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  1. It's iced with buttercream and then I covered that with rolled fondant. Fondant is actually a lot easier to use than I thought. PS: the bowtie is white chocolate I melted and colored. I found the mold at Hobby Lobby.
  2. Here's his cakes for tomorrow. I still have to put the birthday greeting on, but I think for having two days to make these I did ok.
  3. Thanks all, I can't wait to hang it back up. He's going to love it. I think this is definitely a #Nerdmomwin
  4. My oldest son will be 16 in two days and I always try to do some fun gift of him. He already got a laptop from his dad and I, so I decided to paint the doorway to our playroom like a Tardis. Since its only a single door I'm making it look like it landed half way in the hall. It works perfect because if you look at this closed door in our house it's at the very end of the hall and looks like it should be a closet, but when you open it there's a 550sqft finished game room behind it. So it's.... wait for it... Bigger on the Inside! It's not the best picture because it's still leaning up against things in the garage so the paint can dry. I used left over paint from the accent wall in my daughter's room. The sign is metal and I got it on Amazon. I also have a light fixture I painted with glow in the dark paint I can hang above it to look like the light on top.
  5. I was just at Home Depot the other day and they make these things now that are clear and you paint them and then they are like a decal that sticks to the wall so you don't actually have to put the paint sample on the wall. I thought that was a great option.
  6. I had local only for all 4 impacted teeth done at once, it was HORRIBLE the sounds alone almost drove me to the brink. My son had his out about 9 months ago and did the IV sedation and it was fabulous. He was flipping hilarious afterwards, but it went smoothly. Our oral surgeon won't do local only, it just makes it harder on all parties involved.
  7. I taught myself to crochet at age 8 and took a learn to knit class with my daughter about 18 months ago. I love Knitting, I still do both, but much prefer to knit if I can. I just finished a star shaped crochet blanket and I'm so glad it's done. Crochet hurts my wrists and I do use bamboo hooks, so it's not that. I prefer my hiya hiya interchangeables for knitting. I only use DPNs when I cable.
  8. Usually the PO won't let you do that if they can clearly see it's been opened, but if she used a previously used box it can be hard to tell, which may be how it's gotten through before. Technically once you open a box you can't just return to sender without paying return postage.
  9. But not everybody brings junk snacks, and not everybody has kids in multiple activities, not everyone ignores food allergy/sensitivity requests. My kid isn't in an activity everyday, so I don't see a problem with him getting a snack after a game which is finally over between 8:30 and 9 at night. Well, sometimes you have to be the mean parent if it's something you feel that strongly about. Personally our team doesn't hang around to eat the snacks anyway, our games don't end until late, like I mentioned above so most people take them home. If a parent doesn't like that their kid gets a snack for every event then they'll have to be the bad guy sometimes.
  10. My son has played baseball for the last 4 years he's now in the minors division which is 9-10 year olds. They play HARD, they are hungry and thirsty when they are done. I always bring Gatorade for a drink option and usually have some sort of applesauce pouches and graham crackers or chips for the snack (they get to take one of each item) Not everyone has time to prep orange slices or things like that. There are a lot of people on our team that swing by on their way home from work to grab the kid who has the game that night. Could they do it the day before sure, but who's to say they aren't running to some other activity that night too. There is always the option to tell your child not to take the snack if you don't approve or they won't eat it because they don't like it. So I don't really see the big deal. I do find it weird to have practice before having a game, that we've never done. Warm ups yes, but not full fledged practice. We also only have a snack assignment for after the games
  11. It didn't come out early enough to use it with my 1st grader, he did it in 2nd. AAR is LEVEL based, not grades, so don't worry about tying a year to each grade. My son blew through AAR 2 and 3 for 2nd grade, we decided not to do 4 because he just took off on his own, and will be in 4th this fall.
  12. I also dislike begian waffles, and have this waffle maker. I've had it for about 8 years now and its perfect. I've never had such a good waffle maker.
  13. i get where you're coming from, but in the case of small children this is really an issue of parents teaching them how much is normal for them, it may take some time to figure that out. Some people have a ridiculous idea about how much food is a proper serving for kids.
  14. I don't necessarily see tossing food as disrespectful, I agree that it could be a matter of giving them too much for them at the time. I would try doing a smaller snack first thing and then making the big breakfast later in the morning, if they eat more then you will know it's just a matter of not wanting that much food first thing. I've never been one to punish kids with food. I will not force my kids to eat if they say they aren't hungry, or are full before they clean their plates. I'm a huge opponent to the whole clean plate club thing. I've never saved their plate and made them eat it before they could have something else. I get that their are some that choose to and if it works for your kids fine, it's just not my cup of tea. My inlaws are very much of that mind set and it took a long time to get them to not challenge me on the way DH and I chose to parent differently. My kids have learned to eat when THEY are hungry, not when I, or anyone else, think they should be. Family breakfast daily was never in the cards for us. Not with a husband who was leaving the house at 0400 for years on end. Heck most times I've only been asleep for an hour or two by then. I'm not going to get up for breakfast at that crazy early hour.
