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  1. Thanks all for you input, when reading out loud she does fine with pronunciation for the most part, typical issues with longer words that you'd expect her to have trouble with because they aren't commonly used. All the small words that she has trouble with in spelling she can read with no problems. The concern I have for college is where she may have to do an in class essay as a test/exam. My son is going to the school she is currently planning to and his English 1010 final was an in class essay. Something like that could tank her grade. After looking over Barton and AAS again, we decided to try AAS. They now have an app, which was her biggest push back with that program. We're going to make spelling and writing a bigger focus than we had been. It may mean she reads less literature but sometimes sacrifices have to be made.
  2. She had many of them through various avenues, yes the VT was through a developmental optometrist, yes she was tested by a neuropsychologist Yes. Yes. We were told she is not dyslexic.
  3. I'm really feeling lost. My daughter is 16 and although she's a lovely girl and very gifted artist she struggles with spelling all the time. We've tried every program out there from Spelling Workout, to spelling power, to AAS, and everything else we could think of. Nothing sticks. I'm adding a picture of something she wrote today, it's scary. I've had her tested. At age 10 II had her evaluated because she also wasn't reading, they found a binocular dysfunction and she went through a year of vision therapy which helped immensely. She's now an avid reader, but the spelling still isn't coming together. I have no idea how this girl will make it in college with this issue, it's not a matter of "spellcheck will be her best friend" it's such a problem even spellcheck doesn't catch a lot of it. Any suggestions are welcome.
  4. Thanks, Seems that most people I talk to look at me like I'm a total failure if my kid doesn't get high 20s across the board.
  5. Thanks, he worked really hard on prep this time, but focused mostly on raising the abysmal english score from last time. Over all we're happy he reached the score he needed to not have to take non-credit leveling classes at the school of his choice and is eligible for the HOPE scholarship here in TN.
  6. This is probably going to vary by kid/person. We use the skim method to find the section that would have more information as there is often a lot of information that is not needed to answer the questions, so it's not important to read the whole entire passage word for word to answer them. The fact that this section is 35 minutes doesn't really allow most to read every passage completely and answer the questions.
  7. I checked today and my son's ACT scores from the April 8th test have posted. He's an average kid and this was his 2nd time taking it. Although many will think his score was a dud, we're really proud of what he was able to do. Overall composite went from an 18 to a 21 English went from a 13 to a 20 Math went from an 18 to a 20 Reading went form a 19 to a 20 and Science went from a 21 to a 24
  8. Removing the double post. Sorry about that :)
  9. I'm going to offer a bit different approach. The reading on the ACT isn't really about analyzing anything, it's about finding the information (at least this is what my son says) the biggest thing for him to learn was You don't actually read the entire passage first. Go read the questions for that section then skim through the passage until you find an area that includes information the question is looking for then do more thorough reading if necessary. The science section is actually more data interpretation, so learning to read graphs and tables is more beneficial than actual science knowledge. I will say those sections are tough because they really don't give you a whole lot of time.
  10. Has anyone found anything that would tell you how to stage a crime scene if you're doing a forensics class? My kids (who will be a senior and sophomore) next year want to do Forensics for science which is all good, but would love it if I could stage a few crime scenes for them, but I need resources.
  11. If you aren't watching the video portion I would say that 60 minutes is more than sufficient to work on the rest. Having the TWSS is nice because I can go and view the teacher training if I want more info on what's going on in the SWI, but it's certainly not needed and you'll be fine without it.
  12. He does. We live in the boonies so the choices to stay local which he wants to do are limited.
  13. He only has 30 lessons/tests left in Geometry, so he has done most of it. The English is what killed him.
  14. I do have the test prep books, but originally my husband and I didn't plan on him taking it now. So we haven't used them. Now I know I will add it to my agenda for the summer and next year. I won't put him in the local class I found because I've heard it's crazy boot camp like, and that's just not us. Most likely he'll go to a community college or tech school. What he enjoys doing and the fields that draw him in wouldn't be best suited for a 4 year uni. They have those degrees of course, but it he could get to the same career at a CC for less money.
  15. Thank you all, I'm feeling a little better now, as I showed him and he feels good about his score. Apparently he did better all around that he thought he did. He thought he'd get a 10. I guess I'm still getting used to things not working like they did when I was in school. It was unheard of to take this thing more than once and nobody prepped for it we were all told it was a test you couldn't study or prep for. Our schools only offered it once and it was only open to Juniors. I have to remind myself that times are different. I will add that my son has not finished Geometry, I'm a firm believer in not starting Alg before 9th, so I know that will play a role, but I'm actually quite happy with his Math score, His English is where it bites him in the backside. He had never seen practice tests either so to the poster that asked that no, he hasn't seen the format of the ACT, but he has taken standardized tests before so he was at least familiar with the bubble form and how to fill that out.
  16. Our CC that's not far from me won't let my son take dual enrollment with these scores. Not that I wanted him to do that anyway. I always had a hard time coming to this board because I always feel so inferior.
  17. My son is a sophomore, and this was his first attempt at this, (he's an older sophomore because we had him repeat 8th grade for maturity reasons) we did no prep at all, nothing, just to see how he'd do and he got an 18. Now I know why I tend to not come to the high school board much. It kind of confirms to me that I totally messed this homeschool thing up.
  18. Nope, I searched, Physics, RSO, Real Science Odyssey and every combo of them. I think the search feature doesn't always work. This thread isn't even listed in "My content" and I'm the one that started it.
  19. I'm so excited for this. I've been waiting a LONG time for this one. Can't wait to use it with my youngest son. http://www.pandiapress.com/?page_id=14
  20. The had printout may not work but I'm still going to do the faux fish fingers and the poem on a stick Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. I think I might add some pound cake cut into strips and rolled in graham cracker crumbs with a side of vanilla pudding (Fish Fingers and Custard) and then printing out a pic of Matt Smith's head with a speech bubble that says, "Fezzes are Red, The Tardis is Blue, Your 16 Today, Happy Birthday to you. Geronimo!
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