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  1. EVIL stands for Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens. They have camera body sizes similar to a compact point and shoot and utilize a familiar electronic viewfinder system, but they have interchangeable lens systems like you would find in SLR cameras.
  2. I am not fond of DPReview or Ken Rockwell. I found Steve's Digicams to be the friendliest camera forum on the web. If I had it to do over, I would choose an EVIL instead of the dSLR I have now. It would be the halfway between not enough camera and too much camera.
  3. She was probably given Ativan and/or Versed. Maybe another drug or two depending on what the office might have had. These drugs won't make her forget. They'll dull the horror, but she'll still need PTSD therapies/counseling.
  4. I'm assessing each child individually. My oldest was 10 weeks pre-term and is definitely suffering from "wimpy white boy" delays. All of his delays are attributable to developmentally not being ready for some things when his calendar age put him there. Lat year, we called him grade 6.5. This year, we're full out calling it grade 7 and he will graduate with his cousin who is 4 months younger who was a year "behind" him in PS. His two younger siblings will graduate the same year they would had they remained in PS.
  5. If it's the Nabi2, it's hands down the best kid's tablet on the market.
  6. I'd give meds every 3 hours like I posted in the other thread. Each med will be every 6 hours, but alternating every 3 hours one or the other.
  7. Download it only from Cnet or OpenOffice.org. No other source. Open Office is not very resource heavy.
  8. I suppose this would count as a spin-off from that thread. I commented on my own family's situation, which isn't great but it's not bad. (It's not great in that we're not homeowners even though we have a good income.) How do families adjust as their income declines or their obligations increase? Do "normal" people have 3-6 months of an emergency fund? What is "normal" anyway? I just downloaded a spreadsheet linked in another thread and built a debt snowball which revealed 2 years to pay off our unsecured revolving debt. (I didn't add cars or property into that equation.) While doing t
  9. Yup the Vertex42 sheet download had several templates. One was for Open Office, which is what I use.
  10. Google Nexus. Nabi2. Those would be my choices for an Android product. I have anti-Apple issues, so we're a Droid household.
  11. I just downloaded the Vertex42 one and entered our revolving debt only. I didn't add our car loans. Two years. It'll take 2 years to pay off what we have accumulated right now. I have to stop spending so freely. :(
  12. Rotate Tylenol and Motrin. Here's some good dosing charts: http://marbleheadpediatrics.com/dosage_chart.htm We dose this way around here: 0000: Tylenol 0300: Motrin 0600: Tylenol 0900: Motrin 1200: Tylenol 1500: Motrin 1800: Tylenol 2100: Motrin
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