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  1. Correct! No probiotics or digestive enzymes. :)
  2. Thanks!! Hoping people can benefit from what we learned!
  3. Happy to share our most recent update: https://mermaidsmom.wordpress.com/2017/10/31/a-powerful-story-of-recovery/
  4. Just coming back to update as a few asked for me to do so. In grade 5 (almost 3 years ago) my daughter was officially diagnosed with ADHD. And every report card reflected that diagnosis and was accurate. Our school gives a "score" on each report card for 6 major learning skills: Time management, organization, self regulation etc. My daughter gets G (good) S (satisfactory) and they are being generous given the limitations - for example it was common for her to have a desk so messy that she would spend the entire class looking for the worksheet that was being utilized and miss the entire
  5. By the way I compiled a 12 page document of just SOME of the success stories that have rolled in from the FB group over the past 6 weeks. A handful of them have been published here: https://autonomicrecovery.shop/pages/testimonials-about-the-nemechek-protocol-for-autism-and-developmental-disorders Happy to email the entire document to anyone who is interested. Just message me :)
  6. Any yogurt that advertises itself as having additional probiotics (like Activia) is not a great idea. Natural occuring probiotics found in reg yogurt or homemade are fine :)
  7. You don't have to! LOL Both allowed :)
  8. An ebook was released yesterday that fully explains the protocol and how to use it. It is 1/2 price ($14.99) until the end of the month if anyone is interested. I doubt I can post the link but it is posted to his blog :) On a personal note - a year and 1/2 ago my daughter hung up her mermaid tail as she could no longer coordinate herself properly AND she was so fatigued and lethargic. Last Summer I tried numerous times to bring it with her to the pool she declined every time. A few days we went to the pool and she went under and swam the length. She popped up and said "Darn I should
  9. Further improvements!! In the last 2 weeks my daughter is improving rapidly! The last 5 days have the best in years! Her energy is amazing. She never stops moving. Last Summer she didn't want to swim or use stairs and found it to be draining juts to stand. Now she is challenging her brother to races around the BLOCK and almost beating him! Her tolerance for touch has improved so much. Now she hugs me. Before she tolerated being hugged but was limp armed. Now she hugs back and initiates hugs. She asks for healthier foods. Not unusual to see her eating cherries etc. She eats 2 ap
  10. Awesome!! Great results and ones that are being reported by many!! I find the potty training one so interesting every time it is mentioned. I have no idea what is happening that encourages this? Increased interoception? Looser more manageable stools? So interesting! Let me know what happens when you introduce the fish oils! Thanks for the update!
  11. You should totally join the FB group! As time has passed the general consensus is starting low and slow for the very reasons you are describing! The daily dose is definitely something you should work towards as opposed to starting there! Looking forward to hearing how you progress!
  12. Can you share the name of the brand you bought? Want to post it on the FB group! Thanks :)
  13. Oh that is good to know! And yes it is very short-sided to just think a diet heavy in veggies is a good idea for everyone. It just isn't that simple. I came here to share our story. As my title says - it may help SOME of you. There are a few on here who are ruffled by this - fine with me you have made your case over, and over, and over and over. I think we can all agree that you have made the "risks" known. We get it. As well,in spite of all the links and speculation we continue to see incredible gains and successes At this point there is nothing left to squabble about
  14. I think that will be helpful advice once I halt the overgrowth of this particular bacteria. But for now adding in all the bacteria made things worse for us. Like many have said - not one size fits all!
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