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  1. Children that age aren't capable of taking a broad, general direction & breaking it into the multiple, smaller tasks required to accomplish the larger whole.
  2. I'm on my phone a lot. Like all the time. Granted, this is my first month with ST, but I'm at the halfway mark and I have used 311MB of data. Two things will really help with your data usage: download any 3g monitoring app like 3g Watchdog and download a data-limiting browser like Opera Mini. ST can be a very good choice if you go into it with your eyes wide open, fully aware of what you are and aren't getting for $45/month.
  3. No. Almost all printers on the market today need some modification in order to utilize a CISS. These can be as minor as buying a chip resetter to as major as getting out the dremel tool and making some cuts. http://www.inkproducts.com/Best_Printers_for_Refilling_or_a_CIS.html
  4. You could attempt to put the preview version of Windows 8 on it.
  5. I'm not even sure he (or we) know where he wants to go to college. He wants to look into automotive engineering. And he is quite mechanically inclined. He always has been. He's also quite artistic and constantly coming up with drawings of new designs. (They're pretty rudimentary. We're dealing with poor hand/eye coordination, pencil control, etc.) He's not a dumb kid. He is pretty average academically.
  6. That's why you convert it to refillable cartridges or a CISS. Epsons have readily available resettable chips. They're very easy to convert.
  7. Thanks! I'm looking at: http://www.ebay.com/itm/251112893335?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 for my printer.
  8. :D :lol: If I make it through the day without spilling something down my shirt, I think that's a successful day!
  9. Because I have no idea how! My eldest is 7th grade this year. My plan is to focus on math and grammar to get him up to speed in those areas. (He's a wee bit behind.) I need a good map for high school because I don't even have a clue where to start. He wants to be an engineer, so I know I'll need to focus him towards math and science. Help?
  10. Epsons have a good reputation for being easy to modify to use a CISS.
  11. T mobile is an option if you live in an area of good coverage.
  12. Yup! I switched to Straight Talk from Verizon & will be saving $50/mo. 3g watchdog will shut off data at a preset limit to prevent going over.
  13. Budget laptop for portability. High quality desktop for everything else. (We're gamers, so we build our own here.)
  14. Did you buy pigment or dye based ink? Which CISS did you purchase? Which HP printer did you have? (I'm asking because I'd prefer to avoid problems when I buy mine. I have an HP 8500. I'm currently looking at CISS/refillable cartridges.)
  15. What HP printer did you have and what CISS did you buy?
  16. I can tell you what NOT to buy. Don't buy an HP. Their chips are not resettable. The printer will "estimate" the amount of remaining ink and refuse to print, even black only, if any color is "out".
  17. Yup. My husband's tremors are diagnosed as essential tremors. The neurologist called them intention tremors and essential tremors in the same visit. He prescribed primidone and that has helped a lot.
  18. Judging by her description, it's classic staph abscess. Bet she had to stay for surgical drainage & iv antibiotics.
  19. My husband has these. He takes a drug called primidone that is just a wonder drug for him.
  20. I have a smart phone, but I only pay $45/month through Straight Talk. I have a nice dual-core Motorola ATRIX.
  21. Considering that the at-fault driver will probably hit his limits with 3 vehicles' worth of damage, I'd file under your insurance and let them sue him for the overage. Someone is getting shafted. Make sure it isn't you.
  22. Yeah, but you can buy wine at a liquor store in your state, right? Not gonna happen here with our situation. It's definitely Good Ol' Boy politics butting their noses into private citizens bedrooms. It's all good. I just cross state lines if I feel like I need/want. :tongue_smilie: (Wonder if that makes me a felon? :D) Human sacrifice! Mass hysteria! Who ya gonna call?
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