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  1. Lisa, My dd is spending that much time, and I think she is using all the resources available. I think your are right about the learning curve, with so much information to learn so quickly. I think this is a class that would have been better to take at a brick and mortar school. Just doing labs with other students would have made a big difference. Now, her 12 year old brother, a very sciency guy, is her lab partner :laugh: We'll figure it out. She wants to work through it. Thankfully, cross country just ended! Thanks! Pauline
  2. When my dd was diagnosed with Convergence Insuffiency, a letter from the doctor was sent to the College Board . Our request was denied. We received a letter stating neuropsychological testing was needed. The school 504 is based on the doctors letter. Pauline
  3. Thanks Plansrme. Berry College looks good, and fits what she is looking for.
  4. Lisa, the class uses Campbell Biology, 9th edition. Pauline
  5. It is comforting to hear we are not alone, but I'm sorry, Matryshoka, and Woodland Mist Academy, that your dc had the same problem. This is her 4th PA Homeschooler class, and since the class had good reviews, we assumed it would be interactive. I just assumed the teacher at least made videos to teach the topics. These complicated labs are also hard to do without a lab partner. My dd tried to set up discussion groups but I guess with everyone's busy schedules it's been hard to get them up and running. I had forgotten about crash course and Bozeman videos. She watched him with Bio a few years ago and it was helpful. Interestingly enough, my dd did just told me her teacher said not to watch these videos because they won't help with the AP test. I'm just not sure what to do...drop it or continue. Thanks for your help!! Pauline
  6. My dd is currently taking this class. Can anyone who's dc have taken this class in the past tell me if this class primarily relies on the text for learning all year? She is struggling to learn all the concepts on her own, from the text. She's tried to start a discussion group with other students but it hasn't happened. We're trying to decide if she can stick it out. She's done very well in other AP classes here. She plans to contact the teacher today. I'm just wondering if anyone can fill us in on what to expect the rest of the year. Thank you! Pauline
  7. She prefers the Eastern half of the country, to around Illinois. She would consider a school that sounds like a great fit outside of that area. She is now looking at schools in Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Regentrude, so even if she has a 504 in high school, this won't be enough? If so, then we'll do the eval.
  8. I've read so many helpful posts as I help my oldest dc apply to college. Things I would not have known, so thank you. I'm hoping someone has some ideas or has been where we are now. My dd has applied to one school early action and is in the process of applying to a few more. We're hoping to expand her list of colleges. She's only found a few that she is interested in and her SAT scores fit the what the school lists. Her critical reading score is high enough, but her math score is below the 25% for some schools. She is taking the SAT again this weekend. So is this too far of a reach for her to apply to? She is in Calculus and doing well, but her math SAT score is definitely affected by her vision issues. She was diagnosed with convergence insufficiency and an eye turn in 10th grade, and she had vision therapy, but still struggles with graphs and charts, and the small font. The only way to qualify for accommodations of more time and enlarged print is to have neuropyschology testing, and we didn't do it. It just didn't seem right to have to go through all that when we know what her problem is. Regretting that now. Besides SAT's, which I know are very important for admission, she has good grades from outside classes (PA homeschoolers and public school) , two 5"s and one 4 on AP tests. Her writing skills are very good. Her overall GPA is very high. She did a 6 month foreign exchange and is now fluent in French. She is looking for a school that has Division III cross country, and focuses more on academics, and is not a party school. She's a good runner, but doesn't want to do Division I because she also wants to focus on academics. She prefers Christian schools but would like to apply to a few other schools also. Hoping to find a school with an honors program so she can be part of a smaller group within a larger school. She wants to major in Economics, or (perhaps Neuroscience) and minor in French. Thank you! Pauline
  9. After reading about AP Chem and Mr. Moskaluk, I wish I had known about this class last Spring. It sounds like a much better fit for my daughter than AP Biology is right now. I'll have to remember this class for my son in a few years. Thanks for all of the reviews...they are very helpful. Pauline
  10. And my daughter started Precalculus last August, and left for France in February, but had not finished the class. Derek told us we had paid for the whole course so she could restart when she returned in August for no charge. He was always helpful. She'll start back up with precalc soon, when she has her AP classes under control. She'll be doing Physics with him also.
