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  1. My youngest still pats me on my breast when he is trying to get my attention. He's not thinking about where he's laying his hand at all.
  2. They do, but I do not know what it is. I talk less than 500 minutes/month. (I *think* it might be around 3000mins/month, but I have no idea for real. I do know they're way more flexible about your minute usage than they are your data usage.)
  3. I make that face! That's my "thinking hard" face.
  4. I have a dog that nips in fear when she's threatened. I have a kid that won't leave the dog alone. I am not getting rid of either. Better training for the kid and the dog both. That doesn't sound like your situation though. I think you need a full vet eval before deciding what to do.
  5. Wow! I've had such great service from a local dealer with my Mitsubishis. They no longer sell Mitsubishi, but I'd still buy from their lot if they had or could get what I wanted.
  6. I must've missed this. Did someone have a wardrobe malfunction? NVM! I found it!
  7. The only thing that bothers me is flopping junk seen in slow motion replay. Tape it down boys!
  8. That sucks. I can't stand crazies. If I'm in charge, they always get assigned to the other nurse because I'll let 'em leave. "Just sign right here and you can go, Mr. Psycho!" (Yes, I'm terrible. I'm not a good patient advocate for the crazy people and at least I'm aware that I'm not a good choice to be their nurse.)
  9. Where do you work? I'm a pediatric RN and have been since graduating nursing school 5.5 years ago. While I have some rudimentary adult med-surg knowledge, it's pretty limited to routine surgical patients that get booted out within 24 hours.:lol:
  10. We had one extended family bday party when they turned 1. Other than that, it's always been a family outing of just us. No drama, no hurt feelings, etc. My kids do occasionally ask to have a regular party, but not often.
  11. We routinely keep patients until the sensitivities come back. But I work on a pediatric unit, so we are always a bit different from the rest of the hospital at large. I suppose if the gram stain turns up positive, sending an otherwise healthy adult home on something with good coverage would be the normal thing to do for them. We keep our kiddos usually 3 days, sometimes 10. I forget we're not "normal" on our unit! (It is my normal, though!)
  12. If he was admitted, expect him to be there for three days until cultures come back.
  13. She's been missing since Sunday ?!? Crazy, psycho drama-prone or not, I would be worried sick! There's no love lost between my MIL & I, but I would be worried too if his mom went MIA for 3+ days.
  14. That would be why I said not top hold him npo & to syringe feed if needed. Start daily weights on him & if he loses weight, take him in.
  15. It's ghetto. And it is used by ghetto people who have multiple children with multiple sperm donors. Some of the children have no idea which sperm donor sired them because their incubator doesn't know which sperm donor did the deed. Can you tell that I hate this particular term?
  16. They're educating the nation so that we can hasten our demise into a society that caters to the lowest common denominator. Very shortly, our average IQ will start to decline until Forrest Gump is regarded as an intellectual. (Although, Forrest was a pretty wise fellow in some regards!) Pretty soon, Idiocracy will turn out to be prophetic I'm afraid.
  17. Cleaning the house while the children are at home is like trying to brush your teeth while eating oreos.
  18. Broken teeth article at guinea lynx. Guinea lynx is my go to place for all things cavy. Do not hold him NPO. Guinea pigs dehydrate very quickly. Small bites of softer foods, syringe feedings/waterings. Off to the vet for subQ fluids in the am if he's lost weight.
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