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  1. So sibling has left now. we drove him 200 km and met his case manager who took him the rest of the way back to Melbourne. just before we got to the meeting place sibling started singing that orphan song from Annie to the twins It's a hard-knock life for us! It's a hard-knock life for us! 'Stead of treated, We get tricked! 'Stead of kisses, We get kicked! It's a hard-knock life! Got no folks to speak of, so, It's the hard-knock row we how :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: Soon as he saw case manager he ran off unfortunately twin 2 took off with him and they ran right up a flight of stairs and along a highway and hid in some bushes. :scared: :scared: in reality he is a lovely boy, he just sets off the twins, especially twin 1 and doesn't listen /stop when told. Why oh why cannot more people put up their hand to take foster children permanently and give them a stable life instead of them tossed around from placement to placement and getting more and more damaged.
  2. working weekends in a bakery as the shop server. first regular job was being a nanny
  3. Sibling8 has not got a permanent home and DHS is hoping we will put our hand up. So hard. This is the first time in 4 years that he has spent more than a few minutes with his twin brothers.
  4. we have 2 5acre blocks. we have cows. a few years ago we were rezoned form rural to residential. which means we should not have anything larger than a dog.... But we have house cows and have had for close to 20 years. We have spoken to the relevant authorities and as long as nobody complains or says anything and we get to 20 years then we can keep them there.
  5. So for a few days we have one of the twins siblings here for a respite visit. He is 8 he isn't malicious or anything- just doesn't have any understanding of how to treat younger children and a lifetime of being bullied. the foster system is awful and it is a crime what some people do to children. my heart weeps. so far we have one baby chicken sitting in intensive care in ds12's room in a small box on a hot water bottle ( twin 1 attacking yet another animal. my back was turned only while I picked up some kindling I don't know how he moved so fast and got into their pen) so I watched very very closely, like standing right by them supervising and: twin 2 with a big bruise on his cheek ( wrestling with sibling) twin 2 with big bruise on lower spine ( being pulled violently in wagon by sibling) twin 2 with a spilt lip ( wrestling with sibling) Feels like I am either physically removing children from wrestling or saying we don't behave like that continually ( sibling and twins are completely ignoring all voice instructions ). atm I have both twins in their room for a forced rest time - with me sitting outside their bedroom door supervising sibling. It is only half way thought the first day......I feel completely spent. DH and I have started taking turns and giving each other a spell as it is so hard to stay so vigilant every single second.
  6. ds20 ds18 and dd16 all work. The boys already have completed tertiary education and are out working. Dd16 is employed by a speech pathologist to assemble her speech they supplies that she sells to other therapists. Ds12 regularly looks after the neighbour's dogs. Ds22 is doing final year aerospace engineering and cannot fit in work with his high study schedule
  7. My boys, when younger teens, went through stages of extreme moping and spar optic episodes of going on strike. As older teens/ early twenties they are mostly not at home and quiet fun when they are home.
  8. Picked up twin's older brother. He is 8 and is here for a few days visit. I had forgotten how fascinated 8 year olds are by passing wind. ( or perhaps never knew as my children didn't do that)
  9. how long will the EU last? France , Netherlands and Possibly Hungary are thinking of having votes to see if their populace wants to leave. The EU lasted quite a bit longer than I though it would last. I was not at all surprised that Britain has voted to leave and always wondered why they had joined in the first place.
  10. Currencies around the whole world are fluctuating rapidly today. I am sure it all will become more stabilized once the final results are in.
  11. other. My mother was widowed at 20 with 3 kids. A few years later she married my stepdad who had been divorced. They are still happily married
  12. I got married at 18 to someone who was 32. We have been married for over 23 years :001_tt1: :001_tt1:
  13. no drinking at all. Here in Victoria Aus, drivers are still probationary drivers at 21 and there is a zero blood alcohol level restriction on them.
  14. I don't use a sponge, but a cotton dishcloth that I put through the washing machine every day.
  15. :laugh: I never said a 6 year old is a tart but rather dress like a tart. yes there is a difference between what I wrote and what you are implying I wrote. and I don't care if you are judging me at all.
  16. people do stare. people are very judgmental . if people see a kid dressed as a tart the kid will get looks and people will wonder why the mother lets the child out of the house looking like that .
  17. cheese here is expensive as well. Tasty cheese is around $10 for 1 kg block. That is the cheapest and it goes way up after that. Parmesan ( block or grated) is around $29kg. Hard cheeses like Parmesan etc have to be kept in cool conditions for 12 months or longer to age. Making cheese is not a cheep process and storage for months is an added expense. Specialty cheeses have a very involved process to make- hence the expensive price and really they are meant to be a special treat- that is why they are called specialty cheese.
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