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  1. Wow, blast from the past to get an email about this thread! Short answer: Yes, DD used MFS with Bethany Barnosky for geometry, and went on to use her for algebra 2. I definitely recommend her! Long answer: DD homeschooled grades 4-10, math largely overseen by DW, who is math-strong (except geometry). We used Math Mammoth 5-7 in grades 5-7. DD used Derek Owens for algebra 1 in 8th grade, and did well. We switched to MFS with BB for geometry, because of my daughter's desire for a more interactive teacher and classroom experience, and DW's dislike of geometry. We liked Bethany enough t
  2. I thought this would be best place for this question, although DS doesn't have what most would consider "learning challenges". 18 yo DS homeschooled since 2013. 2E kid, highly gifted (IQ 150), autism mainly manifests as executive function issues (organization, time management, follow-through). ADHD mainly inattentive type though we are seeing more hyperactivity after 10 PM. Very little communication manifestations (though he can be hyper-literal). Manifestations didn't become noticeable until 10th grade, and have become more prevalent (whether due to worsening or due to life complexity, I
  3. It's definitely different than when I applied. Last MIT stats I saw were even more discouraging for men; I assume due to skewed applicant pool but school's desire for gender balance, a man's acceptance rate was half that of a woman. It was around 6-7% for men, 13% for women. We're not too worried about it, and we're not going to try to make DS be someone he's not in order to possibly boost his chances. After much wrangling and prayer, here's where we've landed. We're very appreciative of the shared wisdom here. 1) I told DS to research colleges' and independent web sites to discover "be
  4. Just to follow up, we are going to use the edX Ride University class. 1) It's free, including text! 2) Self-paced. 3) Video lectures that seem well done. 4) AP-specific prep. 5) Can customize to use as a year or combine with AP Physics 2; DS is stepping up rigor substantially for 11th grade due to his ambitions, and we're going to play it by ear; if he gets overwhelmed, we will slow it down and let him do AP Physics C in 12th if he loves physics (he's taking calculus BC in 11th). Three of his other classes are online and will not have much flexibility. 6) It's free! (except AP test c
  5. Elladarcy, we may actually go that route. Free textbook, free class, self-paced. Looks like they have AP physics 2 in 3 separate 6-week courses, too. Thank you!
  6. For variety of reasons, we've yet to land firmly on ds 11th grade schedule for 2017-18. Who has used The Potter's School for AP classes? If you don't mind, please share: 1) What class(es) you dc(s) took; 2) Year of class; 3) Teacher name; 4) Score on AP test. We're most interested in AP calc BC and AP English, but all experiences welcome. We thought we were set for AoPS calculus next year, but class night conflicts with ds' Boy Scouts. He pleaded to do it anyway and read transcript later; mean parents said no. :-( Thank you!
  7. rjand4more, I recommend you and DD thoroughly investigate admissions requirements for a wide range of potential colleges. It would be very unusual to enter as an aspiring biology major without taking a high school chemistry year. Some colleges just specify "3 units science, inc. 1 of bio and 1 of 'physical' science" (which doesn't mandate it be chemistry or physics; geology qualifies). But some do specify a year of chemistry. I'd hate for your DD to find out she needs to cram in chemistry in summer after 11th or in 12th grade. One really cannot go very far in biology if one doesn't grasp chemi
  8. anmom, check these resources out. Printable pdf's. Quick, simple and almost fun way to assess your DS' readiness. 6th grade skills review - if these are too easy, move on to the next link: http://www.livingston.k12.ky.us/userfiles/87/my%20files/0%20math%20minute%206.pdf?id=8196 7th grade skills review - if no real struggles, he may be ready for algebra: http://teachers.d11.org/teachers/taylodr/jsaamathplc/Shared%20Documents/Math%20Minutes%20-%207th%20Grade.pdf
  9. Irene Lynn, thanks much. That's a helpful post. DS is "a bright, motivated kid who has a physics type of mind". I really just want him to enjoy a 1st high school physics course without being over-taxed (I've sought counsel on this in other threads). I don't even plan for him to take AP Physics 1 or 2 tests afterwards. He aspires to take AP physics with calculus in 12th grade, so I just want to prepare him well enough for that. The College Board and independent sources advise against doing "all the AP physics courses"; i.e., don't take 1 and 2 if you intend to take any with calculus. 8FillT
  10. Hilarious! My DS is 16; maybe we can arrange a marriage in 10 years. They would get along swimmingly. I can't remember the context, but I remember my professor in a course on Aristotle telling us that the only necessary rule of any system of mathematics is that it be internally consistent. I don't know why, but it's the only thing I recall from the whole class LOL. Many mathematicians would probably revolt at such a relativistic view of "the purest science". :-)
  11. anmom, is Saxon 1/2 pre-algebra? YMMV but we are very glad DD jumped right into algebra after MM7.
  12. Mathematical thunder from down under LOL. Simple and clear. But it doesn't really explain WHY that is so, and that falls short of the standard that our house (OK, mainly my DS16) has for math explanations. :-) I think epi's and others' explanations spell it out. I suspect it comes down to the mathematical desire for square root to be considered a "function"; every value of x must have only one value of y. As indicated above, to show this, if one graphs y=sq rt x, you get a parabola that fell down to the right. Every value of x > 0 has two solutions. So in order to keep square root t
  13. Ah! Sorry. I'll try to remember to report back on our new geometry adventure. I think DO algebra would be a good fit, given your similar situation to ours. It is a little pricey, but it is good and did provide just enough "distance" between DW and DD. There was still a lot of side-by-side oversight, but grading was outsourced, as was the video teaching. It is nice to be self-paced/asynchronous. DO charges per month, with a cap of I think 10 months for the course (DW keeps the books). We went 2-3 days past the 8th month just to take the final, and his bookkeeper nicely granted our request t
  14. I hear you. I think Apologia's "Advanced Biology" course covers human stuff. I will say this. As a biology major who then went to medical school, human biology/anatomy/physiology was simply not a part of my college curriculum. When applying to med school, they actually discouraged applicants from taking college human biology. Such classes were reserved for nursing, PT and similar programs. Even my physiology college course was specifically titled ANIMAL physiology LOL. I did take some grad student courses in human-specific biology. But other than that, it really wasn't highlighted. Anyone
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