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  1. I have taught a Lego class two semesters that the kids seemed to love. The gist class was for kids 4th - 12th, but I don't think we had any kids older than about 12 sign up. I would show the kids a quick video about a specific topic or technique, then challenge the kids to build their interpretation. Near the end of class we had a show and tell session, where I briefly taught them a public speaking skill, like making eye contact, speaking loudly, greetings, etc. they had to use that skill during their 1min show and tell. The lego class I'm teaching this semester is very similar, but it's 1st - 5th, and I'm not doing the public speaking element. Everything else is the same except I give them a 10 speed build time at the beginning of class. I've also taught a Games for Critical Thinking class, which is really just an excuse for me to take board games to co-op. Lol! Actually, I have kids begging me to teach the class every semester. I introduce the kids to a wide variety of games, from competitive to cooperative, fillers and brain burners, bluffing games, to straight up roll and move. I had one parent tell me recently that she noticed that her DD has been more strategic and thoughtful in her thinking, both with games and schoolwork. <3
  2. My son doesn't have anxiety, but I have had panic and anxiety attacks for the last 15 yrs. The cause can vary from emotional to environmental, which is why finding the root cause, if at all possible, is desirable. Perscriptions just relieve the symptoms, but don't heal. In my case, therapy plus cognitive behavior modification helped, along with eating a cleaner diet. Then I started using YL essential oils and they relived the remaining symptoms. I still have a few triggers, but since I usually know when to expect them, I apply oils ahead of time and it's not a problem. I do carry a bottle of Stress Away in my purse, just in case I need it. :) If it were my child, I would closely observe his/her environment and start making lists. What kinds of products are they using on their bodies? Sadly, most soaps, shampoos and other HBAs are quite toxic. What kinds of foods do are they eating regularly? Do they seem more anxious after eating certain types of foods? How much processed foods are they eating? What are they drinking. Are they drinking enough water? Most ppl are chronically dehydrated but not realize it. Blood becomes thicker when dehydrated and may not be moving toxins out of the body quickly. Many drinks today are also nothing more than chemicals. It can be a long process, but if you are able to figure out if there are any environmental factor and remove them, that will probably help a lot. Other Young Living essential oils that are helpful with nerves and anxiety are Lavender and Valor.
  3. Stop hating yourself for everything you aren't. Start loving yourself for everything you are...

  4. Once I discovered scrapbooking I forgot how to cook.

    1. ILiveInFlipFlops


      ROFL!!! I don't have a creative bone in my body, but I started making digital scrapbook pages to help my DD out with a project, and oh wow, how addictive!!! I can see why you're having trouble!

    2. Rhonda in TX

      Rhonda in TX

      LOL! I am familiar with that phenomenon. :)

    3. Tullia


      lol...lots of things make me forget how to cook!Enjoy!


  5. Is this thing on? Tap-tap-tap

    1. 5wolfcubs


      Is that The Court Jester?! Love that movie!

    2. Pixjen


      Yep, favorite movie ever!

  6. Is this thing on? Tap-tap-tap

  7. Is this thing on? Tap-tap-tap

  8. Is this thing on? Tap-tap-tap

  9. Hi, my name is Jennifer and I live in McKinney. I am currently homeschooling my 6yr old son. My kids are 14 yrs apart, so after DD graduated I kinda fell out of the homeschool "scene." Now that I'm homeschooling again, I would like to hook up with other homeschool families in the area. I'm not necessary looking for a co-op (although I keep an open mind), or hs informational meetings since I have quite a few years under my belt. But what I'd really love is to meet and make friends with fellow homeschoolers. Looking forward to making new friends! :grouphug:
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