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  1. Do you mean TT + LoF Beginning Algebra Book or TT+ LoF Zillion Problems? TT+ Supplements of Lof BA would be fine. I almost did that last year but instead just did LoF
  2. I was once a Straighttalk phone member but not anymore. When, I went on a 3 week vacation with family and friends, i used the 3G a bit. It totalled 2.3 GBs of Data. That is not too excessive. 4 days ago, I got a text from Straightalk saying that i used too much data and that why service was TERMINATED!!!!! Really? On their website they say: Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web. I researched this and found people complaining about it on Androidforums, and Howardforums.com. Just a quick word of advice to any future straightalk members, IT is Not Unlimited and that you can be booted off.
  3. I have heard Great things about Mankiw's Princples of Economics. It is used widely as a High school textbook and the author uses it to teach his harvard classes. It is a bit conservative though. For government this year, i am usuing American Government insitutions and Policies, By Dulio and Wilson
  4. Lets see: In my family i am middle. Both parents are CPAs. Brother in College with little aid (MIT). Because of that for the last two years we (younger bro and i) have gotten two things each year for birhtday and then for christmas. We school ourselves and do quite well on Tests. I own a Lawn care Business and because of that i am able to afford my Toshiba, Kindle, Itouch, and Ipad. Plus, my younger brother does around 60 odd jobs a month. Compared to all neighbor kids who have Wiis, Xboxes and other things for free, we look odd. I do not consider myself spoiled, but i think i spoil myself. Probbably not a good thing cause i need to save up for college :). However, Many of my friends are imo spoiled even though they have the same things i do. Few, kids in my area seem to work hard to get anything
  5. They are very interesting. They are very hard. They are enjoying if one likes reading. It is, however, almost impossible to get an 96+ on the Exams. The books are all very good. My favorite for Greek History was Persian Expo.
  6. okay i have no idea what this is. I thought this was how many bookshelves i own. I was going to say that we have 12 that hold 483 books. (Counted last week!) but now i am not sure
  7. Just get the iphone. For the Daughter get a non smartphony phone that has a qwerty. Verizon has tons and they will work for both calls and texts
  8. Math: 2.0 LoF Adv Algebra LoF Geometry (halfway done/summer work) Science 1.0: Apologia Chem/ Adv Chem English 1.0: IEW AP English Lit, R+S 10, Vocab for College Bound History 1.0: Kolbe Academy An. Roman Spanish 1.0: Spanish III (tutor) Government 1.0: AP US Gov (Thinkwell, Wilson) Theology 1.0: Catholic Morality Internship for Congressman Lawn Care Buisnness ACT Prep Math Tutor for el. School
  9. If thats the case about lawns get them to mow the kids on the streets own lawns. I mow half the lawns in our subdivison (around 20) and make around 1000$ dollars a month. Money motivates
  10. Chronicles of Prydain LOTR To Kill a Mockingbird (my Favorite. See my name) Star Wars Expanded Univerise (Truce at Bakura, Xwing, Courtship of Leia, Thrawn Trilogy..etc)
  11. nice! My paternal family lives an 1hr away and they want me to go there. I think the graduates are in the top ten in salary after graduating
  12. For AP Govenment i will use the full edition of Wilson's Am. Goverment institutions and Policies Many non ap classes us the Breif Editon (still like 560 pages). Wilson's is one of the mpost popular writers on government. He is know for tons of material yet still appropriate and easy to understand. You can find the book on amazon for as low as 45$ new!
  13. My grandfather served in Nam. He got a Tattoo that said a last name, a rank, and a date. They each were for one of his buddies who died. His whole left arm is covered sadly.
  14. I was quite good but i quite because: 1. Shaving both Legs and Chest ----------------------------------- uhh.....NOOOOOOOOO! 2. Speedo ------------------------------------ Parents: NOOOOOOOOO! 3. Costs
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