  15. We adopted a dog about 4 years ago and she was 3 at the time. Nobody had any clue what her name was as she was a stray. She's had no problem adapting to the name Kiya (they gave her the name Chaia, they are pronounced the same, but we thought spelling it Kiya would help people) She responds to not only Kiya, but Ky Ky, Ky and Kyky puppy, and puppy. She really doesn't seem to care what we call her.
  16. I don't get much solicitation here, we now live on an out of the way street in a more rural suburban area. The only ones that tend to come around now are the kids from the high school looking to sell discount cards for their sports teams. I did have a sign when we lived in VA, that said, NO SOLICITATION We are happy with our religion or lack there of. We are happy with our political affiliation We don't need whatever you're selling. If you don't know what Solicitation means, go find a dictionary and look it up. Yes I had pretty much gotten to the end of my rope with all the home improvement companies telling me they weren't soliciting.
  17. We also use IEW for writing and started the revised Fix It grammar this past year. We do double up and are almost done with the first book (we stared after winter break) My older kids really enjoy it. I'm going to start the youngest one soon, not sure if it will be this fall, or next. I like that it pairs well with the writing program. We tried other programs with diagramming but I'm not sure that helped them much.
  18. I was a Charmin fan until I tried the Kirkland TP at Costco, now it's Kirkland TP only. I also prefer their paper towel. I recently started using Persil laundry detergent and will continue with it. Best we've ever tried (Tide leaves build up in my washer, and I only use 1oz of detergent per load and I have a HE top loader, not a front loader) Playtex SPORT tampons, I can't stand any others JIF peanut butter Smuckers grape jelly Q-Tips Barilla pasta Dawn Dish Soap Flour must be King Arthur always, no exceptions unless I'm grinding my own WW flour.
  19. My kids hate pencils, so not many, but man do I got through the refills for their frixion erasable pens. Yes, my kids do all their work in pen, even their math. :scared:
  20. I've never been a breakfast person. I usually don't eat until Lunch. My oldest is almost 16 and has always wanted unusual food for breakfast, like beefaroni, or spaghetti. He has made his own since he was about 7. My daughter is 13 and the only thing she generally eats for breakfast is a bowl of cheerios, she's been getting her own since about age 7-8 . My youngest will be 10 in a few months and is a toss up, some days he'll eat cereal, other days he'll want a bagel or toast, others he'll want leftovers from dinner or a sandwich. He's pretty small (he's barely over 4' tall which is much smaller than his older siblings were at this age) so he'll ask for help with a full gallon of milk or getting things out of the microwave (which is over the stove) My kids were never a fan of breakfast foods although I do cook them occasionally for lunch or dinner. They will sometimes eat a waffle, but none of them will eat eggs EVER. Pancakes go over like a lead balloon with the boys, and my daughter will only eat one maybe once every 6 months. All that to say, breakfast is usually fend for yourself, but I have an open kitchen and pantry, so they are free to help themselves to something to eat when they are hungry.
  21. My name is Kelly (no middle name) although I go by Kel. My given name was #16 back in 1974 when I was born, and is now #431. The name I go by is #7796 currently, but that's on the boys list, the year I was born it didn't even make the list. My oldest son's name, Everett, was #579 the year he was born and is now #167 which seems to be the highest it's been since 1942 My daughter, Annika, was #364 the year she was born but is very popular in the area my husband grew up. We didn't know that when we picked it, glad we don't live near there. Her name is now #576 My youngest son, Lucas, was #58 the year he was born and is gaining in popularity. It's currently #19 (he also hates being called Luke) My husband is a Matthew, who goes by Matt which ranked #10 back in 1972, and is now ranked 16
  22. I have used tampon other than postpartum and the first year of getting my period. I have tried many different cups and they don't work for me. Even with trimmed stems they don't fit up high enough and I can actually feel them poking out of me. The last one I tried was a Lunette and it was horrible. It kept sliding out, yep sliding out of me. None of them I tried would have been a twice a day emptying type device. I'm also the lady that changes her tampon ever time I use the restroom. I never knew there were people that didn't do that.
  23. We've never limited what my kids could watch so take my answer as you want. My kids are now almost 16, 13.5 and almost 10. They've been watching since they were 13, 10.5 and 7.
  24. We've had our Costco sheets for about 2 years now and they are far and away the best ones I've ever bought. Can't really link because not all Costcos will have the same item. We bought the best pillow there last year in VA, but they don't have them at the on here in TN.
  25. Don't be afraid to purchase online. I've had better luck with them taking things back shopping online than I ever had with a store. Now that I've found a brand and style that fits well and is comfortable I buy all my bras from Amazon.
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