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  1. Still reading the book.... but when she says don't put things back/oganize, does she mean until the CATEGORY is done, or until the whole house is done. Because, I can't just leave everything laying about until the whole house is done. Or does she mean things can be put away and THEN organized once the house is done?
  2. My son and husband have lots of clothes left over from my pre-book purge. I don't have hardly anything left, but I hardly wore any of it to begin with so I kept the few tops that I wear regularly and let go of the rest. The reason why I don't have many is because I'm fat. Fat, fat fat. So I hate shopping for clothes because it's just a reminder of how fat and out of shape I am. But I did ask Hubby for a treadmill and the new Trim Healthy Mamas book for my birthday this month, so I'm hoping that I'll start getting healthier and lighter along with my house. The downside? The treadmill is still i
  3. I'm so glad this topic has come up here, and is still alive and well. I pretty much avoid "fad" things, but after reading ALL these posts, and a few on some blogs and facebook, I decided to give it a try. My church held a rummage sale this past weekend to raise money for a new sanctuary, so I went through our clothes KM style (as much as I could pick up from blogs & videos). I was able to donate 5 paper bags full of clothes, and I still have a couple of closets that I didn't have time to go through. I also have two additional garbage bags full to donate to a thrift store. I'm sold, and the
  4. My purses have names, too. I have The Black, The Brown, The Denim, and The Flat One that Holds Nothing but Looks Cool. My life is very, very different from hers.
  5. I love this Doctor, but the stories have been "meh." I really didn't like Matt Smith that much, but at least the episodes were (mostly) good.
  6. Rice County Historical Society? :confused1:
  7. Quick Background: I've been homeschooling for 15+ years, and I've burned out. Actually, I've probably been burned out for several years, because we've gone from TOG, to unschooling to basically no schooling. *sigh* It doesn't help that I have a very strong willed 10yr that turns everything school related into a battle if it isn't "fun." I've been seriously considering putting DS in public school just so that he gets SOME kind of education and structure. So, he's 10yrs old and technically 5th grade. But although bright, he's behind where he could/should be (based on his abilities), because
  8. We play on Skrafty, a multiplayer homeschool Christian server. It's a safe online world that is heavily moderated and has chat filters that weeds out the majority of bad language. It's free to play, and has classes available for a small fee per class. They have three creative worlds, three survival worlds, and lots of fun mini-games.
  9. King of Tokyo Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert Castle Panic Scotland Yard 7 Wonders Loopin' Louie ( yes, even for older kids and adults) Resistance and or Avalon Coup Pandemic and expansions Flash point fire rescue and expansions Ticket to Ride and expansions Carrcassonnee and expansions Bang the dice game Jungle Speed and Jungle Speed Safari Spot It Hive Tsuro Indigo Bugs in the kitchen Takinoko Formula D One night ultimate wearwolf Battle sheep Hey that's my fish Star Trek catan Can't stop Bazaar Card games and misc: Pit, no thanks, hanabi, sushi go, Zeu
  10. I have taught a Lego class two semesters that the kids seemed to love. The gist class was for kids 4th - 12th, but I don't think we had any kids older than about 12 sign up. I would show the kids a quick video about a specific topic or technique, then challenge the kids to build their interpretation. Near the end of class we had a show and tell session, where I briefly taught them a public speaking skill, like making eye contact, speaking loudly, greetings, etc. they had to use that skill during their 1min show and tell. The lego class I'm teaching this semester is very similar, but it's 1st -
  11. I've tried almost every one mentioned. I just started a trial for homeschoolminder. Looks hopeful so far!
  12. We use KidsWatch. It not only controls when they can log on, but also how long they can stay on. In my case, my 9yo only gets 30 mins of playtime on the computer, and only after 2pm. His behavior starts to deteriorate if he's on longer electronics longer than an hour, so I have to control it carefully. The nice thing about having the software is there is no arguing about how long he's been on, or how much time is left. I also have a timer app for my ipad so he can only spend 30 mins on it, too. HTH!
  13. My son doesn't have anxiety, but I have had panic and anxiety attacks for the last 15 yrs. The cause can vary from emotional to environmental, which is why finding the root cause, if at all possible, is desirable. Perscriptions just relieve the symptoms, but don't heal. In my case, therapy plus cognitive behavior modification helped, along with eating a cleaner diet. Then I started using YL essential oils and they relived the remaining symptoms. I still have a few triggers, but since I usually know when to expect them, I apply oils ahead of time and it's not a problem. I do carry a bottle
  14. My Home School Grades, hands down. I got to review it a few months ago, and it's truly awesome. Super quick to learn, only have to pay one time for lifetime access for all if your kids. If you need to keep portfolio type stuff, I scan and stick them into Evernote. HTH! https://myhomeschoolgrades.com/
  15. There is so much ick in tap water that I avoid it as much as possible. Most city water now has a scary mixture of perscription meds, not to mention flouride. Eeeek! We have a Berkey and use the water from it for all our cooking and drinking. To jazz up our drinking water we use a sodastream just for the carbonation. We also love adding young living essential oils to the water, both for the taste and health benefits. Sadly, most milk in the store today isn't all that healthy either. Cows are usually given growth hormones and/or lots of antibiotics to keep them healthy in really rotten
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