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  1. Global Goose Languages, Summer Osborn teaches French 1, 2,and 3. Her classes are very interactive, using a variety of resources. Also, the tuition is reduced as more students enroll in the class. My ds completed French 1 last year, and finally has a better understanding of French. Summer also has good communication with the students and parents.
  2. My daughter is a rising Senior in Mechanical Engineering at Grove City College. They have an excellent engineering program. They really focus on the students graduating in four years; however, our daughter has accommodations and preferred to take less credits semester and she received help on how to plan it. She has taken some intersession courses and two online summer classes. It is a rigorous program. She works as an intern during the summer at BAE Systems. Her bosses have been very impressed with what she has learned at college. It is more than they expected from a college student. Ho
  3. virtualhomeschoolgroup.org has Saxon Algebra usually live and at-your-own-pace. It is run totally by volunteers so they will know what classes are offered in June, but they usually have Saxon Algebra. We have found the teachers to be good and helpful, and not rigorous. There is also office hours if your student needs extra help. I'm pretty sure they meet 4 times a week and do one lesson a day and the fifth day is a test. They have other classes also. And there is no charge for these classes. You can read more at the website. Hope that helps.
  4. I just want to share another story of a dc doing the unexpected and succeeding so far. My dd is very strong in all language arts, particularly reading comprehension and literary analysis. She does pretty well in math, but it has never come easy, like English and history. 8th grade was her first year homeschooling and she switched Algebra 1 curriculums three times. Her precalc year she lived in France for six months and didn't complete all of it. She did go on to successfully complete calculus in high school. She applied to colleges planning to major in Economics or Political Science. Then
  5. Biology was honors level. I'm pretty sure he could handle it. It would be his first class that meets everyday, but that would be fine. He'd like to eventually do AP Bio or Chem if we can find a class. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the ideas! Astronomy is an idea we've considered. I also like the idea of him following his interests. I'll have to see what resources we can find.
  7. My ds will be a 9th grader in the fall. He took high school biology last year and physics this year. He is planning for a STEM degree, possibly engineering or chemistry. He will take honors chemistry at our local ps. It is an 11th grade class and we're trying to decide if he'll take it in 9th or 10th. He will take science all 4 years, probably AP or cc the last 2 years. And he's completed Algebra 2. If he waits until 10th, any ideas of what he could take this coming year? Thanks!
  8. Most of what she takes are for her bacterial and fungal infections and low immune system, like Echinacea , vitamin A, Zinc Picollinate, and vitamin D3. Something that has been very helpful is Naturally Calm, a magnesium supplement. It mixes with warm water and is fizzy. It helps with constipation and stress. It's easy to take. My daughter already had accommodations in place because of vision issues, and a great relationship with her disability person before this diagnosis. It was easy for her to email her and get more help with food. I don't think she would have talked to her roommates a
  9. I have only read your first post and your update, but I have to tell you I know exactly what you're going through and your daughter. My daughter has had diagnosed GI issues for years, which increased significantly last year, her freshman year in college. In August she finally got a diagnosis, and she has significant food restrictions, like no grains, no sugar and very little carbs. Her only carbs are sweet potato and butternut squash. She orders her food weekly from the cafe and picks it up at a predetermined time. She is also an athlete, cross country, at the school so she had no idea how or
  10. virtualhomeschoolgroup.org This is a group that utilizes volunteers to teach classes,at no charge. The same classes are not always offered every year, but the Apologia sciences are usually offered, including biology, chemistry, physics, advanced biology, general science and physical science. These classes are always offered at your own pace. There are videos for each module, along with tests. There are also office hours available every week. The labs can be submitted and will be graded. Hope that helps.
  11. I just purchased the book and look forward to reading it and learning more. So no probiotics for SIBO? We're dealing with SIBO, Candida and parasites.
  12. After reading about AP Chem and Mr. Moskaluk, I wish I had known about this class last Spring. It sounds like a much better fit for my daughter than AP Biology is right now. I'll have to remember this class for my son in a few years. Thanks for all of the reviews...they are very helpful. Pauline
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