  11. Good advice, Sebastian. My course descriptions sound like they are set up similarly to yours. I might change from 11pt to 10pt and work on the spacing. Because I got rushed, my format is not as uniform as I'd like. Well, I had to mail the transcript, reading lists, and course descriptions tonight, to get it there before Nov 1. Earlier, when I took your advice and did more hunting on the website, I discovered the admissions dept wants the transcript signed and dated and sent through the mail! I thought it was part of the online application. I worked until the last minute on my course descriptions and transcript, mailed it, then realized one kind of big mistake I made. Now, I'm back at the computer to fix the problems so I'm totally set for the next application! I also found this listed for homeschoolers on the colleges FAQ for homeschooled students. "Detailed performance evaluations can be helpful, but they are not required". What do you think this means? It was not part of music or art school. Maybe grades broken down? Pauline
  12. Sebastian, You were absolutely right...I went back and searched "homeschooled" and I found a more descriptive answer of what they wanted than I had with reading the application page. They do want brief course descriptions! Thanks! Pauline
  13. Hi Sebastian, That was very helpful. I've read through the online application a number of times, but I can't tell if I can submit more than just a transcript page. I've read the instructions for homeschoolers, also. This is her first application, so we have limited experience! I have about 2 course descriptions per page, so it will probably be 18 pages. Ugh! I guess I should try to shorten it. The texts are listed in my course descriptions, as are most of the books. I need to get anything I'm sending mailed today. Off to finish! Pauline
  14. Hi, We are in the process of completing the first application online before November 1. I'm trying to figure out what I need to physically mail to the college. I know I will upload the transcript but is there usually a way to include class descriptions, reading lists, etc too? My daughter is applying directly, not through the common app. Thanks! Pauline
  15. We just ordered rushed SAT scores this week, but my daughter has not received an email stating the scores will be delayed. It could still happen. This process is stressful enough without anything additional! Hope it is fixed soon, and the schools are understanding. Pauline
  16. I'm working on course descriptions too. I probably shouldn't admit that:) Plus my dd has to use Naviance at the public school in order to ask the teachers she's had for recommendations but of course it is not working for her. She has to contact someone there for help. We are behind, in large part because my dd spent last February to August in France. She needs to take the SAT again, and visit some colleges. I just keep working! Pauline
  17. Thanks for the ideas! I won't send a transcript from PA Homeschoolers. And I'll try to put the college transcripts on one scan. Thank you! Pauline
  18. Oh, and she will have a transcript from the public high school. That is six transcripts. Thanks, Pauline
  19. I'm still in the preparing mode for the common app, and I noticed there is room for 4 transcripts. My dd has taken running start classes, which are dual-enrollment, taught at the high school. Her transcript comes from the community college. The problem is she has taken three classes and each one is from a different community college. So, we have 3 CC transcripts, our homeschool transcript, and PA homeschoolers transcript. Any ideas how to handle this? Thanks! Pauline
  20. We are in the same place! We are working on the pieces, but my daughter can't get her recommendation letters for another week.
  21. Thank you so much for asking this! I am really behind and have not started the common app for my senior. I'll now more info when I start this week! Pauline
  22. My dd did not start homeschooling until 8th grade, age 13. She took Lightning Lit American Literature that year from Online G3 and was by far the oldest student. She said some kids were 9 and it did bother her a little, but it was a great class. They bring in lots of other materials, like videos, etc and the discussions are good. There is not usually not much writing in these classes. They have reading assignments, discussion on forums, quizlet, etc. I don't think there is much correction of work. My ds, 11, is taking Grammar Town right now. He doesn't mind the mix of ages of the kids., and again, like his sister, loves the class. Hope that helps. Pauline
  23. My dd also did VT for convergance insuffiency, and she made great improvements. She also has an eye turn, and even though that won't change, she has many fewer issues now. Her VT was computerized. We would go to the office every few weeks. Pauline
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