out. Please pray that they can figure it out so he can continue with the wound vac. I speeds healing up greatly. I have so appreciated the prayers and encouraging words.
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