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  1. I'm not sure if this will be helpful because my kids are different ages; however, I am dealing with similar issues. My kdis are: ds, gifted and age 12; ds, average, 11and likes to get school done quickly; dd, 16 with intellectual disability. This is my first year schooling the second two kids. My first ds has been homeschooled since 1st grade. We use self-paced history for him, because he loves it and has more interaction than a text/workbook. I do math and english with him everyday, usually after breakfast. He would love to have me work with him all day. Then, I do as many subjects that I can get through with my dd. She, too, gets overwhelmed if she thinks there is too much work to do. I've started making her history into powerpoints, and embedding short videos, and text because she is a very visual learner. Both my older son and dd do physical science together. My ds reads the book and does the notebook on his own, and they do the experiments together. This gives my ds a chance to teach, which he loves to do, and my daughter learns what she is capable of. My ds also loves to do learning things, especially science, all day long, so we can converse later. He loves the interaction. My ds, 11, does his independent work on his own in the morning, then he has free time. He and I work on math and reading in the afternoon. It's not perfect, but as the year goes on I am figuring out what works for us. I'd love to do readalouds, but my dd has auditory processing issues. Getting her to read at all is a challenge. Oh, I also have a dd, 18, senior who takes mostly online classes.
  2. The admission counselor I spoke with sent me a link with the informationl. This is it: The university requires that students hold a diploma from an accredited high school with the following recommended distribution of courses: It is at the top of the page for general admission for freshmen. That is all it says. 75% of their students come from Pennsylvania, so they are used to what is required in PA. I didn't get very far on the phone. Guess I'll try again tomorrow. It is very frustrating.
  3. Hopskipjump, Your dd was accepted, correct? What was your transcript like? My dd's application was still being reviewed. Thanks, Pauline
  4. Hopskipjump, This was in direct response to her application. It was from an admission counselor. Did you use an accredited homeschool agency or organization, or did you make your own transcript? I made my dd's but it was professional looking, with official at the top, and all the required information, and signed. I'm going to call them now. Thanks!
  5. Lori D., thanks for all of the advice. I have never looked into the law about GED's, so thanks for filling me in. I will definitely use that information in my conversation with the director of admissions. Actually, this was a last minute application, primarily because my dad went to graduate school there and really liked the school. My dd acually prefers a smaller school, and has been accepted to 4 of that size. I'll let you know how my phone call goes. Pauline
  6. One more vote for Notgrass! This is our first year using it, both America the Beautiful (middle school) and Exploring World History. It is easy to use, and lots of resources are online, like a schedule you can use to track work done.
  7. Has anyone else encountered this at any college? "Temple University requires all students to receive a high school diploma conferred from either their local school district or an accredited home school agency. We would need official transcripts from either. If you do not fall into one of those categories you will be required to sit for the GED test." In the email he actually said "Your mother signed your transcript." But, it does not state any requirements on their website, about homeschoolers or anything about transcripts. My daughter would not have applied and paid the fee if we knew her transcript was not going to be accepted. This is the only school that this has happened. My daughter will be calling them tomorrow. Thanks.
  8. Nice to know we're not alone, not that I would wish these issues on anyone. Just today, I see through email, that two colleges that she's already been accepted to, just downloaded the CC transcripts. I thought once they were sent, it was a done deal. I just didn't realize how vigilant we would have to be. Some issues are on the college's end, but the most bothersome ones are from the public high school, dealing with transcripts and letters of recommendation. I hope the rest of the application season is smooth for everyone! Thanks.
  9. My dd's favorite AP classes at PA Homeschoolers are AP US History with Mrs. Richman and AP English Lit with Ms. Inspektor (actually she is Mrs. Richman's daughter). Both of these teachers are fantastic! Mrs. Richman offers the kids lots of incentives like bonus points to interact with the material as much as possible. Ms. Inspektor provides so much teaching in the asynchronous class. She sent a midterm report with my dd's grade and it was 14 pages long! She offered so much detail, with every assignment, her grade and what she needed to learn from it. She has 30 students so this is amazing.
  10. Our oldest is a senior this year, so this is our first experience with applying to colleges. We've had a few problems with applications, etc these last few months at different schools. Is this typical? For example, I sent all the supplemental stuff to one college and tracking said it was received, but the college never got it. Thankfully that was an easy fix because she visited that week. Then, another school received 2 teacher recommendations but they were from the same teacher! Still not sure how that happened, except that using the common app and Naviance through the public high school where she takes one class, has been very difficult. It wouldn't allow her to request recommendations and no one could fix it. Finally, the guidance counselor said the teachers could send the letters from their personal emails. The college was willing to take the recommendation late. Next, when my dd called admissions to ask what she needed to do to get the scholarship she qualified for but had not received, she was told her transcript arrived late and that was why she hadn't received an invitation to interview for the scholarship and the honors college. Her transcript was mailed well before the deadline. The next day she received a call stating an error had been made and she was invited to the interview! Now, just tonight I received a call from an admissions counselor who said she received the homeschool packet but not my dd's online application! She completed it on 2/1 and who knows what happened. While the counselor was on the phone, we found the emailed receipts and forwarded them to her. Because of these issues, she has called every school to be sure they have received every little thing! Also, at least 2 schools have told us they have record number of applicants for their honors programs. Wonder if this seems to happen every year, or is this year different? My dd is learning to be resilient! These kind of things do seem to happen to her often.
  11. My ds has used the self-paced classes for 2 years. I wish we'd found them sooner! People can't believe how much he's learned and remembered from the classes. He enjoys the classes and the literature that goes along with it. Next year, we plan to use self-paced omnibus. I don't know anything about the live classes. We will stick to self-paced to keep the cost down. Veritas Press usually offers discounts in April, I believe. Last year, we could defer the start date as late as 9/1 I think. I've had to call customer service a few times for technical issues and they were very helpful.
  12. Last year, my dd's SAT test was cancelled due to snow. It took 3 weeks to find out the reschedule date. Other school districts near by were rescheduled by the following Monday. Not sure why some are quicker than others.
  13. I've used Standard from 1st through 5th. I like the HIG, and the textbook and workbook. We've also used the Challenging Word Problem book most years.
  14. Our high school allows anyone to join. The coach usually decides who runs what distances. There is JV and Varsity so everyone usually gets to compete.
  15. Thanks, I'll check out the optional report.
  16. I thought I had read enough to be ready to tackle the common app. UGH! I attached the transcript as a pdf, but didn't remember I should have included the course descriptions with it. And I already submitted it. The only option now is to mail them with the reading list, and activities and awards list directly to each school, right? Oh, well. Pauline
  17. JeanM, my daughter took the SAT in 7th grade, and now in 12th, her reading score went down some too. We had the same thought you did, that she is overthinking the questions. The first time she took it with no prepping before the test, and didn't really know what to expect. She's taking it one more time, and doing lots of practice questions first.
  18. Thank you, Claire! This is so helpful! I just printed out the chapter she is on now.
  19. In case this helps anyone in the future, I just stumbled on the study guide for the Campbell Biology 9th ed book. We haven't received it yet, but the reviews indicated it is helpful for understanding the chapters.
  20. I don't know much about basketball, but my dd is a cross country runner,who's applying to colleges now. She is looking at NCAA Division III schools, because she likes a smaller school, and she really wants to balance athletics and academics. Division III does not require registering with NCAA. That is for Division I and II only,if you are looking to qualify for a scholarship. Hope that helps.
  21. Gratia271, Thanks! I think the notes and resources would be helpful.
  22. Gr8lander, thanks for the suggestions. She has contacted Messiah College, and we'll check out the others.
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